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19 Modern Yet Classy Cowgirl Outfit Ideas

cowgirl outfit ideas

Looking for classy cowgirl outfit ideas? We’ve handpicked for you. Cowgirls are a female side of cowboys that are one significant figure of American culture, embodying the essence of rebellion, independence, resilience, and connection to the land. Just like their male counterparts, the female clan also contributed a lot to shaping American society into what it is today. However, history did not do fortune with them as most of their contributions were overshadowed. Nevertheless, the time has changed now. With girls competing with boys in every segment of life, the culture of cowgirls has reached its top in today’s era.

These skilled riders and ropers break traditional gender norms, working alongside cattle ranching, rodeos, and other aspects of the ranching lifestyle. Just like any other culture of the world, the culture of cowgirls also has a definite style of Western Clothing that reflects their personality while paying homage to American heritage and culture. However, as history has done a bit of injustice to these girls, their style and sense of dressing remain unknown till now.

But only till now, as the forthcoming content will not let this legacy continue. So are you also one of the cowgirls who is looking for the ultimate guide to help them dress accordingly? If this is the case, do not worry and stay tuned with us as the content below will illuminate an amazing listicle allowing you to select from different classy cowgirl outfit ideas. So, without further delay, let us jump right into the content. Please have a look.

Cowgirl Outfit Ideas: An Ultimate Guide to Cowgirl Dressing Culture!

1. Beth Dutton Hoodie Jacket Yellowstone

cowgirl outfit ideas plus size

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Next up on the list, we have a significant clothing option for all who are fans of screen-inspired outfits. Extracting all the way from the critically acclaimed Yellowstone TV series, this fantastic outfit hails you killing looks and maximum comfort. This is specially for ladies who want cowgirl outfit ideas plus size. Prepare for the base layer by wearing a stunning denim jacket with front closure and denim pants. Now pull over the classic Beth Dutton Hoodie Jacket Yellowstone and a rancher’s hat. Complete your look with rodeo gloves and cowboy-style shoes.  You can always replace the hood with a Beth Dutton Pink Coat for a more sophisticated look.

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2. The Floral Cowgirl

cowgirl outfit ideas

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Let us take a break from that usual starting where you get the most traditional recommendation topping the list for no reason. However, as we are talking about the modernism of the cowgirl culture today, modern attire deserves to be on top of the list. Right? That being said, the first up on the list is the iconic short dress floral cowgirl style guide. It features a flowy bohemian dress in any modern and traditional color, such as pink, on the soft flowy fabric contrasted with multiple colors. In addition, remember to wear an amazing neckpiece with a long chain. Finally, finish your whole look by adding bright golden cowboy-style shoes and a rancher’s signature hat. And that is it; you are all done with the replication.

3. The Western Barbie

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One of the best cowgirl outfit ideas for party. Barbie is the new favorite that has come into the limelight after the release of the current movie. Today it is no longer a toy or an animated movie made for kids. Today it has gained a good industry of fashion, among which her cowgirl look is creating the headlines. It would help if you had a few clothing pieces to assemble the look. Firstly get your pink flapper pants on with the same short top with a shirt color and a sleeveless look. Add the signature cowgirl: hat, boots, and the iconic cowboy scarf around your neck, and you are ready to show the world a Barbie inside you with a cowgirl twist. Is it not amazing?

4. Barbie Cowgirl- Another Version

cowgirl outfit ideas with shorts

If you’re looking for cowgirl outfit ideas with shorts, this is for you. Another version to transform yourself into the American Barbie cowgirl is an outfit with the same color and a different design. So dress up in a plain white tank top with silk bright pink colored shorts. Now top it off with a short-length trench coat with full sleeves, big collars, and two black buttons at the front. To help keep all of your belongings safe, you add a pink and white crossbody bag followed by a cowgirl signature hat in white color with a pink undertone. Remember to decorate with colorful stones to add that Barbie touch to your outfit.

5. Simple Yet Stunning

simple cowgirl outfit ideas

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Simplicity is a beauty in itself. Hence this look is for those who do not want to go fancy. So start by wearing a plain white T-shirt or a shirt with some ranching headlines written. Put on your flapper pants with ripped knees, and finish off your look by putting on the classic cowgirl hat in brown color. You can add some statement jewelry pieces to enhance the look even more. The choice is all yours.

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6. Cowgirl with Comfort

cowgirl outfit ideas

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Being beautiful is all about being comfortable. And this look is all about it. So start with wearing grayish bell bottom pants with dark brown shoes. Pull over the same color top as your shoes, ensuring you have chosen two sizes larger than your own. Now, add a beige color hat on your head and accessorize yourself with a round silver stiff bracelet and silver chain. Rest we assure you about how stunning you are going to look in your next rodeo.

7. The Bohemian Cowgirl

cowgirl outfit ideas for concert

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One of the perfect cowgirl outfit ideas for concert. Bohemian styles are a perfect way to show the world that you love a little girl inside you and do not hesitate to endorse your fashion choices in any fashion niche. To recreate the unique look start with an orange dress with a sleeveless look, turtleneck, and multiple fringes attached to the whole body. Make sure to select your crisp fit, as we want maximum attention towards your dress. Now break the color pallet by adding the deepest color on the color wheel: Black in the form of high-length shoes. Finish off the whole look with a black cowgirl hat with twisted ends. Although you can, we do not recommend adding jewelry to this outfit, as the dress itself is attractive enough to help you stand out in a crowd.

8. The Classy Cowgirl

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Alternate colors are a great way to draw attention toward yourself. And this look completely agrees with this idea. Composed of black and red clothing pieces, you need a plain black top with closed necks, full sleeves, and a semi-matte finish. Pair it with an orangish red short with immense ropes and fringes coming out of it till your knees. Add dark black boots with the same fringe detailings and top yourself up with a cowgirl hat. Nevertheless, the look is still ongoing. Add some silver jewelry, such as a neckpiece and a waist belt, to take the look to the next level.

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9. Creating A Cowgirl Look with A Casual Outfit

casual cowgirl outfit ideas

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Want to capture the cowgirl spirit but need proper apparel for it? Well, no need to worry as with this look, you won’t have to burst your budget or break your bank to add a single clothing piece to your wardrobe. Instead, some casual outfits resting in your closet will do the job. So start by wearing a basic black tank top with blue denim and a simple black waist belt. Let the belt have the opening at the front to get that rugged look. Add the classic black hat and black and white heels with a pointed front. And you will be amazed how instantly your look transforms into a rancher. Don’t believe us? Well, try it yourself.

10. Cowgirl with Unique Aesthetics

cowgirl outfit ideas

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Ready to take the cowgirl transformation journey to the next level? Well, here comes the best option for you. Start by wearing blue denim jeans with a fit of your choice. You can either go with a crisp fit or loose flappers. Next, wrap around a tube top. Lastly, pair your outfit with a signature cowgirl hat, and that is it; you are all done. The best part about adopting this style is it is effortless and gorgeous at the same time.

11. The Coastal Cowgirl

cowgirl outfit ideas

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Coastal cowgirl is a term that explains the whole coast. To create a fantastic look, wear blue denim shorts along with a white formal shirt and tie a basic black belt around your waist. Add cowgirl black shoes with medium length, and the look is done. You don’t need to add the traditional hat because it is a coastal cowgirl look. Instead, wear a white cardigan above the shirt.

12. The Feminine Cowgirl

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The nature of cowgirl is, by default, attached to masculine virtues. However, you can always break the ice with an entirely different style than usual. And do you know what is the best part? You do not need to purchase new apparel. Instead, you can DIY it by yourself. So take your pink patterned shirt and attach some silver-colored fingers around the sleeves and on the hat. Now pair this shirt with white shorts and tie a silver-colored belt around your vest. Finally, put the hat on your head. Wait, don’t forget to break the color theme by adding any dark-colored shoes, such as black or brown.

13. Monica Dutton’s Decent Look

cowgirl outfit ideas

Image: Source

Monica Dtutton’s look hair from a series made over cowboy lifestyle only, embarking the perfect cowboy spirit you seek everywhere. So start by layering yourself up with a black basic crisp-fit shirt followed by the same color pants. Add a primary black belt with a silver round buckle and black boots. Now bind your whole look together with Monica Dutton Suede Leather Coat Yellowstone. Wearing the rancher’s hat depends upon your personal choice. So do whatever you prefer, and the outfit will look stunning.

14. The Glitter Cowgirl

cowgirl outfit ideas

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Want to go with something fancy? Well, how about being a glittery cowgirl? The idea is extremely simple. Dress up in the traditional cowgirl dress with pants, a top, a fringe jacket, and a hat. But make sure that all the apparel is super glittery, and that is it.

15. The Fancy Cowgirl

cowgirl outfit ideas

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Being fancy is all about getting attention. Hence if you also want the same, then start with blue shorts topped up with ripped black pants and a tube top doing well with the rest color scheme. Lastly, put on your hat and fancy black shoes. This cowgirl outfit idea makes you look fancy and attaches rich vibes to you. And who does not want that, right?

16. The Colorful Saga

Cowgirl outfits

Image: Source

Adding color to rather boring cowgirl-style apparel would not harm anyone, right? Start by wearing a white tank top paired with elegant denim shorts. You can replace the shoes with pants if you are more concerned about modest clothing. Now add a denim jacket followed by a colorful scarf. Finish off your look with subtle nude-colored shoes to enhance the overall appeal.

17. The American Cowgirl

Image: Source

Last but definitely not least, we have the American-styled cowgirl outfit next on the list. Cowboy and cowgirl culture actually originated in America, giving rise to American heritage all across the world.

So to endorse the American cowboy costume starts with wearing white pants with a top reflecting the American flag. You can go with any style unless it has a blend of white, red, and blue in it. Lastly, add tricolor shoes to your outfit. And when we say tricolor, we want you to wear shoes that have stripes of pattern in blue, white, and red. Lastly, do not forget to wear a bright smile and confidence as your basic accessory.

18. Cute Cowgirl Outfit Ideas For Women

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Embodying a blend of Western flair and modern chic, envision a captivating cowgirl look. A short, sleek black bodycon dress paired with ankle-length boots exudes confidence, while the classic cowboy hat adds a playful, daring touch. Accessorize with silver jewelry and a fringed denim jacket for an edgy twist. This fusion of classic and contemporary captures the essence of a bold and alluring cowgirl style.

19. Short Pleated Skirt With Knee-High Boots

cowgirl outfit ideas

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Picture this: a flirty cowgirl ensemble featuring a crop top and a short pleated skirt, paired with a charming hat and knee-high boots. A fusion of playfulness and Western allure that’s sure to turn heads. The crop top and pleated skirt combo exudes a modern vibe, while the hat and knee-high boots infuse rugged charm, creating a captivating cowgirl look that’s irresistibly stylish.

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The Bottom Line

On the bottom line, cowboy culture has conquered the world with its distinguished features and appealing characteristics. However, not many people know that it is not only “Cowboy culture.” Instead, it is the Cowgirl culture as well. Throughout history, female counterparts have played an equal and applauding role in flourishing the rancher culture. Yet they were not much recognized because of the unjust behavior history did to them.

Nevertheless, the case is not the same now. Today people have realized the importance of equality, resulting in the flourishing of Cowgirl culture. The same is why we have formed this ultimate guide that discusses the top 19 stunning cowgirl outfit ideas you don’t want to miss out on. So make sure to read the guide from the start to the end.

FAQs On Cowgirl Outfit Ideas

What are key elements of a cowgirl outfit?

A cowgirl outfit often features a Western-style hat, denim or leather clothing, cowboy boots, and accessories like belts and bandanas, capturing a rugged yet stylish look.

Can I create a cowgirl look without cowboy boots?

Absolutely! While cowboy boots are iconic, you can achieve a cowgirl vibe with ankle boots, cuffed jeans, or skirts, paired with other Western-inspired elements for a unique twist.

Are cowgirl outfits only for casual occasions?

Not at all! Cowgirl styles can be adapted for various occasions. Consider combining tailored pieces like a fringed jacket or stylish denim with elegant accessories for a more refined cowgirl ensemble.

Can I incorporate colors beyond traditional denim and brown?

Certainly! Experiment with earthy tones, pastels, or bold hues for a modern take on cowgirl fashion. Mixing unexpected colors can add flair while maintaining the Western spirit.

How can I accessorize a cowgirl outfit?

Accessories play a crucial role. Opt for chunky belts, rustic jewelry, statement buckles, and scarves to complement your look. These accents enhance the cowgirl aesthetic, adding depth and character.

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