Don’t stress when it comes to how to wear pleated skirts. Whether you prefer mini or long pleated skirts, you’ve endless options. From street styles to the runway, pleated skirt outfits can be seen everywhere, which means more styling inspiration for you. Pairing a pleated skirt with a turtleneck sweater or a buttoned-up shirt is common. But if you’re up for bringing some uniqueness to your pleated skirt outfits, this blog is the perfect guide for you.

Ahead, I’ve rounded up some uncommon ways to style pleated skirts effortlessly. All the styles mentioned below suit every body type.

Pleated Skirt Outfits

Pleated skirts can be a versatile addition to your wardrobe. You can wear them for both formal and casual events. However, consider the skirt’s length and the season while deciding where and how to wear it.

Though there’s no hard and fast rule, I recommend picking below-the-knee length when wearing it as office wear. And for casual occasions, the choice is all yours.

So, without further ado, check out some of the outfit ideas for pleated skirts categorized in different sections depending on the season and the place or event type.

First of all, we’ll see how to style pleated skirts in winter as office and casual outfits.

Pleated Skirt Outfits for Office in Winter

Create an outfit that has elegance and style. Avoid being overly dressed and choose colors and layers carefully. Here’re some unique ideas for you.

1. With a Structured Blazer and a Belt

How to wear pleated skirts: Structured blazer and a belt

Image: Source

Show your style-savvy and sophisticated side by pairing the pleated skirt with a structured blazer and a slim belt. An outfit having a structured blazer girded over a floaty skirt and cinched at the waist can be a good choice to wear to your office. 

One of the nice things about this outfit is that you can pull it effortlessly with the things you already own. 

2. With a Coin Necklace and a Cashmere Sweater 

How to wear pleated skirts in winter to office

Image: Source

When it’s biting cold outside, choose leather fabric to keep yourself warm. As leather pleated skirts are short in length, you can wear knee-high boots to cover your legs.

A coin necklace can be your fashion statement. It will take away the attention from the short length of the skirt.

Finish off the look with a cashmere sweater that matches nicely with the skirt’s color. In this outfit, you can easily attend any office party too.

3. With a Long Camel Coat

How to wear pleated skirts formally in winter

Image: Source

If your office has a business formal dress code, consider swapping a  long camel coat over the top of your pleated skirt.

Such a trench coat has a timeless design and looks as much amazing on women as on men. Wearing this combination will give you an air of class and elegance.

Long trench coats have the most dramatic style. If you are petite and short, opt for a lightweight fabric. 

4. With a Pretty Plaid Scarf

How to wear pleated skirts with a scarf

Image: Source

Plaid fashion is back. And, it is showing us how to doll up in elegant ways wearing plaid. A plaid scarf tied beautifully around your neck can add an interesting twist to your pleated skirt outfit. 

The thick fabric of the plaid will make you feel comfortable during the whole day at your office. Choose a cream or light-colored scarf so as to lift your outfit while not looking overly dressed. 

Casual Pleated Skirt Outfits in Winter

While dressing casually, give utmost importance to comfort. As it’s for winter, you need to stay toasty by choosing the right fabric and layers. Here’re some of the ways to wear pleated skirts casually in winter.

Street Styles

Pleated skirts reigned supreme in every fashion aisle. It has remained an on-trend fixture season after season, especially when we talk about the street style. Everyone from popular Millenials to gen Z is wearing pleated skirts as a streetwear piece, which can make you want to wear them too. So, we’ve jotted down some of the pleated skirts street style outfits for winter.

5. With a V-Neckline Oversized Sweater

pleated skirts street style outfits

Image: Source

Go monochrome. Wear your pleated skirt with the same-colored V-neckline oversized sweater for a laidback vibe. For some fun with this experimentation, you can bring a contrast in the shades of the color.

Interested in monochrome outfits? Get more inspo here in the blog 18 Monochromatic Winter Outfits You’ll Fall in Love With.

6. With a Hoodie

How to wear pleated skirts with a hoodie

Image: Source

Make yourself look comfortable and casual by choosing a hoodie as the top for your pleated skirt. A pair of sneakers, sunglass, and a sling bag will further enhance the appeal of this outfit.

7. With a Tucked Leather Jacket

How to wear pleated skirt with a leather jacket

Image: Source

A unique color and fabric combination that can make your look sophisticated instantly. Any tucked-in outfit like this one can be a great styling tip for short curvy women, as it will create the illusion of a long silhouette.

Pleated Skirt Outfit Ideas for a Date Night in Winter

For a formal or dressy winter date night ensemble, pleated skirts are a good choice. Moreover, they’re available in different lengths. So, if you’re ready to bare your legs, and go a little bold, opt for short pleated skirts. However, here I’ve picked three of my favorites for a romantic date.

Whether it’s for a dinner date or an all-day outing with your fiance, these outfits will make you look your best.

8. With a Red Sweater

Wearing pleated skirt with a red sweater

Red is the color of passion. So, it’s perfect for dating.

The unexpected mix of green and red can make the romantic trend relevant for all types of dates. A bold red lip and a pair of nude heels are all you need to complete the look.

9. With a Tweed Jacket

How to wear pleated skirts with a tweed jacket

Image: Source

The shorter length of this pleated denim skirt can give your overall look a little sexy touch. To bring more denim to this pleated skirt outfit, you can wear a denim shirt beneath the tweed jacket. Finally, slip into your high-heeled sandals for a more refined finish.

10. With a Lady Cardigan

pleated skirt outfits

Image: Source

Consider this stylish, classy, and unique outfit, when you’re not ready to sacrifice comfort for impressing others.

The necktie is infusing uniqueness while enabling you to maintain your feminine charm. Bring a little fanciness to the outfit with a pair of sunglass, cuff bracelets, and leather block heel sandals.

Pleated Skirt Outfits for Office in Summer

Pleated skirts are playful and feminine. While considering them as office wear in summer, go for the light fabric to let the air pass through it. Pair them with tops that don’t expose your skin much while making you feel comfortable at the same time. Ahead, some summer office pleated skirt outfit ideas are shared.

11. With a White Collared Shirt

pleated skirt outfits

Image: Source

In summer, a simple white collared shirt can spruce up your style game. Pick cotton fabric to beat the heat.

No doubt, white shirts are for preppy and polished looks. And, there’s hardly any woman who doesn’t have a buttoned shirt in her wardrobe. This outfit is a bit formal with a black and white combination. However, you can embrace other colors for your skirts like blue, nude pink, or any trendy summer color.

12. With a Striped Long Sleeve Tee

pleated skirt outfits

Image: Source

Want to get more ideas on how to wear a pleated skirt? Here’s another. This casual combination of a white and black horizontal striped long-sleeve t-shirt and a blue pleated midi skirt can take on different nuances depending on the way you style it. Black-heeled sandals will immediately spruce up even the laziest of combinations.

13. With a Sleeveless Black Top

Pleated skirt outfits

Image: Source

A beautiful multi-colored pleated skirt for those who love to embrace colors. As there are patterns and multiple colors in the skirt, pair it with a single-colored top. A sleeveless top like this can be a stylish pick. And if you need to effortlessly class up your look with a pair of shoes, why not compliment this ensemble with red-heeled sandals?

Casual Pleated Skirt Outfits for Summer

Slay the pleated skirts in style casually in winter by matching them with light tops and staying cool. Ready to check out the pleated skirt casual outfit ideas for summer? Okay, scroll down.

Street Styles

14. With a Knotted Shirt

pleated skirt outfits

Image: Source

A knotted shirt and a maxi pleated skirt paired together are an ultra covetable getup for fashionistas who love cool chic outfits. Introduce a pair of nude strapped sandals to the equation to instantly jazz up the outfit.

15. With a Denim Vest

pleated skirt outfits

Image: Source

This is solid proof that a denim vest and a short pleated skirt when teamed together can be a great street style outfit.  For something more on the classy side to round off your look, add black sandals to the equation.

16. With a Floral Bustier Top

pleated skirt outfits

Image: Source

For a bold and street-style ensemble, make your outfit choice a bustier floral top and a pink pleated skirt. This combo is feminine, super functional, and looks cool. To get a smarter feel, add red or nude strapped sandals. Doing so will easily ramp up the style factor of any outfit.

Pleated Skirt Outfits in Summer for Dating

Pleated skirts can be an excellent choice for impressing your partner regardless of your body shape. When you’re tired of shorts and dresses in summer, a pleated skirt can be an easy alternative.

17. With an Off-Shoulder Top

pleated skirt outfits

Get ready to look a little edgy for your summer date night with an off-shoulder top and satin pleated skirt. As the combination doesn’t involve loud colors, you can also wear it for a romantic lunch at a restaurant with your bae.

18. With a Cami Top

pleated skirt outfits

Image: Source

Camisole tops are perfect for hot summer days. You can add interest with an unusual choice of colors like – turquoise and yellow. Let your sartorial sensibilities shine by finishing off this get-up with a pair of sunglasses, a golden bracelet, and a pair of nude heeled shoes.

19. With an Open-Back Top

pleated skirt outfits

Image: Source

A backless top when pulled off with a color block pleated skirt will look like a match made in heaven. This outfit works great for a romantic walk, or for you two sitting in a club or theatre. Try this outfit if you crave a sexy and feminine look.

How to Wear Pleated Skirts to Wedding

As you’re going to attend a wedding, don’t make your pleated skirt outfit appear too casual. A silk gorgeous blouse or a corset top can be a good option for semi-formal weddings. These three are my personal favorites.

20. With a Cropped Lace Top

pleated skirt outfits

Image: Source

An amazing combination as a non-formal outfit for a casual wedding. This pink luxurious lace top is a perfect pair for the calf-length yellow pleated skirt. If you’re wondering how to round off, a clutch, a stone-fitted bracelet, a pair of teardrop or dangle earrings, a pair of sunnies, and strappy sandals can be savvy picks.

21. With a Printed Corset

pleated skirt outfits

Image: Source

When it comes to outfits with pleated skirts, there’s no end of options. As you can see, looking incredibly stylish isn’t that much difficult. A beautiful corset top and a pleated skirt can do it all. You can either drape a scarf or bare your shoulders to jazz up the glamor.

22. With a Ruffled Neckline Top

pleated skirt outfits

Image: Source

It is one of those long pleated skirt outfit ideas you can wear as a wedding guest. This classic and chic Ruffled Top can be your savior when you need to look stunning but have no time. The Ruffled Neckline will add drama to the pleated piece. Wear bold red lips to draw the eyes.

How to Wear a Box Pleated Skirt

When you’re bored of wearing the common types of pleated skirts, go for box pleats. The ideas shared below for box pleated skirt outfits are a mix of summer and winter seasons.

23. With a Solid Colored Half Sleeve Top

pleated skirt outfits

Image: Source

A box pleated floral skirt will perfectly complement a half-sleeve top like this one. Never afraid of opting for darker shades as it will make you appear slim. If you love to go matchy-matchy, wear a pair of heeled sandals of the same color as your top.

24. With a Denim Shirt

pleated skirt outfits

Image: Source

For a casual look, try partnering your box pleated skirt with a well-fitted denim shirt. You can wear this when the temperature has just started to fall.

25. With a Knee-High Boot and a Hat

pleated skirt outfits

Image: Source

A box pleated skirt is everything you want it to be. Style it with brown knee-high boots and a brown hat to get a retro vibe while looking stylish in a unique way.

Styling Tips on Pleated Skirt Outfits of Various Lengths

a) Short Pleated Skirts

Choose tops that aren’t too long for creating a balance. If the skirt has too many patterns or prints, pair it up with a plain top.

b) Calf-length Pleated Skirts

An oversized shirt, a blouse, or a matching set can be your tops for a calf-length pleated skirt. However, if you’re short, try to avoid pleated skirts of this length.

c) Long Pleated Skirts

Almost any top goes with long pleated skirts. Whether it’s a crop top or a long sweater, you can dress up or dress down a long pleated skirt as you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

a) Are pleated skirts in style?

Pleated skirts are a timeless piece. The fashion of wearing pleated skirts is not going to fade anytime soon because of their versatility and practicality. So, I recommend adding them to your wardrobe.

b) Do pleated skirts make you look fat?

Pleated skirts create a slimming effect. They highlight your waist and don’t add much volume to your tummy by staying flat near the waist.

C) What shirts to wear with pleated skirts?

Consider the season while choosing your shirt. For instance, a plaid shirt can make a good pair with your pleated skirt in winter. Similarly, a simple t-shirt can be a cool way to dress up with your pleated skirt in summer. 

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