So, how long does semi-permanent hair color last? Clear all your queries before heading to the shop to grab one.

Planning to get a makeover? Why not play with the color of your hair? Semi-permanent hair colors are for those who are not ready for permanent commitment to change the color of their hair. If you’ve already started googling to get some hair color ideas and want to try them, opt for semi-permanent dyes to bring temporary changes in your hair shade. 

Semi-permanent hair dyes can help you express your bold and naughty self. It can bring a lot of likes on Instagram for you. You can add magical radiance to your old boring hair with it.

But, if you’re still confused regarding whether it will fade quickly or last for weeks, read this blog.

What are Semi-Permanent Hair Colors?

Semi-permanent hair colors are completely free from ammonia and other harmful chemicals. Therefore, it’s one of the safe choices to color your hair. You don’t have to mix it with any developer before applying.

Instead of changing the color of your hair permanently, they coat the surface of your hair shafts. As a result, the color doesn’t change forever.

If you’re in a hurry, just apply this color and wait for only 30mins before rinsing. And, you’ll get your favorite hair shade without any hassle.

Love the new tint? Don’t worry thinking that it will fade soon. You can maintain this new color by applying it whenever you want. Plus, applying it is very easy. Just mix this solution and get the trending colors on your hair within minutes.

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What Makes Temporary Hair Dyes Fade Fast?

Temporary hair dyes can fade quickly due to lot of reasons. Some of these are:

a) Dry and Brittle Hair

Girls with healthy hair can enjoy lasting colors. On the contrary, if your hair lacks moisture or protein or both, then your temporary hair color will also fade faster than it would have otherwise.

Therefore, we recommend you apply oil on colored hair to keep the hair moisturized.

b) Strength of Semi-Permanent Dye

The peroxide level in your hair color determines its potency. The amount of peroxide present in the dye varies from brand to brand. If the peroxide level of your picked hair dye is high, you’ll observe the hair roots start to grow in before the color fades.

c) Using Hot Water for Rinsing

The use of too hot water for rinsing your hair after applying the color can open the cuticles further. As a result, some of the colors get washed off during the rinsing process. Therefore, experts always advise using lukewarm water instead of hot water.

d) Insufficient Processing Time

Insufficient processing time can also lead your color to fade quickly. If you don’t allow the color to sit for at least 30 minutes, then they may start to fade within a few days. This is especially applicable if you’re using the color to cover your grey hair.

How Long Does Semi Permanent Hair Dye Last?

How long does semi-permanent hair color last?

Generally, the semi-permanent hair dyes last for up to six weeks. But, some colors like green and blue last longer than other colors. However, your hair will retain its best color within the first two weeks. Then, slowly by slowly, the color starts to fade, even if you take proper care of your colored hair.

The porosity of your hair will also decide how long the color will last. If your hair has high porosity, then the color will take more time to fade out.

Will Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Wash Out Completely After Shampooing?

Definitely, the dye isn’t going to fade after your first wash. It starts to fade after 6-8 shampoos. But, it’s written on most of the hair dye packs that the color will last up to 28 shampoos. You’ll start to observe that the color is fading after several shampoos. If you skip shampooing quite often, then you can make the color last longer.

Always use shampoo and conditioners that are specially formulated for hair-treated color. If you do not want to get back the original color, go for touch-ups after every few weeks.

What Will Happen If You Apply Semi-Permanent Hair Colors on Permanently Dyed Hairs?

how long does semi-permanent hair color last?

When you apply semi or demi-permanent hair colors on permanently dyed hairs, the color may or may not fade.

Actually, many factors come into play here. Whether your semi-permanent color will appear on permanently colored hair depends on the quality of the later. If the applied permanent color is very dark, then only it will show up and that too slightly.

Keep it in mind that you cannot apply light semi-permanent colors on dark-colored hair. If you want to, go for pre-lightening first. Only after that can you proceed to apply light hair colors.

How Long Does Semi Permanent Hair Color Last on Blonde Hair?

If you have light blonde hair and want to apply a red shade over it, your hair color is likely to turn to orange. The semi-permanent hair colors stay on blonde hair for 4-6 weeks. These types of hair dye may not fade completely from blonde hair.

How to Use Semi Permanent Hair Dye to Make it Last Long?

Want to extend the short lifespan of your hair color? Try these tricks to make them last for a long time.

a) Let the color sit on your hair

Leave the dye on hair for a long time. As the semi-permanent dyes don’t contain peroxide and ammonia, they don’t damage the hair shafts.

b) Soak the Dyed Hair in Vinegar

Pour vinegar on your hair after shampooing. Make sure each strand of hair is soaked properly. Vinegar boosts the pH level of your hair. As a result, the applied color lasts long.

c) Deep Condition Your Hair

Every time you apply shampoo, go for conditioning the hair. Conditioners lock the dyes within each strand of the hair.

d) Don’t Wash Hair Before Applying Temporary Color

Wait for at least 2 days after your last shampoo prior to applying the new temporary hair dye. The oils your scalp excrete will help the temporary colors to get attached to your hair in a better way.

So, now you know how long does semi-permanent hair color last. If you want to change your hair color permanently, shop for permanent colors. It will be better if you ask a hairstylist to tell you the texture of your hair and what color will suit you the most.


1. Can I Leave Semi Permanent Hair Dye in Overnight?

Semi permanent dyes have pigments. Bleaching agents like peroxide and ammonia are not present in them. Therefore, leaving them for extended duration is absolutely safe.

2. Is Semi Permanent Hair Dye Damaging?

Unlike permanent hair colors, semi permanent dyes are free from peroxide. So, they don’t damage your hair. However, you may need to apply them frequently to maintain the color of your hair.

3. Does Semi Permanent Hair Color Cover Grey Hair?

If you’re expecting to cover grey hair with semi-permanent dyes, you’ll be disheartened. These dyes will not cover your grey hair completely. However, they can cause stain on grey hair and change its color a little bit. But, mind it, this is not a solution to hide grey.

4. How Often Can I Dye My Hair with Semi Permanent Color?

Dye whenever you need it. As semi-permanent dyes don’t have bleaching agents, using them frequently for coloring won’t damage your hair.

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