Want to get rid of that turkey neck? Can’t wear your favorite dress because of your pot belly? Maybe, time has come when you should consider dieting. Okay, we’re not asking you to sacrifice all your favorite foods. Rather, you should include some foods for fat loss to melt fat fast.

When you take more calories than you burn, fat deposits inside your body. Apart from doing exercises to lose fat, including certain foods in your plate is also important. Heavily processed foods can slow down your weight loss process. Therefore, skip them and opt for fibre-rich foods. Fibrous foods keep you full for hours and they maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Moreover, the fibrous foods are low in calories.

These foods have been proven to rev your metabolism. They also increase the rate of fat loss. We’ve brought to you a list of 15 foods to help you bring your midriff back in line.

16 Foods to Eat for Fat Loss

1. Oatmeal

foods for fat loss

Oats are a staple breakfast for many people. If you eat in the right way, oats can improve your overall weight loss plan. This low-cost option will help you feel full for a long time. Apart from it, they aid digestion and regulate blood pressure.

Add fruits to increase its nutrient content and flavor.

Here’re some rules to eat this food to lose weight.

a) Eat plain oats with no added flavors

b) Add toppings rich in fibre

c) Include 1-2 egg white to boost its protein content

Calories in Oatmeal

100g of oatmeal has 68 calories.

2. Peas

foods for fat loss

Peas have high fibre content. A cup of peas has key nutrients to reduce bloating. You can also meet your daily dose of vitamin C by eating peas. They also supply the required amount of oxygen to blood cells.

Throw some boiled peas on any heavy dish to make the dish delicious and a weight-loss meal.

Keep these in mind while considering peas.

a) Stick to green peas if you’re on a low-glycemic diet

b) Make peas your in-between meal snacks

c) Green peas are must for people who don’t eat animal products

Calories in Peas

100g of green peas have 81 calories.

3. Salmon

foods for fat loss

Salmon is a high-protein food that regulates appetite-controlling hormones. Consequently, you won’t have hunger pangs now and then. According to a 2007 study published in the International Journal of Obesity, people who follow salmon included calorie diet lose more weight than those who don’t.

How to eat salmon for weight loss?

a) Add a tiny bit of honey and not sugar

b) Brush olive oil on both sides of the fish

c) Sprinkle lime juice to enhance taste without adding calories

Calories in Salmon

A 3-ounce of cooked salmon has 140 calories.

4. Eggs

Foods for fat loss

Sunnyside up, fried or boiled, eggs are great for frying some serious flab. Eggs are rich in choline. Choline is a major fat-loss nutrient. It will help remove excess fat from your belly. Eggs also have lean protein. When you take eggs for breakfast, you set the fat-burning pace for all day.

How to eat eggs to melt fat?

a) Don’t add butter or oil while cooking egg

b) Try to take hard-boiled eggs with a cup of mixed vegetables

c) You can eat three eggs maximum daily to lose weight

Calories in Eggs

100g of boiled eggs have 155 calories.

5. Potatoes

Foods for fat loss

Potatoes have a bad reputation. But, the humble potatoes can actually aid in weight loss. Many people jump to a potato diet to lose weight. However, being on a potato-diet for a long time means consuming a very low amount of fat and protein. This can deteriorate your muscles and can make you suffer from nutrition deficiency. Consult with a dietician before you consider a potato diet.

How to Eat Potatoes for Fat Loss?

a) Eat cooled down baked, boiled, or mashed potatoes

b) Avoid heavy exercises while you’re on a potato diet

c) Keep baked or steamed potatoes in the fridge for 24hours before consuming

Calories in Potatoes

100g of potatoes contain 77 calories.

6. Coffee

Foods for fat loss

Coffee is not only a popular beverage but also a powerful fat fighter. As per a study involving more than 600 people, caffeinated coffee is associated with decreased weight and BMI. Rich in antioxidants, coffee boosts metabolism and energy levels. Hence, you can exercise a little harder and lose weight fast.

How to drink coffee for weight loss?

a) Prefer black coffee and avoid adding sugar

b) The best time to drink coffee is in the morning

c) Drink 2-3 cups of coffee to lose weight quickly

Calories in Coffee

100g of coffee contain 0 calories.

7. Quinoa

Foods for fat loss

Packed with iron and vitamin B12, quinoa can speed up your weight loss process. The fibre in it will prevent you from binging on unhealthy foods and keeps you satiated even after hours of taking meals. Having a low glycemic index, quinoa won’t spike blood sugar levels. Hence, they’re absolutely safe even for diabetic patients.

How to eat quinoa to burn fat?

a) Take ½ – 1 cup of cooked quinoa per meal/ day

b) Make a vegan salad by tossing quinoa, barley, and beetroot and enjoy more health benefits

c) Use quinoa instead of rice in any recipe

Calories in Quinoa

1 cup of cooked quinoa contains 222 calories.

8. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates promote a feeling of fullness and reduce cravings for fatty-diet wreckers. A study involving 12 women showed that eating and smelling dark chocolate reduces the levels of the hormone, ghrelin. The ghrelin hormone is responsible for stimulating hunger. Plus, dark chocolates rev metabolism to burn calories.

How to eat dark chocolate to reduce fat?

a) Eat a small piece of dark chocolate 20minutes before meal to cut the amount of food you intake

b) The darker the chocolate is, the more benefits you’ll get

c) Overeating of dark chocolate can make you feel a little woozy

Calories in Dark Chocolate

1 ounce of dark chocolate has 150-170 calories.

9. Pork Tenderloin

If you know how to choose the right cut, pork can become a healthier alternative. Pork tenderloin is your failsafe bet. The amino acid of pork works as an effective fat-burner. According to a journal of Nutrients, 144 obese people went for a fresh lean pork-rich diet. Three months later, those people have reduced belly fat, waistline, and BMI. Moreover, no reduction was observed in their muscle mass.

How to eat pork tenderloin to remove excess fat?

a) Flavor pork with spices and herbs instead of with high-fat sauces

b) Remove visible fat from pork before cooking

c) Limit serving of pork to 3 ounce per head per day

Calories in Pork Tenderloin

100g of pork tenderloin has 143 calories.

10. Mustard Seeds

Add mustard seeds, and enjoy the burn- literally! They’re one of the powerful fat-burning foods. According to the scientists of Oxford Polytechnic Institute, England, eating 1tsp of mustard seeds boosts metabolism by 25%. Mustard seeds contain capsaicin. The heat released from capsaicin enables your body to convert fat into heat. As a result, more fat is burned, aiding in weight loss.

How to eat mustard seeds for weight loss?

a) Avoid mustard seeds that contain sugar

b) Chew raw mustard seeds to get the most nutritional value

c) You can also use mustard seeds for salad dressing

Calories in Mustard Seeds

100g of mustard seeds contains 508 calories.

11. Spinach

Include spinach in your diet if you want to shed those extra kilos. Spinach has high fibre content and therefore is great hunger-killing food. Taking spinach in breakfast can significantly bring down your overall appetite for the day.

How to eat spinach for losing fat?

a) Blend it with gooseberry and make a healthy juice

b) Add spinach to your vegetables salad

c) Don’t eat more than 2 cups of spinach a day

Calories in Spinach

100g of spinach has only 23 calories.

12. Green Tea

Some latest studies have proved that green tea burns calories, even when you’re at rest. The catechins in green tea boost its fat-burning capability. In a study involving 60 obese people, it was shown that those taking green tea extract burned 183 calories more daily after three months.

How to drink green tea for weight loss?

a) Matcha green tea works best for those in a weight-loss mission

b) Drink green tea before your morning workout session for best results

c) Limit taking if green tea to 3-5 cups for maximum benefits

Calories in Green Tea

1 cup of green tea has only 2.45 calories.

13. Greek Yogurt

Brimming with protein, Greek yogurt speeds up your metabolism. The calcium and vitamin D in it deactivates cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone making the body to hang on belly fat. Research at the University of Tennessee showed that people taking Greek yogurt daily lost 81% of more belly fat than those who didn’t.

How to take Greek yogurt for weight loss?

a) Consume 18ounces of Greek yogurt daily to shed calories

b) The best time to take Greek yogurt is just after breakfast

c) Add unsweetened fruits like peaches and berries to it

Calories in Greek Yogurt

100g of Greek yogurt has 59 calories.

14. Turkey

Turkey is a protein-rich food. Hence, it increases the feeling of satiety for hours after taking a meal. The protein in Turkey also helps to build lean muscle mass. In addition to it, the meat of turkey stabilizes the level of insulin.

How to eat turkey for weight loss?

a) Remove the skin to make the turkey dish less fattening

b) Try to eat the breast of turkey as it contains fewer calories

c) Check the packaging to find out the fat content before buying

d) Look for a ground turkey that is 90% lean

Calories in Turkey

100g of turkey has 189 calories.

15. Berries

Polyphenol antioxidants in Berries help to remove extra fat. It also improves blood circulation. As a result, you’ll get more benefits from your workouts. Berries curb the cravings for sweets. They also have an antioxidant, resveratrol, which can turn white harmful fat into calorie-burning beige fat.

How to eat berries for fat loss?

a) Blueberries and raspberries are best for weight loss

b) Include berries in yogurt or cereals for breakfast

c) Both frozen and fresh berries are good to improve your overall health

Calories in Berries

1 cup of berries has 84 calories.

16. Oysters

If you’re a fan of seafood, eat oysters without worries as it will not add to your pounds. In fact, it is one of the well-known foods for fat lossOysters are part of high-protein diets. Hence, they promote weight loss. In addition to it, they’re also vital for muscle growth. Those who want clear skin naturally, can opt for oysters instead of expensive cosmetic treatments.

How to eat oysters to burn fat?

a) Cook oysters fully before eating them

b) Overeating oysters are not good for health. Eat them once or twice a week.

c) People suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure should consult doctor before eating them

Calories in Oysters

100g of canned oysters contain 74 calories.

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