‘What to wear in winter if I’m fat?’ That’s the question most plus-size women face as winter arrives. Winter is the season of layering up. Mastering this layering game is vital, especially for plus-size women to brave the chill. Plus, it would be best if you found chubby girl winter outfits that won’t make you look bulky and should flatter your curves. This may be a big struggle for you. Be creative while adding layers and finding shoes and tights. We’re here to help you out.

Get more eyeballs with your fashion-forward sense. Let yourself be a role model for those searching ‘What to wear in winter if I’m fat?’ For that, try these ideas of winter outfits for chubby ladies discussed here.

Chubby Girl Winter Outfits

1. Well-Fitted Blazers

Chubby winter outfits: Blazer

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If you’re curvy, your waist is your main asset. A well-fitted blazer will highlight your slim waist. Even, when it’s unbuttoned. Blazers enhance your curves.

The length of the blazer should hit right at your hips. Also, focus on the shoulder seam. The seam of the shoulder should lie on your shoulders and not on your arms. That’s the main blazer styling for plus size winter outfits.

Pair the blazer with your favorite jeans and wear a tank top underneath for a stylish look in winter.

2. V-Neck Sweaters with Shorts

What to wear in winter if I'm fat: V neck sweaters for plus size women

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If you’re looking for chubby girl winter outfits, consider this neckline. V-neck sweaters are endlessly versatile. From dress pants to jeans to pleated skirts, they match everything.

Generally, curvy women have big breasts. V-necklines lengthen the silhouette and direct the eyes of the seer downwards. They make your neckline appear slimmer. Hence, it’s considered one of the best winter clothes for fat ladies.

Team up a V-neckline sweater with a pair of shorts to get a casual vibe on the weekends while looking extremely stylish.

3. Sweater Dress

what to wear in winter if I'm fat

A sweater dress can be a failsafe option for women looking for plus-size winter outfits. It will give you an elevated look while helping you stay cozy.

If you want a cool weekend look, pair your sweater dress with knee-high boots. Finish off the look with a pair of sunglass and a duffel or an envelope clutch. It is also a great plus-size dress idea for date nights.

For a casual look for a night out, just grab your sweater dress, sneakers, and a tote bag. Staying cozy has never looked so damn good.

4. Trench Coat and Heels

Chubby girl winter outfits

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If you’re wondering what to wear if you’re short and chubby, here’s another great option for you.

Trench coats have belts making your waist appear slimmer. The belts will define your curves more clearly. In fact, a trench coat is one of those chubby girl winter outfits that alone can make you stand out from the crowd.

Always choose a bold color to enjoy a slim silhouette. Avoid the common khaki color.

Look for a trench coat that ends just above your knee, as shown in the image. If you want to stay a step ahead of the casual, pair them with matching color heeled pumps. You can even choose this winter outfit for the office.

5. Wear A Vest

Image: Source

Wear the vest over a tee or a shirt to add more style to your outfit. If you’re wearing a puffer vest, team it up with well-fitted bottoms to avoid unnecessary bulk.

Many petite women love vests for the slimming look they offer. If the sleeves of a jacket are too tight for your arms, remove the sleeves and create a vest out of them. A sleeveless vest creates vertical lines, which make you appear slimmer and taller.

And that’s why this is one of our favorite ideas for clothes for short fat women

6. A Well-Fitted Cardigan With Tops And Jeans

Image: Source

This is one of the smartest combos for a chubby girl winter outfits. A short-length cardigan combined with a top and jeans.

Pair your short sleek cardigan with jeans and take your look to the next level. When the chill hits you hard, a cardigan can keep you toasty without making you look fat.

You can wear this combo almost anywhere, from the office to the night outs, and even to date dinner. This is an excellent option for those who are going from work to party.

7. Short Pencil Skirt and a Sweater

What to wear in winter if I'm fat: Chubby girl winter outfits

Image: Source

Still need more tips regarding what clothes to wear if you’re chubby.

When you wear them with confidence, skirts look phenomenal on curvy women. In fact, a skirt is one of those chubby winter outfits which every plus-size woman should consider.

A knee-length pencil skirt hugs the figure nicely. Look for a pencil skirt that fits your hips and takes in at the waist. Avoid skirts with details like pockets and buttons.

Choose a bold color turtleneck sweater as the top. From the office to night outs and dating to parties, you can wear this outfit everywhere. For the extra oomph, wear your hair into a topknot and slip into a pair of heeled pumps.

8. Leather Leggings with Cropped Sweater

chubby girl winter outfits

Image: Source

Leather leggings look cool. They embrace your curves. So, if you want to know, ‘What to wear in winter if I’m fat?’, leather leggings can be your pick.

A black leather legging is most preferable plus size winter outfits for girls as the black color will further make you appear slim. Wear a cropped sweater and create your own style statement. A bold top and a pair of sexy-heeled shoes are all you need to infuse a dose of little sensuousness into the outfit.

9. A Wrap Sweater and Ripped Jeans

Chubby girl winter outfits

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‘What to wear in winter if I’m fat?’ When that’s the question, we can’t ignore including a wrap sweater in our list.

A wrap sweater tops the list when I think of universally flattering and slimming winter outfits. Wrap sweaters create an ultra-slimming effect. They enhance your bust while slimming your hips.

If you want a casual but stylish ensemble, combine your wrap sweater with a pair of ripped jeans. Don’t have ripped jeans? No need to buy. Take your old jeans and turn them into stylish ripped jeans.

Ripped jeans can help express your bold self. Want to get some more outfit ideas on ripped jeans? Read this blog on ‘What to Wear With Ripped Jeans?’

10. Leather Dress

Chubby girl winter outfits

Image: Source

A leather dress will not allow you to skimp on style while keeping you warm during winter. For this reason, I have kept it on my bucket list of chubby girl winter outfits.

Leather dresses are very versatile. Wear the dresses as they are or rock them as a duster.

You can look perfectly edgy and classy in a leather dress. A leather dress is one of the perfect slimming winter outfits for plus size. Confused about how to round it off? For something more on the elegant side, complete the outfit with ankle-length boots.

11. A Pleated Skirt and an Off-Shoulder Sweater

Chubby girl winter outfits

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Pleated skirts work great on women having bigger midsections. Instead of making you look fatter than you’re, they flatter plus-size body types by not adding a few pounds to your waistline.

Pull your skirt to your waistline’s smallest part. Avoid tight-waisted skirts because they’ll squeeze your midsection and make your love handles pop up.

If you’re ready to bare your shoulders even in winter, an off-shoulder sweater is a must-try. An off-shoulder sweater with a pleated skirt will create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

12. A Denim Jacket on a Gown

Thinking, ‘what to wear in winter if I’m fat?’, try this option.

When it’s not super cold, stay comfortable and stylish in a gown and layer it with a denim jacket. From style to comfort, denim, a timeless staple, gives it all.

Your selected gown should be of light fabric so as to hug your curves nicely. Choose dark colors like black as they have the ultimate slenderizing effect.

Wear a watch and bold red lips. Carry your tote bag, and you’re ready to give it a go.

13. A Houndstooth Set

Chubby girl winter outfits

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Houndstooth is a heavy-weight fabric that will keep you warm eliminating the need of adding layers in winter.

Different types of houndstooth sets are available. You can choose to wear a high-waisted skirt and a crop top set as shown here. Such a set will help you look slim because of its cut.

14. A Suit

Chubby girl winter outfits

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A bold power suit as an option for a work outfit in winter can add a breath of fresh air to your boring office outfits.

There’s nothing more empowering than wearing a sharply tailored suit, and even more so when it’s in a bold color like this red. Avoid over-accessorizing to look elegant.

So, here’re all the chubby winter outfits I recommend. I think your query about ‘What to wear in winter if I’m fat?’ is answered. However, I have promised to share some winter styling tips for curvy women. So, here they’re.

Plus-Size Winter Styling Tips

Wear Shapewear to Contour

To do the plus size winter fashion properly, you need a shapewear. High-waist short shapewear shapes your butt and smooths your thighs. Pulling them off underneath your dress can help you hide the excess layers of fat. Good shapewear can transform your overall look and boost your confidence. According to the celebrity stylist, Avo Yermagyan, shapewear is the secret to dressing. Moreover, you won’t feel sweaty as the weather outside is chilly.

Watch this video to learn how to shop for shapewear.

Highlight Your Short Waist with a Slim Belt

A slim belt is great for women with a shorter torso. It balances your short waist while not cutting off point. As layering during winter may make the seers feel you don’t have a figure at all, make your attractive silhouette prominent by adding a belt.

Avoid Chunky Sweaters

Chunky sweaters add to your weight visually. Moreover, a heavy sweater has many features like a cowl or a turtleneck neckline that are not good for you if fat. These styles fall below the hip and create a weighty effect. All oversized clothing is bad because of your broader stature. Hence, avoid packing on heavy layers of fabric.

Well-Fitted Bottoms

A high-waisted and dark-colored pair of jeans or jeggings can be one of the best winter outfits for chubby ladies. Trousers are also chic outfits and are available in many shapes and styles.  We personally recommend wearing straight trousers instead of tapered trousers. Whether you wear jeans or a trouser, they shouldn’t be loose yet should give enough room to your thighs. The hem of the pants should be at your ankle. Wearing a length shorter or longer can make your torso appear short. Plus, avoid pants having patterns or any additional features like pockets.

Go Monochrome

what to wear in winter if I'm fat

Image: Source

For an overall more put-together leaner look, go monochrome. Most of the women pondering over the question how to dress when you’re fat, especially in winter, go for black. It’s not necessary that you wear all black. Some other colors you can choose for monochrome looks are olive green deep teal, dark brown, deep gray, and navy. When your pants’ color matches the top’s color, the lower edge will create a vertical line from neck to feet. In this way, you won’t spoil the illusion of height. The less you break things up the better.

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