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THE Fashion Trend of 2023: Permanent MakeUp for Lips


There’s a new fashion trend for lips, and it is not a sticky lip gloss or lipstick this time. Instead, this trend is a follow-up of the extremely popular permanent make-up for eyebrows that trendy men and women worldwide are getting. In 2023, all the fashionistas are having their pale or expressionless lips brightened up by getting permanent makeup for lips. This new trend has gained lots of attention because it’s easy and painless while making your lips look irresistible. With permanent makeup for lips, the shape and color of your lips can be easily altered to your preference. No botox is needed to make your lips look fabulous and fresh. In this article, read about what permanent makeup can do for your lips and how it works.

Benefits of Permanent Make-up for Lips

Whether you are unhappy with the shapes of your lips, or you don’t want to buy new lip make-up, permanent makeup for lips constantly will be the perfect solution. This pigmentation can change the shape of your lips and give you a fresh and vibrant look. With permanent make-up, you will no longer have a pale face that doesn’t stand out. The most important thing for applying permanent lip makeup is that a professional does it. Find the best permanent make-up lips specialists here.

Choose Your Own Lip Shape

Are you dissatisfied with the shape of your lips? Permanent make-up can help. Many men and women are not happy with the shape of their lips. Their lips are thin and expressionless, or they do not have a distinctive Cupid’s bow. Sometimes, it also occurs that the lips have an irregular shape. With permanent lip makeup, the contours of your lips can be changed drastically. It can be applied on your lips, but also around it. In this way, the lips can be modeled to your preferred lip shape without looking like it’s done with makeup. Because of the pigment and technique used to apply the permanent makeup, your lips will look naturally shaped and colored.

Choose Your Preferred Color

Commonly, as you get older, the color of your lips fades. Your skin has been in the sun for years, causing damage to your lips, and there is not as much blood in your lips as there used to be. The result is that your lips might look pale. Many people turn to lipstick to color their lips, but it is expensive and doesn’t last very long. Not to mention the lipstick colors that constantly get discontinued. With permanent makeup for lips, you no longer have to buy lipstick. After just a few sessions, your lips will be your favorite color without repeatedly reapplying lipstick. There’s also no need to buy make-up anymore; you don’t have to check if your lipstick hasn’t smudged constantly. Your colored lips will make your face stand out much more and ensure you no longer look pale. 

How is Permanent Lip Makeup Applied?

Permanent lip makeup is completely safe to apply. It has to be done in a specialized salon because only a trained professional has the ability to shape your lips asymmetrically. Since the makeup is permanent, it’s hard to remove, so applying it yourself is not recommended. Before you decide to have it done, a professional can look at your complexion and advise you about the right shape and color, but it is up to you to choose what you would like. Also, ensure you don’t have chapped lips for the best results.

The color is applied with a special high-pigmentation pen. It takes about one and a half to two hours for the application. Don’t be surprised when the color is much more intense because the pigment will fade over the coming days and be much less bright. For this reason, your professional make-up artist will apply a much intenser shade. 

Does It Hurt My Lips?

Getting a tattoo can be quite painful, and since getting permanent lip makeup done is like getting a tattoo, many often assume it is also painful. This is not the case because the lips are numbed with a special numbing cream before application. In twenty minutes, your lips will have little to no feeling anymore, and former clients describe the pain of the application as minimal. The most you will feel is a slight discomfort.

During the process, your lips are taking a lot of damage. Since applying the pigment is like getting a tattoo, the lips should get a lot of rest and relaxation. After two weeks, the skin is completely healed, and the final result is visible. However, getting a follow-up treatment after about six weeks is recommended if you want to achieve a perfect and long-lasting shade.

What Happens After the Application?

Just like a real tattoo, permanent makeup for lips fades after some time. On average, the color lasts between three and five years. Therefore, it is recommended to get a follow-up treatment each year. Follow-up treatments help to retain the pigment of your makeup. Most professionals will offer a discount or special price for follow-up appointments. If you do not keep up with the pigment, you’ll have to start all over after the pigment has completely faded.  

It depends on the depth of the color and the amount of pigment used when a retouch is needed. Soft lip colors often have less pigment and will fade away quickly. However, if they fade, it doesn’t stand out so much. On the other hand, when bright and bold colors start to lose their pigment, they can stand out. Therefore, these colors often need touch-ups more quickly. 

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