Perhaps, what makes a date night most interesting is the excitement on how to impress the partner with your appearance and personality. No doubt, you will give all your efforts to put together a look for the occasion. But, winter may make you compromise with the style and focus more on being comfortable. Fire up your creativity and maintain a balance between comfort and style. Here’re 12 winter date outfits to ensure all eyes will be on you.

From sweater dress to velvety gown, we’ve listed several winter date night outfit ideas to fill your date night with fun and romantic activities. Scroll down to get inspiration.

Winter Date Outfits for Women

1. Belted Sweater Dress + Knee-High Boots

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A sweater dress can be sophisticated enough for a date night. This is a comfortable option to take on the town. When you wear a belted sweater dress, you’ll look damn hot and your partner will definitely get impressed with your taste for fashion. Finish off the look with knee-high boots and make the look more date-appro instantly.

2. V-Neck Dress + Long Coat + Beret Hat

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If you’re heading to a nearby bistro or a wine bar, a V-neck dress layered with a long coat can be the sartorial savior. The long coat will get the job done when it comes to warmth. And, the V-neck dress will make you look gorgeous. This matching is both sexy and super comfortable for a channel candle-lit dinner with your BF.

3. Black Leather Jacket with Big Belt

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A black leather jacket is the fashion trick that works for all types of dinner dates. Leather jackets add an element of sophistication to any outfit. They not only exude sensuality but also make you look confident. Plus, it requires minimal effort to pull off such a look. To create more WOW factor, draw attention to your slim waistline with a big belt. However, make sure the belt is matching the color of the jacket.

4. Front-Slit Bodycon Sweater Dress

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Generally, date nights are fancier occasions filled with dinner and drinks. A front-slit bodycon sweater dress can be a saving grace when you’re running out of time before a date. The slit at the front of this sweater dress will take a simple outfit up a notch. Neither too fancy nor too casual, this outfit can be perfect for a date night in winter, especially when paired with knee-high boots.

5. Turtleneck Sweater + Plaid Skirt + A-Line Long Coat

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Planning to do some shopping with your partner on a date night? Making a turtleneck sweater and a plaid skirt a part of your look is key. Wear a long coat over it. All these ensembles will keep you warm, and make you look cute. Give your style more dimension by matching trendy colors like white, brown, and black. Look at the image below to get an idea about how to play with colors.

6. Calf-Length Velvet Gown + Heels

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Velvet gowns give a romantic vibe. They get chicer year after year. Velvet is a classic fabric that gives off an air of elegance instantly. If you’re not comfortable in gowns, go for a calf-length dress. For evening events, velvet dresses can make you look super sexy. If you’ve to go from desk to dinner, this type of velvet gown can keep it simple yet fashionable. Complete the look with the right pair of heels.

7. A Vest + A Skirt + Ankle Boots

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If it’s kinda-warm-but-still-winter weather, wear a vest on your top. A sweater vest is the best layering piece. The skirt will add more feminine charm to your look while the vest will ensure you’re not seasonally confused. In case, your selected skirt and the vest are boasting a very subtle pattern, amp up the look further with a pair of heavy earrings. To avoid any fashion mistake, choose a vest’s color that goes well with the skirt and the top underneath.

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8. A Halter Neck Top + A Cardigan

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This halter neck top-and-cardigan pairing feels sufficiently wintery. A black colored halter neck top worn with a pair of black trousers can make the trend feel luxe. If you’re ready to show a hint of skin, remove the jacket and you’ll still look fab! You can try some bold patterns if this ensemble is appearing a bit neutral to you. However, girls with big busts should avoid halter neck tops.

9. A Corduroy Jumper with a Turtleneck

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Anti-dirty, durable, and fairly thick, a corduroy jumper is a good option to flatter and to fight the frosty weather outside. A corduroy jumper offers a romantic vibe. Such a dress is a good choice to keep things calm and special. If you’re ready to go matchy-matchy, carry a corduroy bag. Play it safe by choosing trendy colors like grey, navy, white, or black.

10. A Puff Sleeve Top + Leather Pant

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Go in colors. For a look that’s easy to build upon, pair a crisp turquoise colored top with an orange-colored leather pant. You can swap in textures to suit your own style. Puff sleeves can make you feel like the princess of your wildest dreams (maybe, Rapunzel) and the leather pants will keep you warm. Plus, this ensemble is fun, charming, and definitely perfect for a winter date night.

11. A Knit Sweater + A Woolen Skirt + Black Skinnies

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Classic knits can feel a little bit uninspired sometimes, but the ways to style a knit sweater are endless. When paired with a woolen skirt, the combo will look like a ‘match made in heaven’. Choose a well-structured and short woolen skirt to create a slim silhouette and accentuate the leg lines with black skinnies. A little sweet and a little sexy, opt for this ensemble especially if this is your first date night.

12. A Top + Wide Pants

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If the temps are not so freezing literally, avoid layers and sweaters. Rather, keep it loose in wide-leg pants. You can go monochrome by dressing in a bold color like blue. The puff-sleeve short top and wide pants can be just right for an evening of Netflix.

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