Dry, irritated skin? Cracked Toes? Chapped Lips? Hey, winter is right here. It’s that time of the year when you need to take the utmost care of your skin. For that reason, our team has discussed the issue with many dermatologists. The winter skincare tips they’ve suggested are given below.

Winter Skincare Tips According to Dermatologists

Cleansing is the first step of our skincare routine. It’s really important. If you’re not properly cleansing your face, the other products that you use afterwards may not be working as well as they should. So you have to start with a clean canvas. 

1. Wash Your Face With a Gentle Cleanser

Always choose a cleanser that’s properly formulated for whether you have a dry or sensitive skin or may be oily or acne-prone skin. Make sure that the cleanser you’re using is appropriate for your skin. Otherwise, choose something that’s gentle and soap free.

Take your time to clean your face. Most of the people at home do a quick scrub and rinse off quickly. This is not really enough time to actually break down makeup, dirt, oil, pollution properly. So wash your face for 30 to 60 seconds and then rinse it off. 

Some of the face washes suitable for all types of skin are:

2. Apply Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C is an anti-aging ingredient which is found in many skin care products. Vitamin C serums are known to be particularly effective against several skin woes. It can brighten skin tone. This skin care ingredient can leave your skin hydrated. You can also use it to reduce hyperpigmentation including stubborn acne marks. It can also protect your skin from sun damage and soothes sunburn as it is loaded with antioxidants. It triggers the production of collagen which can prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

How to Apply:

• Just take a couple of drops of vitamin C serum and pat into your skin.

• With continuous use, it gives you a glowing skin and reduces blemishes. 

•As Vitamin C makes your skin especially sensitive to sunray, so don’t forget to wear SPF. 

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* It’s better to apply it in the morning. 

3. Moisturize Your Skin

In winter, our skin becomes dry as it loses moisture. So, apply moisturizer immediately after using vitamin C serum. Daily use of moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated and holding moisture as it acts as a barrier. Use moisturizer according to your skin. 

How To Apply:

• When you’re applying the moisturizer, you want to make sure you take a small amount on your fingers. 

• Rub it between your hands and gently work it into the skin.  

•Make sure you’re pressing firm enough so that the skin can soak it up. But don’t be too harsh when applying to your skin. 

• Remember, skincare is self-care. So think of it as a moment just like a relaxing facial. 

4. Hydrating Oil

We need hydrating cleansing oil definitely to remove makeup and sunscreen from how our face. Because if you don’t clean makeup and sunscreen properly then there is a possibility of breaking out. Face wash doesn’t do that properly. So you definitely have to use like a cleansing oil or a micellar water beforehand. After using hydrating oil you’ll see your face is glowing and very hydrated. 


• Take a few drops on your hands and then rub it on the palm of your hands like to make it a little bit warm.

• Put it all over your face. Massage it for one to two minutes to remove all the makeup. 

• Take a little bit of water and then massage it. You can see that it forming an emulsion on your face which is actually the important part because it draws out all the impurities and dirt.

• It’s forming white emulsion and it’s drying all the impurities so that is what you’re supposed to do. 

• Simply wash your face with lukewarm water. Don’t use a wipe or a cotton pad. Just clean it with water. 

5. Use a Nighttime Cream

Night cream hydrates the skin. It boosts collagen production in your skin. Use of night cream helps blood circulation, so the wrinkles get reduced. Including night cream in your winter skincare routine can also soften the skin and slow down the aging process. When choosing night cream, make sure that it’s not too thick as it will clog your pores and you’ll also face breathing problem the night cream should also be fragrance-free.


• Before using night cream, wash and clean your face properly. 

• Take a dim size and rub it into your skin in a upward and circular motion to make the skin absorb your night cream. 

* Don’t put your night cream on your eyelids. 

6. Use Overnight Mask

Using overnight mask, you can get maximum benefits. It hydrates your skin. It helps in brightening skin complexion. Overnight mask also moisturizes skin and gives you a natural glow.

How To Use

• Spread the mask onto face to moisturize while you sleep.

7. Gently Exfoliate

Exfoliate your skin daily especially in winter either in the morning or evening as dry skin becomes flaky. It also helps to improve the skin texture revealing healthy glowing skin underneath. 

How To Use

• Use it on a damp skin. Gently massage it over your face and neck area. 

• Rinse it off with water. 

• Take a towel and put your skin dry. 

8. Hydrate Your Skin:

It’s very important to keep yourself hydrated from inside. Otherwise, all the routine for winter skincare will have little impact on your skin.

How To Stay Hydrated

Infused Water

Add some flavors with water like watermelon, cucumber, lemon and mint. This makes water a much tastier way to quench your thirst. 


Another alternative to infused water is to drink fruit juices with a high water content like watermelon juice or coconut water. You can even try drinking tea like green tea which will replenish your water supply and make you feel alert and awake as well.

Water Before Food

Before craving for snacks, drink a glass of water first. It’ll keep you hydrated and fill you up so it’ll prevent you from eating unnecessary snacks and will help you shed some kilos too.

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