If you’re looking for some long hair inspo, check out these long hair male models. These male models with long hair look absolutely stunning. You’ll be happy to know that there are many long hairstyles that need low maintenance.

Only a good shampoo and a conditioner are enough. When you have long hair, you can easily try different hairstyles. Whether you want to wear a man bun or a simple center part, the choices with long hair are endless.

In this blog, we have listed some male models who flaunt their long hair. You can pick any of these long hairstyles to suit your face shape.

Male Models with Long Hair

1. Derek  Jaeschke

Male Models with Long Hair: Derek  Jaeschke

Image: Source

Derek’s messy long hair is his trademark. His long tresses are definitely enhancing his bold personality. He worked as an associate producer of a movie called The Trouble With the Truth.

2. Anders Lindstrom

Image: Source

Anders Lindstrom is giving the message, “Long hair, don’t care.” He is known in the fashion industry for his wild rugged look. And, no doubt, his long hair is a part of this look.

3. Michael Bailey-Gates

Male Models with Long Hair: Michael Bailey-Gates

Image: Source

Isn’t he looking like Johnny Depp circa 1994?

Michael Bailey-Gates loves to keep his hair simple. He once said that he uses Whole Foods’ conditioner and gets a trim whenever he needs it.

4. Sasha Kalem

Sasha Kalem

Image: Source

Sasha Kalem has long layered hair meeting his jawline. You can have a simple yet stylish look by parting your hair from the center.

5. Patrick Petitjean

Male Models with Long Hair: Patrick Petitjean

Image: Source

Whether in a trendy man bun or simply pulling the hair back into a ponytail, Patrick knows well how to rock different long hairstyles with his rugged hair.

6. Austin Butler

Male Models with Long Hair: Austin Butler

Image: Source

 Austin has also gone for longer hair and surprised everyone with his laidback and easy persona. This hairstyle is the perfect example of how a sea salt spray can work wonders for long hair.

7. Orlando Bloom

Image: Source

At the 2014 Los Angeles premiere of his movie “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”, Orlando was noticed in a long and side-swept hairstyle with highlights.

8. Brock O Hurn

Image: Source

Brock O Hurn is a sensation on Instagram with millions of women followers. Women love this man’s masculinity, light blue eyes, and of course, his long flowing brown hair.

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9. Harry Style

Image: Source

Flowing brown curls of Harry’s makes his fans fall even more in love with him.

10. George Culafic

Male Models with Long Hair: George Culafic

Image: Source

The curled brunette long hair of George has made him earn much fame. As a male model, he is acing an eye cut with his naturally long curled hair which makes him different from other long-haired models.

11. Eric Andersson 

Male Models with Long Hair: Eric Andersson

Image: Source

The long and straight hair of this Swedish fashion model is showing how you can simply let your hair loose and yet look extremely trendy in it.

12. Dylan Fosket

Male Models with Long Hair: Dylan Fosket

Image: Source

Dylan hits the streets in tailored style with a youthful attitude and donning his long silver-colored hair. Definitely messy, but that suits him.

13. Ben Dahlhaus

Male Models with Long Hair: Ben Dahlhaus

Image: Source

Well-known for his beard and long golden mane, Ben is definitely on the radar as an influential style icon.

14. Chris Hemsworth 

Chris Hemsworth

Image: Source

From Thor to The Huntsman to Vacation, Chris Hemsworth has been noted rocking long hair multiple times. Whether his hair has been left down or slicked back, it never looked messed up.

Want to know more about Chris Hemsworth’s style? Read more here.

15. Tom Cruise 

Tom Cruise

Image: Source

Tom Cruise totally pulled off the shaggy layered medium-length hairstyle coupled with a trimmed beard for his 2002 film “The Last Samurai.”

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16. Jeff Bridges 

Jeff Bridges

Image: Source

The lush silver tresses of Jeff Bridges is a proof that you can have long hair at any age. His bushy scruff is perfectly complimenting his thrown-back curls.

17. Johnny Depp 

Johnny Depp

Image: Source

Johnny Depp though has tried many hairstyles yet is mainly popular for his long mane. Most of the time, Depp prefers long voluminous hairstyles with shiny locks. Here, his wavy locks are matching his facial structures very well.

18. Russell Brand

Male Models with Long Hair: Russell Brand

Image: Source

Russell keeps his hair a bit longer than his shoulders. This length enables him to style his hair in as many ways as he wants. From a clean cut to a rebel appearance, we have seen Russell keeping his hair that suits his mood and personality.

19. Gabriel Bin 

Male Models with Long Hair: Gabriel Bin

Image: Source

Brazilian long-haired male model, Gabriel Bin prefers a carefree attitude when it comes to his hair.

20. Lindsay Macdonald

Male Models with Long Hair: Lindsay Macdonald

Image: Source

He is another male model with long hair. Many of his followers think that he looks like Brad Pitt. What do you think?

21. Johnny Harrington

Male Models with Long Hair: Johnny Harrington

Image: Source

Johnny Harrington’s attitude, red hair, and blue eyes have added tremendously to his success. He has appeared in various editorials like Tush, GQ, and School Magazine. Elite Paris, Independent Model Management Milan, and Next London have also signed projects with this cool famous long hair male model.

22. Viggo Jonasson

Viggo Jonasson: Male Models with Long Hair

Image: Source

Viggo Jonasson is a Swedish fashion model. He has worked with renowned brands like Tommy Hilfiger, H&M, Emporio Armani, GQ Style Russia, and more.

23. Konan Hanbury

Male Models with Long Hair: Konan Hanbury

Image: Source

Konan Hanbury is one of the famous male models with long hair. You may have seen him in different ramp walks and in magazines. He has walked for Bottega Veneta, Philipp Plein, and Etro. His long blonde hair is sure to draw attention.

24. Chris Arundel

Chris Arundel: Male Models with Long Hair

Image: Source

Chris Arundel is a British long hair male model. Since he was discovered in 2011, brands like Hunter Magazine, Paul Smith, and Dior Homme have worked with him.

25. Tony Thornburg

Male Models with Long Hair: Tony Thornburg

Image: Source

Dynamic and dark, Tony Thornburg is one of the black hair male models. This American model has done a ramp walk for Yohji Yamamoto, Etro, and Giorgio Armani.

26. Luka Sabbat

Luka Sabbat: Male Models with Long Hair

Image: Source

Born in NY, Luka Sabbat is a cultural influencer and an American model. He has represented a new wave of multi-hyphenate young entrepreneurs shaping the industry, having appeared in campaigns for Calvin Klein and Hood By Air, and was cast by Virgil Abloh to walk in Yeezy’s first and second season shows.

27. Justin Gossman

Justin Gossman

Image: Source

We remember Justin Gossman as the lead singer of The Toy Guns. His mid-century androgynous rock star look has definitely played a vital role in making his modeling career successful.

In an interview, he said,

“When I started getting into modeling, I just kept cutting my own fringe like in the old photos of the musicians I really enjoyed. For the next 2 years as a model, I didn’t let anyone cut my hair. I just became a master of my own fringe/bangs.”

28. Willy Cartier

Willy Cartier: Male Models with Long Hair

Image: Source

William Cartier is one of the rugged French male models with long hair. He has worked in advertising campaigns of many big names in the fashion industry like Marie Claire Italy, GQ Style Germany, WAD Magazine, and more.

29. Marcus Schenkenberg

Marcus Schenkenberg

Image: Source

The modeling career of Marcus Schenkenberg has spanned over two decades. He is one of those male models with long hair who has remained a much known face in Calvin Klein advertisements. Apart from that, he has also modeled for Iceberg, Donna Karan, and Giorgio Armani.

30. Madison Stewart

Madison Stewart

Image: Source

No, Madison Stewart is no longer a Ford model only. Now, he is also known for his debut album, Oblivion.

31. Wang Ho

Wang Ho

Image: Source

The androgynous heartthrob, Wang Ho is one of the dark hair male models who has given poses for GQ China, and Elle Men Hong Kong. Additionally, he has also walked for Balmain and Valentino.

32. Logan Flatte

Logan Flatte; Male Models with Long Hair

Image: Source

Though Logan worked as a fashion model for some renowned brands, he choose to serve the industry of hospitality. While working as a model in NY city, he has walked for Theory, Calvin Klein, and Billy Reid.

33. Ed Marquezini

Ed Marquezini

Image: Source

Ed Marquezini is a well-known Brazilian model. Blue eyes and long blonde hair have made this model stand out from the crowd. Some of the fashion brands for which he has walked are Dior, Victor Dzenk, and Mario Queiroz.

34. Jordun Love

Jordun Love

Image: Source

Jordun Love is one of the popular black hair male models. Apart from being a model, he is also a philanthropist and a dancer. From GQ to W Magazine to Gucci, Nike, and British Vogue, he has worked with many renowned brands.

35. Miles McMillan

Miles McMillan: Male Models with Long Hair

Image: Source

Miles Thomas McMillan is an American model. In 2016, he has received the title of Daily Front Row’s ‘Model of the Year’ at the Fashion Media Awards. McMillan walked the spring 2012 menswear shows for Alexander McQueen, Dior Homme, Rick Owens, and Lanvin in Paris.

36. Yassine Rahal

Yassine Rahal

Image: Source

For Rahal, afro has become a calling card for him. Being a male model with long hair, his curly hair has always drawn attention. Since his first shoot, he has done a ramp walk for Haider Ackermann, Tom Ford, and Yohji Yamamoto.

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37. Matheus Hava

Matheus Hava

Image: Source

Matheus Hava is a male model with brown hair. He prefers to wear his hair in a perfect twisted braid. And, no doubt, this long hairstyle adds more charm to his personality. 

38. Maximiliano Patane

Maximiliano Patane

Image: Source

Argentinian male model. He has been modeled for MFF magazine. Walked the spring runway for Yohji Yamamoto. Some other brands that have also worked with this stunner are Next London, GQ France, SID Magazine, and more.

39. Ryan Stacks

Ryan Stacks: Male Models with Long Hair

Image: Source

Ryan Stacks is a model, influencer, fitness trainer, and author. Due to his amazing physique and personality, his Instagram followers have crossed over 150K. He’s had a partnership with fit wear company Do You Even. He’s also a competitive bodybuilder and won 3rd place at NPC Jr. Nationals 2013 and was the Washington Ironman Overall Champion in 2012.

40. Michael Tintiuc

Michael Tintiuc

Image: Source

Michael Tintiuc’s dark brown hair and sensuous features cannot be forgotten easily. He is an international model and has worked for Rick Owens, Vogue Italia, GQ, Damir Doma, and many other renowned brands.

41. Daniel Tighe

Daniel Tighe

Image: Source

Daniel Tighe is one of those famous models with long hair whose poker-straight blowout has won the hearts of women. His tresses are very versatile and sleek. In fact, no one can wear a middle parting better than Tighe.

42. Benjamin Ahlblad

Benjamin Ahlblad

Benjamin Ahlblad is a breath-taking male model who is also a fitness and lifestyle coach. He has won the IFBB men’s physique jr Finnish nationals and got into modeling. Benjamin runs a fitness and lifestyle YouTube channel titled “Fitbeny”, which has thousands of subscribers. He amassed primary recognition as a model after working with a modeling agency and posed for various fitness and sports brands including SportLife Nutrition, Zeropoint, Father Sons Menswear, and many others.

43. Eugeniy Sauchanka

Eugeniy Sauchanka

Image: Source

The trademark of Eugeniy’s personality is his chameleon-like beauty. He is a male model with brown hair, blue eyes, and delicate features. To date, he has appeared in many projects like Les Hommes New Madison, Tiger Magazine, MAC Cosmetics, and more.

44. Bruce Machado

Bruce Machado: Male Models with Long Hair

Image: Source

A Brazilian model. His modeling career started walking for Dior Homme. He has also walked for brands like Lanvin, Versace (exclusive), Etro, Costume National (opened), Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Missoni, Giorgio Armani, and many others. He has seen in both long and short hair. But, we absolutely love his long hair looks.

45. Calin Sitar

Calin Sitar

Image: Source

Calin Sitar has the ability to sport different types of looks. In one fashion magazine, he looks like an English dandy, and in another, he appeared as a gorgeous ranch hand. Calin is best known for his Venetian blonde hair who knows how to channel his inner bohemian as he sports a head full of curls and how to channel his inner gentleman with tied hair. 

46. Josh Mario John

Josh Mario John

Image: Source

Look for male models with beards, and you’ll surely come across this guy. Josh Mario John knows extremely well how to pull off rugged looks. His thick beard, long hair, and tattoos compliment his style. He worked on the iconic Carmen Dell’Orefice campaign, as well as with brands such as Diesel. He was signed by Rogue Management in Los Angeles. While not modeling, he has worked for years in the child welfare field.

47. Wim De Klerk

Wim De Klerk

Image: Source

Long brown hair, green eyes, and amazing physique describe Wim De Klerk. Besides being a model, he is also a fitness and sports fanatic, wildlife enthusiast, and outdoor adventurist.

The Bottom Line

All the above-discussed male models with long hair have strong personalities to carry off their long tresses proudly. If you too want to maintain a long mane like them, make sure you have got the confidence. Furthermore, follow a good hair care regimen to give serious envy to others with your shiny bouncy hair.

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