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Top 5 Wedding Cufflinks for The Sophisticated Gentleman


One of the most exciting and touching events to attend is a Wedding. Whether you’re a groom, groomsman or guest, looking your best and coordinating your wedding attire is essential. 

After you’ve picked out your suit, shirt and shoes, it’s time to choose the all-important accessories. Cufflinks are one of the most important accessories despite their small size. Cufflinks can turn a basic wedding outfit into one with sophistication, class and style. 

By picking the right colour, shape and design to complement your outfit, you can really leave a mark on your look.

We offer some of our favourite sets of wedding cufflinks from the market along with all the details you require to pick the best pair for that special occasion.

How To Coordinate Cufflinks With Wedding Attire

A few general rules exist for coordinating your cufflinks with your wedding attire. They are as follows:

Choose the right shirt: First things first, be sure to get a dress shirt with French cuffs. French cuffs are longer than ordinary dress cuffs and are intended to be attached with cufflinks.

Match the wedding style: Most weddings carry a formal dress code, so it’s recommended to go with simple, understated and classic cufflinks – think less is more. If the theme of the wedding is of an informal and casual nature, then you can think about wearing cufflinks with a bit more personality and extravagance.

Match with other metal accessories: Whether you’re wearing a watch, rings, or even a tie clip, a simple yet effective way to ooze with sheer class is to ensure the colour of your cufflinks matches the other metal accessories on your attire. 

Contrast against the colour of your shirt: As a rule of thumb, you want your cufflinks to contrast well against the colour of your shirt. If the colour of the cufflinks blends in with your shirt, they will not stand out.

Bonus tip: Why not rock a bracelet to further make a statement with your wedding attire? Check out our 5 favourite types of bracelets here

Our Top 5 Recommendations for Wedding Cufflinks

We have handpicked a variety of cufflinks, perfect for that special day. Although they vary in colour, design, shape and price range, they all possess the ideal characteristics for what makes the perfect wedding cufflink.

Gold vintage cufflinks – Illicium London

You cannot go wrong with these. With a round shape and a classic yet subtly eye-catching design, the 24K gold-plated cufflinks elicit a vibrant shine due to their polished chrome finish. Most wedding shirts are light in colour (white, light grey, light blue etc.); therefore, a gold pair of cufflinks would contrast extremely well alongside. 

A great balance between value and quality – £39.99

Silver knot cufflinks – Illicium London

‘Tying the knot’? These cufflinks are the epitome of love, dedication, and togetherness. A fitting design honouring such a great occasion. While completely silver cufflinks do not normally contrast well with lighter-coloured wedding shirts, these beautiful pieces are ideal if you want a more subtle style. Get the gold version to make a bigger impression with your cufflinks!

A stylish and sophisticated set of wedding cufflinks at an affordable price  – £39.00

Calatrava Cufflinks – Patek Philippe

The Calatrava rose gold and onyx cufflinks from Patek Philippe embody class and sophistication at their finest. From the contrast between the rose gold and black to the vintage signature Patek crest on the top face, these cufflinks ooze pizzazz and sophistication worthy of the greatest occasions.

A luxury high-end option when money is no object – £5150.00

Meisterstück Cufflinks – Mont Blanc

If you’re looking for a lighter-themed timeless option to complete a wedding look that will never go out of fashion, these stunning cufflinks from Mont Blanc are the obvious choice. Crafted from stainless steel and rose gold plated with mother-of-pearl inlay on the face, these cufflinks offer a powerful Montblanc signature. 

A mid-priced luxury brand option – £220.00

Gold Santos de Cartier cufflinks – Cartier

A nod towards the French Maison’s long-standing tradition of creating royal-worthy treasures, the Santos de Cartier cufflinks couple’s timeless elegance with unmatched luxury. Inspired by the well-known Cartier skeleton watches, these square cufflinks are crafted from sterling silver with striking yellow gold skeleton features on the face. A truly marvellous creation. 

A luxury, well-recognised option that won’t break the bank – £1030

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re the groom or guest, finding a fitting pair of cufflinks for that all-important day can be challenging. After all, there are many considerations to make. These include colour, shape, material and design. 

Our 5 recommendations provide diverse cufflinks at a broad spectrum of price points. The right set of cufflinks can completely make or break a look; after all, beauty is in the details. Choose wisely!

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