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20 Sexy Long Hairstyles for Men You’ll Fall in Love With


Long hairstyles are no longer for women only. Men are also showing their long mane with proud. As the fashion sense increases among men, long hairstyles for men are gaining popularity worldwide. Even some celebrities like Tom Cruise and Daniel Radcliffe are also expressing their unique personalities with their long hair. So, why should you hesitate to become one of this old-age thinking-breaking guys? Love long hair? Don’t care. Just have the dare. I have brought to you 20 awesome long hair styles for men. Ready to check out? Here’s the highlights.

1. Long Textured Waves

Whatever your face shape is, picking this down-and-out style is absolutely safe and fashionable. If a messy yet refined look is all you want, go with long textured waves. One more secret, your GF will love to take her fingers through it. 

2. Man Bun

This not-inspired-by dapper look hairstyle has given a tough competition to other haircuts and is ruling the age for past several years. If your locks are at least 6 inches long, you can choose it. Moreover, patience and hair ties are the two main keys to look like a heart-throb with this style.

3. Hard Part Comb Over

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You surely know about this classic hairstyle. The long hair hard part comb over is the toughest cut in the game. Your barber will cut your hair so as to create a hard part line. This line will part your hair naturally shaping up the other side. Pair it up with your casual outfit and sneakers to enhance your appeal.

4. Long Curls

Curly hair? Oh, then this style is for you only. The natural texture of your curls will give your hair a luscious look. Make a side or middle part to draw the attention hassle-free. Prevent your hair from excess frizzing so as to maintain the look.

5. Back Brushed Messy Hair

Back brushed messy hair is one of the long hair styles of men that are easy to pull off with wavy or straight hair. However, if your hair is too long, apply some hair styling products like wax or pomade to hold it upwards. Plus, the products will add to the texture. 

6. Retro Hairdo

Well-maintained hairdo is the classic allure of a sophisticated man. Embrace your manliness with this timeless retro hairdo. To highlight the front quiffed piece, cut your hair short on both sides. However, you need to spend some bucks on getting serious hair grooming products to get the look. 

7. Long Quiff

Long Quiff, though reminds me of the 1950s hairstyles, yet it looks great on men with oblong, heart, and diamond shaped faces. This man long hair style is a good option to attend any event. Moreover, you can pull off any casual or formal wear to match with it.

long hairstyles for men

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8. Shoulder-Length Haircut

Let your mane reach the shoulders. Yes, you’ve guessed it right. The Zayn Malik haircut. Then, go for layers to add more drama to the look. Apart from layer cut, you can also play with your hair in a number of other ways. Actually, the choices are endless here. 

9. Slick Back

It is suave as well as easy to do. However, the style goes well with medium-length hair. Fine-haired guys have to apply wet-look gel for the glamorous slick look. On the other hand, textured or curly-haired guys have to use mousse to hold the brushed back front section of the hair. 

10. Half-Up Man Bun

Get the festival-worthy and dapper look with Half-Up man bun. Make a bun with half of your hair while letting the rest of your hair fall loose. If you want a rugged and cool style, try this easy-to-wear hairdo. You can also wear it messy for a more worn-in feel. 

long hairstyles for men

11. Long Blonde Hair

Girls love guys with long blonde hair. The natural shine and the light color make this type of hair particularly striking. Pair it up with beard to highlight your masculinity. Or, you can choose the surfer style by going clean shaved.

12. Rock Star Haircut

This is one of those long hairstyles for men, which I’d recommend to those who are working in glamour industry. Ditch your bandana. Rather, be a trendsetter with rock star haircut. It’s pretty cool. All you need is an experienced barber to get the cut. 

13. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks often reflect bohemian and independent lifestyle. Originated from black men, this hairstyle for long hair for man has broken all the boundaries and becoming extremely popular in barbershops. You can make a half-up bun, ponytail, or a man bun with it. However, it is one of those long hairstyles for young men who have a care-free attitude towards their life.

long hairstyles for men

14. Messy Slick Back

Remember the rugged hairstyle of Bradley Cooper? Though he had gone for it to shoot a film, yet you can try this look without worries. Let some loose strands hang down on your forehead. And, you step outside with this carefree hairdo. 

15. Long Braids

Long braids are exceptionally fashionable, unique, and versatile. If you don’t care and are ready to go for a bold look, pick this style. Make as many braids as you want starting right from the scalp. Or you can opt for only one braid at the back of your head for a neat look. 

long hairstyles for men

16. Twin Fringe with Textured Top

Double fangs define this haircut. Hair at the top will have more texture. Make sure that your fringe look uniform and tidy. Find a reliable barber to get the hairstyle.

17. Forehead Long Strands

Brush your hair to create a faux hawk straight down style. Let the long strands fall on your forehead. These types of eye-catching young men’s hairstyles easily can make you a part of the punk culture.

long hairstyles for men

18. Ponytail

Style your hair in high, messy, or tight ponytail. Highlight with blonde or dark brown color. You can also keep your beard to match the base hues. However, consider your hair texture and face shape while choosing the ponytail type.

19. Blonde Messy Shag with Curtain Fringe

Maybe little messy, yet it will get a thumbs up for the sporty look it creates. If you are not ready to chop your mane, try this. The fringe cut is done in a way that it will create a curtain-like structure on both sides.

long hairstyles for men

20. Long Spiked Texture

Spiked hair has made a huge comeback. Edgy and bold, this effortless style can help you get the sexy and fun look. Or, pair it up with low taper fade to get a complete business professional look.

The Final Words

A bad hair day makes all the day go wrong. If you’re a fashionista, you’ll surely agree with it. Though there are unlimited long hairstyles for men, yet considering the face shape is vital to get an impressive look. Moreover, when you’ve long hair, you need to take proper care for it. Make sure your hair is maintained well to try various styles.

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