Wandering for hours in the sun without wearing sunscreen, or having a sunbath can help you get tan naturally. Having a tan can enhance your masculinity and looks great. As you probably know, no tan is permanent, here you’ll get the answer of how long does a tan last.

Generally, a natural tan last for 7-10 days. However, the tan’s lifespan depends on its type. To know how long your tan will last, learn how it occurs.

How Tan Occurs?

Tan is the result of the production of melanin in the skin’s outermost layer. Exposure to the sunrays causes melanin production. There are many tan sprays available nowadays. These sprays help you achieving a tan without exposing yourself to the harmful UV rays. Another option is a tan bed. Tan beds have both UVA and UVB rays. No doubt, both these rays are so harmful for your skin that they even can cause skin cancers. But, still, some people love the look of tanned skin.

How Long Does a Tan Last?

When the uppermost layer of your skin starts to shed, your tan fades. Actually, there’s no straightforward answer to this question. As already told, there are certain factors which decide how long it will take to fade. The factors are:

a) How quickly your skin regenerates

b) The source of tanning

c) Your skin type

If you are using sprays, then your tan will last only for a day. You have to take proper care to make the tan last longer. On the other hand, if you’ve naturally tanned skin, you can expect to have it for at least a week.

Can You Have Permanently Tanned Skin?

No tan is permanent. As soon as your skin starts to regenerate, it will fade gradually. However, you may have seen people with permanently tanned skin. Most of the times, these people have darker skin. Or, it can be that they move out in the sun regularly.

Tanning only looks good to some people but it has no medical benefit. But, if you want to extend the lifespan of this holiday color, we’re here to help.

Tips to Make Your Tan Last Longer

1. Exfoliate Before Stepping Out

The caring starts even before you get a tan. Exfoliate. Exfoliation removes old skin cells enabling the tan to shine on your new skin cells. As such, it will last longer. When you start exfoliating two weeks before getting the holiday color, your skin will get ready for a prolonged sun exposure. Furthermore, it will ensure a more even and deeper tan.

2. Moisturize Your Skin

Make sure your skin is moisturized. Moisturized skin tans better as compared to dry skin. Plus, use of a moisturizer will make your skin soft and supple. Consequently, the tan will spread evenly on your skin. Apply the moisturizer generously for the desired effect.

3. Take a Cool Shower

Yeah, we know a hot shower is refreshing. But, your fake tan hates hot shower. So, it will be best if you stick to room temperature water. Unlike hot shower, normal temperature water prevents your skin from getting dehydrated. According to Emma Leslie, Escentual skincare expert, hot showers can cause skin dryness and bring about peeling. Therefore, to make your tan last as long as possible, keep showers cool and use products that can hydrate your skin further.

Body washes having ingredients like aloe vera and shea butter can also be used for hydrating.

4. Seek Help from Professionals

Don’t want to make yourself look like Iggy Pop? Then, visit a salon to extend your tan.

Many spas are there to help you eke out a natural tanning for an extra week. Wait for a few days. Observe whether your skin tone has become a shade darker than it was earlier. Finally, use a spray to boost the shade.

Tans, generally, don’t fade evenly. An expert will spot the places where the darker color has faded the most and darken accordingly.

5. Use Over-the-Counter Tanning Lotions and Oils

The dark corners of the internet have endless choices of tanning lotions and oils. Some of them work well and some don’t. Pick one that will not only speed up the tanning process but will also help to maintain it. These products stimulate the production of melanin artificially.

However, dermatologists don’t recommend using these products. It’s because they can lead to hyperpigmentation.

In such a case, pre-holiday primers are the safest bets. They boost normal cell function and supports the natural ability of the body to tan.

6. Gently Pat Your Skin Dry

While getting out of a shower or pool, gently pat your skin dry. Use a soft towel and don’t be rough on your skin. Rubbing the towel roughly can affect the lifespan of your tanned skin.

7. Apply Sunscreen

Always wear sunscreen having an SPF of atleast 30 while planning to get a tan. Sunscreen prevents your skin from the damaging effects of the harsh UV rays. On the contrary, if you don’t use sunscreen while spending time in the sun, you may have:

a) Melanoma

b) Dehydration

c) Premature aging

d) Skin rashes

And more. Make sure to apply sunscreen generously after every two hours.

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