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How to Tie a Bow Tie: 3 Easy and Different Styles


How to tie a bow tie? That’s the question many guys face when heading for a formal event.

A bow tie is a feat for men’s fashion. It has come a long way and has become a style statement for formal occasions. From Theodore Roosevelt to Timothy White, many personalities prided themselves in their jaunty bow ties. I’ve shared with you steps to help you in the process. Practice the steps while reading. You’ll definitely master the art soon.

You can wear a bow tie in different styles. Here, I’ve discussed only three of them. These are:

1. Butterfly shape

2. Diamond shape

3. Crossbow shape

Steps to Tie a Bow Tie: Butterfly Shape

a) Extend the strap of your tie.

b) Put the tie around your neck and make a knot near the neck.

c) Make sure that the right side is little longer than the left one.

d) Now fold the left side of the tie to create a bow-like shape.

e) Push it to your neck.

f) Take the right side of the tie over the created bow.

g) You’ll see a little tunnel behind the bow.

h) Fill in the tunnel with the right side of the bow. (As is shown in the video.)

i) Adjust the ends and you’ll get a butterfly shape.

Watch the video

How to Tie a Bow Tie: Diamond Shape

1. Put the tie around your neck in a way that right end is slightly longer than the left end.

2. Cross the long end over the short to form a cross shape.

3. Pull the long end to make a little tight knot.

4. Place one end over your shoulder.

5. Fold the other end to create a bow shape and hold it close to your neck.

6. Take the end from over your shoulder and place it on the bow.

7. Bend the two sides of the bow inwards to the center.

8. Create a loop at the top of the bow tie and fill in the loop with your finger.

9. After that, take the bottom end of the bow tie to create a fold.

10. Fill in the loop with the folded part of the end at the top from right to left.

11. Slide the fabric through halfway of the loop so that it sits evenly on both sides. Each side will have a fold and an end.

12. Pull the folded sides tightly to fasten the knot.

13. Adjust the ends of the tie to form a diamond shape.

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Check out the video

How to Tie a Crossbow Shaped Bow Tie

1. Adjust the strap of the tie as per your neck’s size.

2. Just like the above two styles, here also you’ve to make sure that right end is little longer than the left side.

3. Fasten a knot with the two loose ends.  

4. Fold the left side to make a bow shape. Bring it close to your neck.

5. Take the long loose end and pull it over the created bow.

6. Pull the bow ends inwards and you’ll see a loop behind it.

7. Fold the loose end and slide it halfway through the loop.

8. Finally, pull the ends of the bow to adjust their lengths.

Watch the video for a clear idea

I’m sure the above steps will help you to get the desired look with your tie. Take enough time to shop for your favorite tie.

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