Comfortable and soft, stylish urbanites consider flannel shirts as one of the fashionable clothing pieces. Originally made from worsted yarn or carded wool, it looks good in the workplace as well as in the mountains. It is one of those casual shirts that keep you warm in sub-zero temperatures while provides a cooling effect in summer. Once you know how to wear flannel shirts it will help to create the right aesthetics.

Check out our guide on styling a funnel properly for different occasions and weather.

Choosing the Color of Flannel Shirts

Colors of your flannel shirts determine the overall look and feel. Some of the colors we suggest are:

a) Green

Green flannel shirts are not very common. But, no doubt they look good when worn. A lot of green shades are available in flannel shirts. If you’re planning to wear a deep green shade, choose a pair of light blue jeans to create a prominent look.  

b) Red

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Red flannel shirts are available in diverse color combinations. You may have seen these color combinations while shopping for red flannel shirts, red and black, red and white, and red and blue.

Red flannel shirts look cozy in their appearance. Whatever combination you choose, match the flannel shirts with a pair of black or blue jeans.

c) Black

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Black is a failsafe bet. And, this isn’t an exception when it comes to shopping for flannel shirts. The black flannel shirts can be worn casually as well as formally. You can wear them with any colored pants.

Wearing Flannel Shirts in Winter

As winter approaches, you take out flannel shirts from your wardrobe. The woolen fabric of flannel shirts ensures comfort when the weather is chilly. However, this perfect pick can feel stale if you don’t know fresh ways to create stylish looks. No worries. We’re here to help.

1. Layer with a Sweater

For a nerdy look, wear your flannel shirt under a sweater.

2. With a Vest

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Sport a winter-perfect look by wearing a vest on your flannel shirt. Wearing a flannel shirt in this manner can enhance your overall appearance. This look can be carried out for both casual and formal events.

3. With a Hoodie

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Hoodies are common winter wardrobe staples. One of the great ways to style a hoodie or your flannel shirt is to wear them together.

4. Over a T-Shirt

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To wear a flannel shirt casually, you can wear it over a plain t-shirt. However, we recommend plain tees only because printed t-shirts don’t go well with flannel shirts, especially when it is plaid flannel.

5. With a Blazer

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Team a flannel shirt up with a blazer. This outfit is a foolproof formula to stay warm while looking damn stylish.

6. With a Denim Jacket

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A borg collar denim jacket looks extremely fashionable with a thick flannel shirt. Whatever shade you choose for your denim, all colors of flannel shirts will look good with it. You can either layer the denim jacket on your shirt or wear the jacket underneath. Both ways, the outfit will look sleek and smart.

Wearing Flannel Shirts in Summer

Most people fail to realize that flannels are super breathable. This makes them perfect for the summer season too. Even then, if you don’t want to wear them during the daytime, bust them out again when the sunsets.

Here’re some of the ways to wear flannel shirts in summer.

1. Wrap your flannel shirt around your waist

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2. Go sleeveless

A classic way to make flannel work during summer is to choose sleeveless flannel shirts. They can be layered on tees or can wear as a standalone piece.

3. With Shorts

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Flannel shirts look pretty cool when you pair them up with shorts. Tuck the shirt in, button it up, or wear it as a layer, the choice is yours.

How to Wear an Oversized Flannel Shirt?

A flannel shirt should follow your body shape without being too tight-fitting. However, oversized flannels are great for layering. Whether you choose a plain tee or a denim shirt, wear your flannel shirt unbuttoned over it and make your layering game strong.

Roll up your sleeves and expose your skin a little bit for a stylish move. But, avoid tucking in an oversized flannel shirt. Let them hang loosely from your shoulders only. Also, don’t button it up. Instead, use them only as a layering piece.

Best Pants to Wear With Flannel Shirts

To keep the outfit simple and subdued, choose your pant wisely. One good thing about flannel shirts is that they look well with almost all types of pants except sweatpants.

You cannot go wrong by wearing your flannel shirt with a pair of jeans. To get an edgy grunge vibe, take out your skinny ripped jeans and slot them with your flannel shirt.

Khaki chino pants are also a good option for flannels. Just make sure you’re not choosing any loose bottoms. On the contrary, wear well-fitted pants to create a balance in your overall look.

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