Jean jacket outfits rule when it comes to style casually. From attending family events to hook up with your friends, there’s hardly an event where you cannot pick denims. (Oh, by the way, we’re talking only about the casual events though). For that purpose, shopping for this carefree and cool dress is definitely okay. Knowing how to wear a denim jacket will help you look smart and dapper. And, we know that you’re excited to learn.

Check out this list of denim jacket outfits and decide which one you’re going to try next.

How to Wear a Denim Jacket

1. Denim on Denim

Jean jacket outfits

Thinking double denim is too matchy-matchy? Maybe. But, it’s effective to spruce up your fashion statement. To make the outfit perfect for a casual outing, choose well-fitted jeans.

How to Pair up the Two Jeans?

a) Wear the same colored denim jacket and jeans.

b) Make sure you’re wearing a contrasting colored plain tee underneath.

c) Roll up the sleeves of the jacket a little bit for a smart appearance.

d) Keep the jacket unbuttoned.

However, if you want to wear jeans in a different shade, choose one that complements the jacket’s color. You can also replace the normal jeans with ripped ones.

2. Denim Jacket with a Scarf

jean jacket outfits

Scarf is no longer a rectangular piece of fabric. Denim jackets and scarves are classic combo. They’re a great day and nighttime outfits.

How to Style Denim Jacket with a Scarf?

a) Choose either trousers or jeans for your lower part

b) Wear a tee of any color to create a perfect base

c) Pep up the scarf game by creating a knot (as is shown in the image).

Try the simple Parisian knot. You can easily adjust this type of knot. As it’s not a necktie, make sure you’re not making it too tight.

3. Denim Jacket with a Black Tee

jean jacket outfits

A black tee may look simple but it can enhance your aesthetic appeal. From evening drinks to attending casual duties, you can wear a black tee almost anywhere.

How to Style a Denim Jacket with a Black Tee?

a) Pick a fit and crew neckline black tee

b) Avoid wearing a black denim jacket

c) Match it with light-colored jeans or pants

d) Make sure the pant or the jeans’ color is different from the jacket’s color

Oftentimes, skinny jeans look best with this type of outfit. If you want to get a real Euro winter vibe, this is the ideal style for you.

4. With an Ankle Length Trouser

jean jacket outfits

Trousers have become mainstream menswear, especially cropped trousers. If your feet don’t smell bad, pair the cropped trousers with your favorite jean jacket.

How to Wear Men’s Jean Jackets with Ankle Length Trouser?

a) Put on sneakers or espadrills and expose your ankle

b) Create a base of turtleneck t-shirt. Or, you can wear a sweater underneath in winter.

c) Once-up folder helps to get a sharp and clean look

d) Wear same colored tee and trouser

Denim jackets when worn with cropped trousers can bring life to the mundane winter outfits by exposing your ankle little bit.

5. With Chinos

jean jacket outfits

Chinos are fashionable and versatile. Fitting is the key to pulling off the right chino. Opt for one, which is neither too baggy nor too tight. Here’s how you can style a jean jacket with it.

How to Style a Jean Jacket with Chinos?

a) Choose hem or rolled-up chinos to avoid a sloppy appearance

b) Effortlessly style it with a lightweight tee

c) Wear a pair of sneakers for a casual everyday look

Khaki chinos are okay for a novel look. But, if you’re ready to give some bold twist to this jean jacket outfit, try red or pink chinos.

6. With a Shirt and a Tie

jean jacket outfits

Yes, you can wear denim jackets in the office too. However, for that, know how to give your overall look a professional appeal. In this case, your shirt and tie can help you a lot.

How to Style Men’s Jean Jacket with a Shirt?

a) Turn to light colored shirts

b) Wear a tie of any matte finished texture and pattern

c) Button only one button of your jacket

If you’re bored of wearing only shirts to the workplace, this is one of those jean jacket outfits for guys that most of the offices allow. Moreover, it will make you look smart and sleek.

7. With Bomber Jackets

Whether it’s a brown suede or a black leather bomber, always be careful while choosing its type. This denim jacket outfit is particularly useful when the outside temperature goes down considerably.

How to Style a Denim Jacket with a Bomber Jacket?

a) Any color loose tee can be a good base

b) Go for a hoodie jacket for a stylish aesthetic appeal

c) Layer it up with a leather or suede bomber jacket

White, brown, and black bombers have a fresh look. Choosing these neutral colors will prevent you from going overly bold.

8. With Shorts

Flash your legs as the summer sets in. If you’re confused about how much short is okay for shorts, consider this. According to stylist Dan May, any length grazing the bottom of your thighs will look best.

How to Wear Shorts with Jean Jackets?              

a) Well-tailored shorts are good options

b) Keep the jacket unbuttoned

c) Wear a loose-fitting cotton vest underneath

Focus on your sweet spot just above the knee. Therefore, choose minimal styles and muted colors. However, opt for dark-colored denim shorts if you want to avoid the stains of cigarette ash and pint dribbles.

9. With a Long Coat

Enjoy the winter nautical vibe by riffing on a long coat. From style icons to off-duty models, many people have rocked the jean jacket outfit under a long coat.

How to Style a Denim Jacket with a Long Coat?

a) Light colored base (a tee or a shirt can do)

b) Blue buttoned jean jacket

c) Soft-fabric long blazer or coat

d) Dark colored chinos or trousers

Make sure any part of this outfit doesn’t have the same color.

10. Denim Vest

jean jacket outfits

A waistcoat or a denim vest is an uncommon way to wear a jean jacket. Here’s how you can avoid the traditional look with it.

How to Wear a Denim Jacket as a Vest?

a) Select a printed shirt

b) Wear chinos

c) Layer up the shirt with denim buttoned-up vest

d) Complete the look by wearing loafers

If it’s summer, cover your temple with a fedora hat or a flat cap. Also, wear sunglass to get a more stylish look.

Where Can You Wear Jean Jacket Outfits?

a) On Fridays at workplaces as a casual dress

b) On vacations for sightseeing

c) To hang out with friends for a lunch or a dinner

d) While going out for a casual dating

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