Whether it’s Kylie Jenner’s Neon Stars or Ariana Grande’s Cow Print, manicurists are looking for the easy nail arts to give something more to the fashionistas. From New York Fashion Week 2019 to MetGala, I’ve listed some eye-catching nail designs inspo, you’d love to try during your next monthly visit to the salon.

If you’re looking for a complete guide focusing on the latest nail designs, this is the perfect editorial for you. This blog highlights everything from the rocking nail fashion trends to colors, what the experts are saying, and much more. Get ready to take a deep dive into the world of nail fashions.

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nail designs
nail designs
nail designs
nail designs

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nail designs
nail designs
nail designs

1. Perplex Tips: Imperfect Perplex Tips have ruled the red carpet always. Mary Katrantzou, the Greek fashion designer, loves to flaunt with this transparent ‘bulb’ of the upper nails. The style looks as if it is half-done. But, that’s what makes it complete.

2. Neutral Dots: Spruce up the simplicity of nude nail colors with simple dots. Supporting it, the co-founder of non-toxic nail salon chain tenoverteen, Nadine Abramcyk says that it is super simple. According to her, you’ll not get bored of it within a few days. All you need to do this style is a toothpick. Apply a neutral color on the nails. Let them dry. Dip your toothpick on another nail polish color and make dots on the nails with it.

3. Glittering Purple: Maria Vlezko in an interview with The Zoe Report, favored purple nail color openly. She considered Purple as the hottest nail color trend of June. On the basis of her observance in Australian Fashion Week, the glittering and darker shades of Purple are ‘incredibly flattering’.

4. Geometric: Whether it’s minimalist or complex geometric nail art, this easy nail art design is perfect to achieve the summer vibe. Add some oomph to your bold nail colors by drawing the geometric shapes you want on it.

5. Three Dimensional: Actress Laura Harrier’s three-dimensional Swarovski manicure in black and crystal colors steal the attention of every Met Gala 2019 attendees. It’s shiny, classy, and chic. The background jet black base created the contrast perfectly. Surely, her nail artist, Sarah Nguyen is a trendsetter. What do you think?

6. Rainbow:  Rainbow nails are “totally rad mani” as the celebrity nail artist, Mazz Hanna says. Ditch the old white shellac. Play with colors and get a vibrant look for your nails this winter. This trend is easy to follow. Plus, you can add different patterns like floral psychedelic, pretty swirls, minions, and what not?

7. 90s Tattoos: Gigi Hadid’s manicurist, Mei Kawajiri says 90s tattoos have taken a U-turn. They’re again appearing on the nails of many, creating a flame-like illusion. These are completely another level of a throwback. These flames like tattoos will definitely make you miss the 90s.

8. Gilded Cuticle Nails: It is fresh. Anyone can hardly think about decorating their cuticles. Bordering your cuticles with gold glitter polish can make you stand out from the crowd. To draw eyes to the cuticles, apply light colors on the nails.

9. Marbled Pastels: If you want a super easy chic nail art 2019, here you go. I love this fresh summery palette. However, marbled pastels mostly have light-colored backgrounds. These styles look damn cute. Besides, you won’t have to invest in a salon to get this job done.

10. Slime Green Tips: Love neon nail polish designs? Slime green hues are taking over the beauty stores gradually. Green eye-shadows are popular on the red carpet. And, it is followed by green neon nail colors. Rihanna has already rocked with this lime-green nail look. To me, it’s perfectly wearable and can draw you huge likes on Instagram.

11. Animal Prints: From runway fashion to the jungles, there’re endless nail art ideas to inspire us. Explore your wild side with some amazing animal-themed nail fashions. You can try this latest nail art design simple hassle-free. Just shop for 3D stickers, nail wraps, water decals, and you’re all set.

12. Diamante Designs: Pimp out your nails with Diamante designs. Get the classy look by piling up diamonds on your nails (believe me, they’re freaking cheap). Though these are not real diamonds. Rather, you can call them white small stones that resemble diamonds. Try this to add to your gorgeousness.

13. Typography: Newsprint nails and bold typography are the new writing styles (on nails, Seriously?) Jeremy Scott’s black and white newsprint nail look on the runway has made its place. However, this art is mainly done in a black and white combination.

14. Wire Accessories: Jin Soon Choi, the founder of JINsoon nail lacquer and an editorial manicurist, says cool-shaped studs and nail rings are coming to the limelight. This nail fashion trend perfectly contrasts calm nail polish colors and modern jewels.

15. Cool Cow Print: When it concerns designing nails, cows are ruling Instagram manicure photos. From Ariana Grande to Kendall Jenner, many celebs are proudly wearing it. Considering its popularity among the celebs, all I can say is that it’s not going to fade anytime soon. Click here to know how to do it.

16. Nail Deco Square Sequins: Katy Perry has made this nail art famous. Nail deco square sequins paired up with nail studs take this art to the next level. To set the perfect party mood, just place a small red or green stone at the center.

17. Layered Tips: Want to create a statement? Or, just want to go classic? Whatever. Pick this nail paint design. These double tips are absolutely modern. In addition to it, even beginners can do it with ease. Pretty cool, huh?

18. Negative Space: Power up your nail game with Negative Space. For lazy folks and tight-schedules fashionistas, this is an extremely good option.  If you do it in gel and apply only at your nails’ upper-half, these are going to stay for about one month.

19. Gold Shimmer: Shop for nail polish with gold flakes. Check the size of the glitters. Enhance your sophistication with this gold shimmer mani. And, what? Turn the heads to your incredible nails.

20. Milk Bath Nails: You can use gel or acrylic to enhance your nail’s beauty with this cool simple nail art design. Many manicurists use real flowers for the same.

21. Beach Ready: Planning to go to beach? Are your nails ready to soak in the fun? Yep, beach-themed nails dipped in vibrant colors can help you get the mood.

22. Avenger’s Endgame: Show your craziness to the favorite heroes, Groot, and galaxies of Avenger’s Endgame by painting your nails with this theme.

23. Glass Nail Art: When it concerns chic nail art ideas 2019, you cannot deny how Glass Nail Art is gaining popularity. Some manicurists are also referring this style as ‘opal’.

24. Breakfast Nails: From omelette to pancakes, draw whatever breakfast you want to have on your nails. Also, give it a 3D effect for that X- factor. 

25. Encapsulated Foils: Patterned holographic chrome finish. That’s what defines these Encapsulated Foil nails. It gives your nails a glossy look.

26. Logo Nails: Logo nail art design has taken a U-turn. The rise of fashion athleisure and the preference of clean and graphic design have popped up this trend again.

27. Pearl Edging: Pearls are pretty. So, why not try it on nails? Add to the glamor of your nails by edging them with pearls. These nail art designs are party-perfect.

28. Greek Key: Traditional French manicure days are gone. No use of nail art brushes here. Unlock the happiness of your nails with this new style nail polish Greek Key. The style resembles the designs of mosaic.

29. Tie Dye: If you love high street fashion, Tie Dye is the nail art simple trend for you. It’s perfect to wear in summer.

30. Zigzag: Zigzag patterns are drawing the attention of the style crazy folks. It’s very easy to apply and anyone can do it using adhesive.  Check out the procedure here

31. Glitter and Deer: It’s Christmas time. Snowy deer on one nail while glittering on the other is oh-so-in to get the Christmas mood. With this nail art, you’ll be all set to turn on your festive mood. It’s lovely and neat without any mess up.

32. Pumpkins Pampering: Pamper your nails with these cute pumpkins. These glittering pumpkins are adorable. You can apply it on nails to perfectly match the Halloween vibe. Actually, it reminds me of Halloween. Apart from Halloween, you can also wear it for different theme parties.

33. Dark Crystals: CND has heightened the effect of this oxblood crystals-like manicure. The Viridian Veil and Berry Boudoir shades are creating perfect canvas for the crystals to glitter more.

34. Kitty Cat: ‘Cats have it all.’ Yes, you’ve read that right. At least they’ve your nails. Overload your nails with love for cats by applying this easy DIY nail art design.

35. Flying Swan: Birds are beautiful. Let them stick on your nails for a few days. These little interpretation of flying swans are not-so-glitzy and look wonderful. Choose a dark background to create a contrast for the white color of swans.

36. Edgy Outlines: Looking for a modern mani to go to the office? Apply light-colored nail polish on your nails. Create borders using a contrasting color. All you need to do this style is a toothpick and two nail polishes. Pick a glossy colored or glittering nail polish for the edges to get a more glamorous look.

37. Floral Designs: Grab the beauty of flowers with these show-stopping floral stamped designs. Use either stamp or brush to get these types of surprisingly easy and gorgeous nail floral designs.

38. Classic Stripes: Maroon stripes on a silver base. It’s the party mood-boosting nail art (of course, night parties). For more drama, add some nude color at the cuticles.

39. Chrome Lining: Holographic chrome accents look excellent with black color. This simple and classy manicure will go with almost any color of your dress. Apart from black, you can try this holographic nail design with many other colors.

40. Glossy Navy Nails: This chic navy art is totally wearable. Its rich “depth-of-the-ocean” effect and transparency enhance the appeal of the whole design. I loved it.

The Bottom Line

Maybe you love to try all the nail designs mentioned above. However, make sure that you’re using quality nail polishes for that. Otherwise, your nail will be affected.

Whether you need textured or glittered surfaces, these nail fashions are sure to meet your need. If you’ve any more ideas in your mind, feel free to ink your thoughts in the comment section.

Waiting to hear from you.

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