The Alla Violetta Boutique features luxury and exclusive designer fragrances. Their perfumes are designed to be both luxurious and evocative. Each scent has a unique personality and is sure to please a woman’s sense of smell. The boutique also features an extensive line of body and bath products. Today, we’re going to review Pure Sensual Orchid perfume.

Pure Sensual Orchid Sprigiona Heterogamete Le Sue Note Di Amore

Pure Sensual Orchid is a rich and sensual scent that exudes a magnetic and emotional presence. The scent contains notes of ylang-ylang that make the perfume feel warm and creamy. Its scent is slightly musky but is not overpowering.

Pure Sensual Orchid is a perfume celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Laurent Mazzone brand. It’s a floral scent that exudes the same carnal aura as the original. It also has a soft, sinful touch that transforms skin into a sensual dessert.

Pure Sensual Orchid combines the sweet scent of the original with a rich mix of modern materials. Its heart notes are rich and complex, with an array of exotic notes. A blend of heliotrope, almond, peony, and white cedar evokes a sensual aura, while saffron and star anise upstage the sweet essence of the orchid. The floral bouquet of this fragrance is rounded out by a touch of ylang-ylang and Benzoin, which prolongs the enjoyment until dawn.

Pure Sensual Orchid is not revolutionary, but it’s an opulent, sexy floral that calls to mind an elegant woman clad in lingerie, waiting patiently for her lover to come home. It’s a fragrance meant to intoxicate your romantic partner. The combination of floral, musky, and creamy ylang-ylang will enchant your lover and keep them wanting more.

Pure Sensual Orchid is available as the most concentrated perfume in a 100 ml/3.4 Oz bottle. It costs $225. Although it might seem expensive for the quality you receive, the price is actually a steal when you compare it to other niche fragrances.

Filled With Floral Scent

Pure Sensual Orchid is a modern take on a classic fragrance, with floral and musky heart notes. The scent has a long-lasting, almost velvety finish that lingers and mellows in the skin for about 14 hours. Its intensity is medium to strong, with good projection for the first two hours and a musky, shimmering finish for another six. This floral fragrance is ideal for the fashion-forward woman who is not afraid to take risks with scent.

Pure Sensual Orchid is a floral scent with muskiness and shimmering floral oil. The scent is very feminine, with a slightly sexy feel to it. Compared to other niche perfumes, this fragrance doesn’t feel overly cheap. It is a great scent for women who like sophisticated scents but don’t want to break the bank.

The heart notes of this fragrance are rich and sweet, while the lower notes have an underlying dryness and booziness. The fragrance also includes notes of coconut, almond, and ylang-ylang. It is also accompanied by amber wood, which extends its hypnotic spell until dawn.

This is a floral perfume that is rich and intoxicating. It has an underlying note of vanilla and liscia, and combines these notes with white cedarwood and peonies. The fragrance is a classic that’s available all year round.

Pure Sensual Orchid is available in a 100 ml/3.4-oz bottle and costs $225. While it may seem expensive, it is actually a steal for what it is. Compared to other niche fragrances, the price of Sensual Orchid is considerably less than that of other products in the same category.

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