Exploring colors for hair has never been so du jour. If you just want to get an Instagrammable pastel hue or want to give your mane a complete makeover, semi-permanent hair colors are something you can turn to.

Peroxide is essential to lighten the hair. Semi-permanent hair colors are free from peroxide. Therefore, you cannot lift your hair using these hair dyes. However, they’re effective in darkening your hair color. Thankfully, there are many natural ways to lighten hair. Ditch semi-permanent dyes and try the natural methods to get a light shade for your hair.

Semi-permanent dyes make your hair vibrant and add dimensions to it. The absence of bleaching agents in them doesn’t allow them to steal melanin from hair. This melanin is responsible for darkening your hair color. As a result, they fail to make your hair color appear lighter.

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Demi-permanent hair dyes though have damaging effects on hair, yet effective to make your hair appear lighter. If you want to maintain lighter locks, demi-permanent hair colors are best for you.

Commit to a demi-permanent hair dye only if you’re ready to get that hair color forever. Bleaching agents in these dyes prevent the color from getting washed away. In that sense, we can say that demi-permanent hair colors offer permanent dyeing solutions. At the same time, the bleaching agents like peroxide break protein bonds in the hair and make them rough and brittle.

Talk to your hair colorist when you’re ready to take the plunge. We’ll suggest you go with semi-permanent dyes as they remain friendly to your hair.  You can color your hair with semi-permanent dyes multiple times without causing damage. But, if you’re determined to dress your hair in a lighter shade, and don’t mind getting salon treatments, then demi-permanent colors are there for you.

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