Colorful eyeshadows make your eyes pop. But, they may make your eyes look overdone for certain occasions. Definitely, you cannot wear colorful eye makeup to the office. And, that’s where nude eyeshadow looks come into play. Like nude lipsticks, nude eyeshadow palettes are also becoming popular among fashionistas. Believe us, the nude eyeshadow looks are not boring either.

Whether you’re going to the office, or to a cocktail party, or a concert, you can opt for nude eye makeup looks. Not only will they make your eyes look beautiful and natural but they also go well with all skin tones.

In case, you need some ideas regarding the nude eyeshadow looks, we’ll recommend you to try the looks suggested below. There’s no dearth of ideas when it comes to nude eye makeup looks. Check out our top picks.

1. Shimmery Brown Nude Eyeshadow Look

nude eyeshadow looks

First of all, apply primer, foundation, and concealer to create the base. Take the brown color and apply it all over your crease using a makeup brush. Now, choose a shimmery brown shade. Press it in the middle part of your eyelid. After that, blend it quite high towards the crease. Use your finger for a better color payoff. Grab your eyeliner to create a winger eyeliner. Once done, apply the same shimmery shade to the inner corner of your eyes too.

2.  Smokey Eye Look

nude eyeshadow looks

The first step to a perfect smoky eye is to make sure you’re priming the lids. You can use eyeshadow primer or concealer to completely cover the lid from the lash line up to the brows to create a blank canvas. This will actually hold your eyeshadow better.

So let’s get started with this look. Take a blending brush on a base shade. Begin from the crease of the eye and then work up underneath the brows so you want to pack on this space shade to create a silky powdery effect. Avoid the lid.

For the next step, go for a light brown shade. Apply it at the crease and stop right under the brow bone. Soften out all harsh lines. Now, take a dark brown shade and apply it all over the lid. Start at the base of the lashes and softly finish at the crease of the eye.

The third step is to apply smokey black color at the roots of the lashes. Keep the line highest in the middle for around smokey shape. Smudge out the black line with the help of a small brush.

3. Half Cut Crease Nude Eyeshadow Look

Apply concealer on the lids and blend it up to the crease of your eyes. Then, spread some foundation or no color face powder on it. Blend well. Choose orange soda shade and apply it on the lids and crease. After that, take brown color and apply it where the lids end and the crease starts. Give some brown shade to the outer corner of your eyes.

Now, place some concealer at the bottom part of the lids with a small makeup brush. Extend the concealer only half a way of the lids. Spread it up to your cut crease. Add some powder on the lids before proceeding to the final step. Otherwise, the eyeshadow you’re going to apply will stick to the eyes.

Apply shimmery golden shade on the part where you’ve the concealer applied. Blend it with the brown shade at the outer corner of the eyes.

The next step is to dip your brush in a rustic shade to outline the cut crease part of your eyes. However, this step is optional.


All you need is a little imagination to master the iconic nude eyeshadow looks. Today, the nude eyeshadow spectrum comprises different shades and finishes. If you’re not afraid to explore, go on trying different looks. Share your pics on Instagram, Facebook, or with your friends. Ask them how they will rate it. Eventually, you’ll learn how to apply nude eyeshadow like a pro.

Best of luck!

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