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How to Trim a Beard Easy


A well-trimmed beard enhances a man’s appeal. Undoubtedly, it’s a bold style statement. Whether you’ve a full-neck warmer or a Hollywoodian beard, knowing how to trim a beard only can help you get the attention.

Needless to say, a beard cannot take care of its own. Get your beard trimming tools handy. Be ready to learn with my easy-to-follow steps.

Why You Need to Trim Beard?

Trimming shapes your beard. A beard without care looks as if some hairs are protruding from your chin and jawline. Proper trimming of beard gives it an even length. Your beard will look well-groomed with a proper beard neckline.

How Long Should You Allow Your Beard to Grow Before Trimming?

The length of your beard should be such that you can sculpt it easily. Generally, a beard grows to a length where you need to shave within four weeks. After four weeks, you can definitely consider trimming it.

How to Trim a Beard Properly?

From taking the first step to controlling your mustache, I’ll guide you completely throughout the process. Here’s how exactly you can do it with a trimmer.

1. Complete Beard Trimming

How to trim a beard

Wash your beard thoroughly. Pat it dry. To begin with, find out the beard having the longest hair length. Bring the hair down slowly by slowly. Reset the trimmer to its longest setting. Run the trimmer against the hair growth direction to trim the beard from its root. After that, reset the trimmer to the shortest setting. Repeat the process until you get the desired length.

2. Trim Your Beard Neckline

neckline of the beard

Place your finger just above the Adam’s Apple. Create a vertical strip exactly below where you’ve placed the finger with your trimmer. Run the trimmer in outward direction to one side under your jawline. Come back to the center. Do it to trim the other side. Skip this step if you want to get a sporting stubble.

3. Remove Trimmed Hairs from New Neckline

Don’t show any mercy to the trimmed hairs of your newly created beard neckline. Those trimmed hairs will be just below the beard neckline. Run the trimmer to get rid of all those hairs. Make sure that you haven’t spared anyone of them.

4. Determine Your Cheek-line

Determining cheekline

Do you want to get natural beard cheek-line? Okay. No need to go on with the process. Otherwise, run the trimmer as per the beard cheek-line styles you want to get. As for instance, if you want to have an edgier cheek-line, shave off the sideburns.

5. Focus on Mustache

Keep the mustache’s length same as that of the beard. Or, you can make it slightly longer. Whatever. Close your lips and smile. Comb and clean the mustache. Trim bottom of the mustache. Your mustache should be 1 mm thick only to create a clean and nice lip-line.

Do You Trim Beard Up and Down?

Firstly, comb your beard against the direction of its growth. If your beard is long, trim it in the direction of hair growth. On the contrary, guys with short beard can start trimming in either direction.

The Bottom Line

A well-trimmed beard isn’t enough. Following the beard grooming tips is also essential to enjoy the dapper look. Consider your personality and face shape while choosing the beard style. Apart from trimmers, many people also use clippers or scissors to shape up the beard. Whatever tool you’re using, sticking to the rules will help you to get a better presentation trimming. And, you want that, right?

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