As workplaces are becoming more relaxed, business casual dress code is becoming very common. You have to step one notch down from the formal dress code while opting for business casual dressing. Any shirt offering more comfort than the traditional crisp poplins can be considered for business casual. And, polo shirts are not an exception. Composed of cotton pique, polo shirts are a chic and a good replacement to a dress shirt. Polo shirts are business casual and are extremely easy to style. Plus, they are seasonless.

How to Wear Polo Shirts for a Business Casual Look

Polo shirts are a great option for business casual. These versatile shirts are available in a wide range of colors and are easy to mix and match. However, your office is definitely not a place to show your physique. At the same time, you’ve to follow certain decorum even if the ambiance allows for a casual look. Hence, it becomes important for you to know how to wear a polo shirt to look professional yet casual.

1. Knitted Polo Shirts with Chinos/ Pleated Trousers

Occupying its place somewhere between semi-formal and smart casual, chinos are the perfect bottom for polo shirts. Being knitted, it will keep you toasty in the cooler months. You can also replace the chinos with pleated trousers, if you’ve to attend an office meeting. Tuck the polo shirt in and make sure your pleated trouser is erring on the slimmer side.

are polo shirts business casual

2. Polo Shirts with a Blazer

Blazers and polo shirts work wonders together, especially on business casual workdays. Wear a long-sleeve polo and tuck it into your dress pant. Layer a blazer over it. Choose a color for a blazer that contrasts the color of your polo shirt. This is a well-balanced business casual attire.

3. Polo Shirts with Suits

In a man’s sartorial line-up, the combination of a polo shirt and a suit is classic. It can be a good example of how to ensemble existing pieces to create an interesting business casual look. A black suit when worn with a tonal polo shirt can make you appear stylish and smart.

are polo shirts business casual

4. Polo Shirts with Dress Pants and a Pair of Nice Shoes

Like a chameleon, polo shirts can also blend themselves into their surroundings. Pair these shirts with a pair of dress pants, a nice belt, and pair of derby shoes. This ensemble looks very professional. Try this business casual outfit in summer and lighten up your polo game.

5. Polo Shirts with Jeans

Jeans are also a business casual staple. Moreover, almost all men have a few pairs of jeans in their wardrobe. So, why not throw on such a pair of jeans with a polo shirt? It’ll be a good fit for a workplace that allows you to dress casually. The only thing you need to make sure of is that the jeans fit you properly.

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6. Avoid Wearing Tight Polo Shirts

For the office, wearing too tight polo shirts can create a negative impression. Go for a slim-fitted polo shirt having fitted sleeves. Check whether you can slide a finger between your skin and the sleeve with ease. If yes, you’re on the right track. The polo shirt should drape nicely without exposing too much bumps and lumps.

7. Don’t Wear Anything Underneath

Polo shirts are meant to be worn without vests and undershirts. Wearing anything underneath a polo shirt is a big fashion mistake. These shirts look best next to the skin. Moreover, wearing it alone will prevent you from being sweaty during summer. And, throw on a blazer when the temperature dips low.

8. Solid Colors and Muted Designs are the Best

Solid colors like navy, army green, charcoal grey, and black are the failsafe options for the office. Wearing bold colors like pink and blue can make you feel out of the place. Similarly, horizontal stripes or checks with contrasting collars are not appropriate for a business setting. Try to look businesslike even while dressing casually.

9. No to Polo Shirts with Graphics

Many polo shirts have logos, images, and texts printed on them. They’re good for a walk to the beach or for a casual event like a hang-out with friends. But, you shouldn’t wear them to head to the office. You’re at work to work. Hence, avoid being a human billboard promoting a brand or conveying a message.

10. Never Pop the Collar

Popping the collar isn’t cool. Rather, this style is still considered a douche. If you want to protect your neck from the sun, apply sunscreen before stepping out.

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