When the frosty weather makes our teeth chatter, we have to battle our way to work. Obviously, the workwear staples change. We add warm clothing pieces to feel comfortable. At the same time, the clothes we choose should be office-appropriate and should give us a smart and stylish look. Think about functionality and fashion to ensemble your winter office workwear in the best possible way.

In this blog, we’ve put together 10 outfit ideas to refresh your on-duty style. Check out our picks.

Winter Office Workwear for Men

1. A Shirt, Sweater, Jacket and Jeans

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If your office allows you to dress casually, you can choose jeans. Go for a pair of jeans that look more like a well-tailored chino slack. When you’ve to deal with clients, looking presentable is the key. Wear a knit sweater and layer it with a structured blazer. This can be a good outfit choice for guys who have to work in an ambiance of heated office inside and Baltic weather outside.

2. A Long Coat and a Scarf

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Overcoats worn with scarves can add a formal and dressy style. Always invest in a good quality woolen or cotton fabric. It will keep you warm and protect you against the harsh winds of winter. Let the scarf hang loosely from your shoulders. This can be your go-to option when it concerns business casual dress. For extra oomph, pay attention to the colors. Maintain a balance by matching the color of your coat either with the shoe or with the pant.

3. A Black Turtleneck and a Grey Overcoat

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Create an interesting ensemble by teaming up a grey overcoat with a black turtleneck sweater. Here, the model is wearing a pair of black jeans. However, if you’ve to follow a strict formal business dress code, replace the jeans with black chinos. Go for it if you have to attend a meeting with a client. This outfit is classy and easy to pull off. You can create a good first impression on the client with this ensemble.

4. A Crew Neck Sweater and Grey Gingham Scarf

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A plain color crew neck sweater is unparalleled workwear. Crew neck sweaters are the most versatile options in the sweater aisle. Wear one that is not too tight not too baggy. Cover your neck with a grey gingham scarf and make a knot as is shown in the image. For a polished get up as today’s man, complete the look by choosing a pair of black dress pants.

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5. A Woolen Waistcoat, A Cardigan, and A Pair of Woolen Pants

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Dress in wool when the outside cold weather is making you shiver. Wearing a waistcoat without a suit is the hottest trend as an office staple. Whether you’re the large gent or the skinny guy, a woolen waistcoat is a sartorial savior for all in winter. Layer the waistcoat with a cardigan. Find the right fit for the cardigan to avoid looking like your grandpa. A button-up cardigan is more formal and sophisticated. Hence, you can definitely wear them to the office.

6. A Business Suit

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A suit is the cornerstone of a man’s fashion. Show that you’re all business by dressing up in a business suit. For a serious look, choose black, grey, brown, or navy blue color suits. No doubt, these colors give a professional vibe. As the weather is chilly, you can avoid a dress shirt and a tie. Rather choose a contrasting colored turtleneck sweater to create the base. Understand your personal style to shop for the suit that suits you the best.

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7. A Cape Coat

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Traditionally associated with superhero couture, a cape coat can effectively replace a lighter jacket. When you pair it with an office suit, it will look formal yet extremely fashionable.  Plus, it’s way cozier than a jacket. Instead of sporting a threadbare scarf, adding a cape coat can hit refresh to your boring winter wardrobe. However, the wearer should have the confidence to carry a cape. Otherwise, it will end up as an ill-advised decision. Also, keep all your ensemble in proportions.

8. A Pea Coat and White Trousers

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If you’ve crossed the threshold and enter in the 40s, this combination of a navy pea coat and white trousers is definitely for you. A pea coat is one of the often-ignored winter work outfits for men. Anyone ready to stand out of the crowd with his fashion-forward sense will love this look. Pea coats are those jackets that go well with a shirt and a tie. It means you can wear it on any weekdays. Such a warm jacket is an absolute necessity for those who have to deal with clients or are doing a front-desk job. From the dock to the deck, this compact winter coat works everywhere.

9. All Brown for Winter Office Workwear

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Going monochrome is to wear the same color from head to toe. When you’re confused about how to match colors, choose monochrome as your failsafe bet. If being in the black is a boring option for you, give an interesting twist to the common monochrome look by dressing all in brown. A turtleneck, a blazer, an A-line long woolen coat, and a pair of trousers- complete brown. As monochrome looks as known as an unofficial uniform, it will be best to wear for an office where a business casual dress code is allowed.

10. A Knit Sweater and a Long Woolen Jacket

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Going office in winter is pretty laborious as you have to comfort zone. You’ve to take off your favorite sweatshirts and warm pants. However, a knit sweater and a long woolen jacket are enough to keep you toasty during winter. Plus, this is good office wear for this season. Wear a well-structured jacket to avoid looking like a sack.  If you’ve to follow a formal dress code, just replace the sneakers with derby or Chelsea boots. Go for black colored shoes as that will match the trousers’ grey color.

Extra Tips to Dress Properly for Your Winter Office Workwear

a) Avoid wearing ripped jeans for office.

b) Make sure all your ensembles are complementing each other.

c) Iron the dresses properly before wearing.

d) Spray perfume before stepping out.

e) Replace sneakers with suede, Chelsea, or derby shoes, or ankle boots.

f) Cover the ankle boots with trousers to make them look like a pair of proper business shoes.

g) Wear socks with shoes to keep yourself warm.

h) Invest in quality materials.

Remember all these points to impress your boss and colleagues in the office. Create outfits that are classy, professional, and make you feel comfortable.

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