A good pair of jeans is an essential wardrobe staple for every guy. Wear jeans not matching your body type will make you look sloppy. Whether you want a relaxed or a business casual look, the right jeans can do it all. Hence, find a pair of jeans that suit your stature.

All jeans don’t have the same fit. Some are skinny and some are baggy. Do some homework before stepping towards a shop. You need to consider these factors to choose the best one.

Factors to Consider for Buying the Best Jeans

1. Understand what type of jeans will fit your body frame

2. Look at all the suitable styles before selecting

3. Learn the various detailing available in jeans like the wash, weight, etc.

In this blog, you’ll see how body type matters in selecting the right pair of jeans. For that, you need to know the different body types and their characteristics.

Body Type and Their Characteristics

Characteristics of a Slender Body

Has flat chest, lean muscles, and small shoulders. This type of build is also known as ectomorphic.

Characteristics of an Athletic Body

Has muscular buttocks and legs whereas the waist is slim.

Characteristics of a Muscular Body

Has broad shoulders and a slim waist.

Characteristics of a Large Waist Body

The waist is heavier and wider than the hips.

Here’s the list of jeans according to the body type.

Regular Jeans

Regular jeans are straight leg jeans. Generally, these types of jeans have a mid-rise. The legs of the jeans provide enough room and run straight from the knee to the hem.

Best for: Slender, athletic, and muscular body types.

Slim-Fit Jeans

Neither too loose nor too tight. Has a straight cut at the hips, slim through the thighs, and have narrow openings at the hem.

Best for: Slender and athletic body types.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans come with a tighter fit. These types of jeans run narrow from hip to hem and have tapered leg opening.

Best for: Doesn’t suit any type of body frame. Moreover, skinny jeans can cause many health issues in men.

Relaxed Jeans

Relaxed jeans don’t hug any body parts. They have a loose fit from the hips to the legs. Just like its name, relaxed jeans have relaxed cut denim.

Best for: Athletic, muscular, and large waist body types.

Loose Jeans

Ensures enough room for butts, thighs, and legs. Loose jeans are baggy jeans making the wearer feel relaxed and gives a casual feel.

Best for: Large waist body type.

Jeans to Avoid According to Body Type

1. Slender

Skinny, relaxed, and loose

2. Athletic

Skinny and loose

3. Muscular

Skinny, slim, and loose

4. Large Waist

Skinny, slim, and regular

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