If your handbags are always scattered on the floor or the dining room table, it may be time to invest in a better system for keeping them in order. Whether you have a few bags or a hundred, investing in a system to keep them all in pristine condition will pay dividends over time. The good news is that many innovative ideas are there when it comes to how to store handbags, giving you a wide range of options for safeguarding your most precious things while also improving the orderliness of your wardrobe.

When I Put My Handbags Away, How Can I Keep Them Safe?

There are various ways to ensure the security of your handbags, whether you keep them hidden away or on open display. Dust bags are an effective method of protecting handbags from dust and insects while they are stored in baskets or storage cubes. There are clear display cases made just for this, and they are perfect for showing off your style without ruining the quality of your bag, whether it is on a shelf or in a closet.

However, you should also find a means to keep your purses from losing shape while you store them. If you want it to hang correctly and not get wrinkled, you’ll need to stuff something inside of it. You may keep your purses from losing their shape by inserting special pillow forms or even a folded towel.

In this article, we will share some of our favorite methods for how to store handbags, including using over-the-door hooks, acrylic dividers, and cabinets with glass fronts. Learn about the many options you have for safely storing your purse collection.

How to Store Handbags

1. Add A Purse Cabinet

Adding a cabinet to your closet will provide you with the ultimate chic handbag storage. There’s no need to go with something as massive as this cabinet from @barclay calclosets; any old cupboard would do. However, a glass-front cabinet works wonders as a place to store your handbags, as it keeps them safe and makes it easy to get the one you need every day.

2. Purchase Special Purse Hooks

How to store handbags

Image: Source

Purse hooks on Amazon, like the ones @held together DFW uses in her closet, will allow you to proudly display your most cherished handbags. With hooks, you can hang them wherever you want.

3. Use A Hanging Purse Organizer

One of the best ways to keep your purses neat and tidy is with one of these hanging purse organizers from Amazon, as seen on @minghehomeware. Made from transparent PVC plastic, they let you see which bag you want to carry around with you while still protecting your valuables.

4. Store Purses With Door Hooks

If you don’t have much room in your closet, you might want to consider using a door as a makeshift handbag rack. Ashley Jones Hatcher, a high-end closet designer, and organizer came up with this clever system to show how to get the most out of your storage space without putting in new shelves that are heavy and hard to move.

5. Install Wire Baskets Above The Doorways

Image: Source

Lauren from Wellesley & King provides yet another illustration of how convenient doors can be for stowing handbags. Extensive wire racks dangle from the top to the bottom of the door, providing convenient and additional storage space for handbags. This isn’t something you have to limit yourself to doing with the knickknacks in your closet; it has applications all throughout the house.

6. Use Acrylic Partitions To Separate Your Workspace

Put your handbags on a shelf without worrying about them becoming crammed together by using clear acrylic separators. With no work, these racks may be kept neat and tidy, as demonstrated by Teresa Dinneen’s photograph.

7. Stack Your Bags Vertically

This six-bin Target organizer is just the thing for clutches of any size. Mini clutches and smaller handbags can also be stored in the same cubby to make extra room for other items.

8. Create Additional Storage By Using A Closet Organizer

Shelving dividers are shown above being used to store sweaters, but they can just as easily be used to organize handbags. The valet hook on the end of these see-through ones from The Container Store is a wonderful touch (that can also hold more purses).

9. Put Your Purses In Plastic Boxes

How to store handbags

Image: Source

This purse storage bucket, available at The Container Store, is another option for preventing purses from tripping over one another and becoming a jumbled mess. That way, everything has a place to stand, and you can use as many containers as you need to keep your collection neat and organized.

10. Affix A Rack To The Wall

It may be time to search for alternative methods of satchel storage if your closet is already stuffed to the gills. How about the simplest option? Hooks. This seashell hook from Urban Outfitters is stylish and functional, and it can be used to hang your purse by its handles.

11. Split Your Opposition And Dominate Them

While keeping shoes and handbags in close proximity may seem like an unusual organizing strategy, Sophie from Sophisticated Organization demonstrates its effectiveness. Using a hanging shelf or a shelf with sections, you can store different kinds of accessories together without making a mess.

12. Maintain Your Handbag Collection In Wicker Baskets

A simple solution to the problem of where to put all your handbags and clutches is to get some hard plastic storage baskets, like the ones shown below from Emma Greenberg. There’s no need to worry about being seen if you have bags without a rigid construction because you can simply line them up.

13. Set Aside A Whole Wall For Your Handbag Collection In Tip Number Thirteen

Stacey and Ashlee of The Go 2 Girls LA shot this fun grid for organizing and displaying photos. This is a great approach that will help you showcase your handbag collection while also helping you to reduce clutter and be more deliberate about which pieces you keep.

14. Use Wire Baskets To Display Your Handbags In Style

The use of wire baskets is a sleek solution for organizing and storing items. Like in the picture by Lisa Jacobs of Imagine It Done, you can put your smaller clutches and wallets in here and then use the extra room to store other handbags. What she means is that you shouldn’t hide your handbags but instead flaunt them. Put your favorite handbags on display without hiding them in dust bags. To organize, she recommends using acrylic shelf dividers and silky inserts from brands like Fabrinique.

15. Try Out Some Other Spots To Put Your Stuff

If you don’t have a closet, there are plenty of other places to put your handbag collection. The eclectic property seen here has a mudroom or front door that provides a modern and attractive place to keep a few handbags out of sight.

16. Style Pull-Out Linen Drawers

Holly from Breathing Room Organization opted for a nearly invisible method of storage: soft linen baskets hung from the ceiling. It’s just enough to keep them off the ground and out of the way while still allowing you to see them clearly enough to not lose track of where you put them.

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