As the temperature dips low enough, coming out from under our covers and find a proper winter cloth to step out is something towards which we all have a laidback attitude. Brimming with creativity and style in a new way at that time becomes a big struggle for us. Slippers and sweatpants are not the only options we have. To style properly, you need to shop for some more winter clothing items. Even then, you may get confused about how to pair.

Thankfully, our favorite celebrities always master the art of outfit (Yes, during winter too!). The street style stars pull out the best winter street style looks to take us out of the dilemma. Check out how they dress to get some no-fail winter fashion hacks.

1. Hailey Bieber

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Hailey Beiber is showing us how to look cute in a long winter coat. Just like her, even you can’t go wrong in a grey long coat teamed up with a pair of white jeans.

2. Miranda Kerr

Image: Source

A style that is sexy, casual, yet comfy. That’s what Miranda Kerr is showing us here. The relaxed fit black tunic, the ribbed knit dark red cardigan, and the black leather skinnies are a combination that you can wear to work during winter.

3. Leonie Hannie

Image: Source

The pink turtleneck sweater is making Leonie Hannie look cozy. She has chosen a khaki flared skirt, which is making the look uncommon. You can wear this outfit to attend almost any event.

4. Olivia Palermo

Image: Source

Olivia Palermo is heading to the Self-Portrait presentation in a rocking dusty rose coat. If you need to convince of the power of a furry coat, look no further.

5. Amal Clooney

Image: Source

Dreary colors in a dreary outside? Of course, no. But hey, we’re talking about Amal Clooney here. Get your style inspo from her and buy a coat having a dreary shade (only if you can carry the style like her).

6. Rosie Huntington Whitely

Image: Source

Rosie keeps it simple and plain. We love this double mixing of colors so much that we’re going to copy this style from head to toe. Like us, you too can make it the label of choice for the frosty January.

7. Selena Gomez

Image: Source

For a sporty chic look, this outfit of Selena Gomez can be your inspiration. Selena is wearing a black leather biker jacket on a yellow sweatshirt. The green ruffled-hem shorts and the oxford lace shoes are taking the outfit to the next level.

8. Gigi Hadid

Image: Source

Gigi is looking beyond stylish in this cropped jumper, an unzipped hoodie, and straight-leg jeans. This athleisure-inspired detailing is adding a sense of laid-back coolness. No doubt, Gigi sets trends not only on the runway but also wherever she goes.

9. Bella Hadid

Image: Source

Are you not the ‘all-black or bust’ girl? Try orange. Orange is the new pink. Bella Hadid is flaunting a turtleneck orange sweater dress here. And, no one can deny that she is looking damn hot in this orange dress and black boots.

10. Kendall Jenner

Image: Source

Puffer jackets are super comfy but they are the 90s trends. Kendall has embraced a brown puffer jacket here and pair it with black trousers. She is making these old jackets trendy again. We’ve also seen her rocking other styles from the decade like hoop earrings and leather trenches.

11. Kim Kardashian

Image: Source

Kim Kardashian in this icy blue puffer jacket and steel-colored knee-high boots is looking like a star from a sci-fi movie. Whether you like the look or not, but you definitely cannot ignore it.

12. Zendaya

Image: Source

Zendaya is the embodiment of how we’d love to look in winter. Simple and effortlessly sophisticated. Dressed completely in black and white, she is looking like a stunner in this white trench coat dress. The belt is perfectly highlighting her slim waistline. This can be your go-to look for a cocktail party in winter.

13. Jessica Alba

Image: Source

Winter is the time to play with textures. Apparently simple, Jessica Alba has ticked so many off with this combination: pleated black mini, blue button-up shirt, floral print sweater, and knee-high boots. Thumbs up for Jessica.

14. Yara Shahidi

Image: Source

Yara Shahidi knows how black can be the answer to the January blues. Instead of going completely monochrome, she has added some spice to the look with the plaid-like pattern of the bomber jacket and with a pair of blue suede Le Silla boots.

15. Kylie Jenner

Image: Source

If you’re looking for ways to rock a faux-fur coat, Kylie Jenner has come to the rescue. The faux fur coat and the pair of leather leggings are adding some warm fuzz to her look. She is carrying a grey mini satchel, which is perfect for any girl at work.

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