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How To Adjust Your Personal Fashion Style When Moving to a New Country


Moving to a new country can be challenging for many people as you face linguistic issues, environmental changes, dressing culture, food, residence, and lifestyle. At that time, it is also difficult to compromise on your style, like wearing shorts to long heavy dresses, skirts can change into pajamas, shorts to full jeans or vice versa.

Whether you will settle in one of the apartments for rent in Elgin, IL, or the U.S. from a foreign country, you must adjust your fashion style. You can manage this by planning and adapting your style to your new location and lifestyle.

Dressing locally

Experiencing a new culture can be enjoyable with the local style in a foreign country. It is customary for every country to dress differently. There are times when it’s subtle and times when it’s bold. A simple way to find the hottest fashions in your new city is to shop at locally owned shops. You might even find yourself collecting traditional costumes!

Weather Conditions

A style change becomes imperative for survival in a city with snow six months out of the year, and you are used to wearing shorts and sandals daily. It takes time and practice to master layering clothes, but once you get used to it, it can make a huge change in your day. Living in a warm, humid city requires light, breathable fabrics.

Bringing local fashion to life

Where should we begin? It can be fun to explore shopping opportunities. Consult your friends about their favorite shopping spots. Talk to someone dressed well on the street if you’re brave and outgoing. Ask, “Where did you find that awesome dress?”

You can better understand which areas of town have the style and quality you are looking for by window shopping. Your favorite shopping spots will soon become familiar to you.

It’s Never Too Late to Experiment

It’s a new city, so you can try things you never did before. It can be a good idea to reach for those forgotten pieces of clothing in the back of your closet or experiment with bold printed pants, a new hairstyle, or even a new hairstyle to widen your comfort zone.

Moving to a new place requires change, but not a drastic one. Others may embrace their local culture by incorporating and trying new styles, but ultimately, it’s your decision. Overall, a new city has a way of affecting your everyday choices.

Shopping Local

A new culture offers two distinct possibilities: popular fashion with a local twist and traditional fashion. Traditional styles are often reserved for special occasions in some countries. In others, they blend right in. Does traditional style surround you? How can you shop locally as a foreigner?

Crafts and Textiles

You can add accessories to local fashion to make it work for your current style. Can you find fine fabrics or crafts in your new home? Indigo, batik, and tie-dye are well-known fabric-dying techniques found in local weavers.

Lacework and hand embroidery are popular in some places. Include scarves, belts, and bags that highlight what’s unique to your area. You can adapt your wardrobe quickly and inexpensively.

Specialty Crafts

Specialty crafts are a must. Invest in gold, silver, cloisonne, or beadwork from excellent craftspeople. Doesn’t jewelry enchant you from other cultures?

Enroll in a textile or craft class

Taking a textile or craft class is the best way to learn about local crafts. Learn about local crafts through a class or hands-on workshop. Your favorite crafts will be taught to you through classes.

No matter your skill level, you will learn about the quality and where to buy directly from local artisans. It’s great to know your money directly goes to the maker! You can cherish that item for the rest of your life.

Fashion Culture Shock!

What can you do when you can’t find anything in your size? The culture shock of this kind is unique. It can be disconcerting to find salesladies clucking their tongues and crossing their fingers when you enter a shop if you are an average size in your country.

Don’t give up. An Asian with a larger size faces this problem. There are differences in commercial clothes even between Western cultures. It is not an easy task. Could you take advantage of it when you shop? Consider your body type when choosing a size. Styles that are less fitted may be a better choice. It is quite affordable to tailor and sew in some countries. You can take advantage of that if local sizes don’t fit you.

Shop fabric

Fabric shopping adds new layers of intrigue. Almost every major city has wholesale fabric markets where some retail sales are allowed. Find out what days are available. Choose your favorite style in your favorite color and fabric.

Would you like to visit a fabric village? The weaver may sell directly to you, or there may be a coop store where they sell together. It’s great.

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