Many of us when feeling sad rush to the fridge in the kitchen or dial the number of a nearby restaurant and order tasty food instantly. Giving a treat to yourself with delicious food is okay sometimes. But, when you indulge in eating those foods regularly, you’ll gain weight, leading to obesity. Obesity is related to many health hazards like:

a) Cardiovascular diseases

b) High blood pressure

c) Diabetes

The list goes on and on.

Resisting the urge to eat junk foods is very tough. Believe it or not, food manufacturers create food in a way that it triggers addiction in the eater. Remember what the slogan of Lays is ‘Bet you can’t eat just one’?

The foods you eat have to do a lot with how many pounds you’re putting on. Experts advise you to avoid these 15 foods to prevent the creeping up of fat.

1. Fried Foods

foods to avoid for weight loss

Fried foods are high in trans fat. Our body finds it difficult to break down the trans fat. Consequently, they’re deposited in the body as layers of fats. While frying, the food absorbs excess fat from the oil. In comparison to the non-fried counterparts, fried foods have more calories and fats. For instance, 100 grams of baked potato contains 0 grams of fat and 93 calories. And, the same 100 grams of potato as French fries contain 17 grams of fat and 319 calories.

2. Cookies and Doughnuts

foods to avoid for weight loss

The heavenly bite on the cookies and doughnuts make you go for one more, and more, and more! Cookies and doughnuts are loaded with fats, flour, and sugar. One 8 gram of shortbread cookie has 40 calories. And, 143 grams of doughnut has 195 calories. Sure, you can go for them to satisfy your guilty pleasure. Eating them in moderation is also okay. But, if losing pounds in weeks is what you aim for, steer clear away from them (because their deliciousness will make you helpless and you’ll end up eating more). 

3. Pizza

foods to avoid for weight loss

Commercially prepared pizzas are rich in calories, fats, and carbs. Especially the pizzas having toppings like processed meat. And, even more fat if the pizzas are full of cheese. The cheese and processed meat add to the calorie content of pizza. One whole-wheat pizza base has 177 calories whereas one cheese pizza has 237 calories. Hence, consider the ingredients used in the pizza to continue to eat it without gaining weight. It will be best if you eat pizzas made with whole-grain dough and vegetables.

4. Sweets

foods to avoid for weight loss

Break up with candies and desserts if you want to lose weight fast. You know that sweets are packed with sugar. Consequently, they lack protein, which promotes the feeling of fullness. So, you eat sweets more at subsequent meals all day.

According to 30 reviews done on 2, 42, 000 adults and children, it was found that there is a strong relationship between obesity and sugar-sweetened beverages and sweets. Kicking your sugar habit for good can help you improve overall health.

5. Alcohol

foods to avoid for weight loss

No worries. We’re not asking you to say goodbye to a glass of beer or wine. Drinking them occasionally is okay. But, overdoing it on the booze can affect your weight-loss goals. Alcohol tricks your body into eating more. The University of Liverpool found that even drinking only two glasses of drinks can significantly increase your food intake. According to the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietitics, consumption of alcohol makes a person take in 384 calories more in a day. Have a look at this chart to know the calorie count of each of the alcoholic beverages.

6. White Bread

foods to avoid for weight loss

White bread alone is not high in calories. But they spur cravings, contributing to weight gain. White loaves of bread have less fiber than other whole wheat alternatives. Without the fiber, white bread gets digested quickly. As a result, you’ll feel hungry again. This, in turn, increases your food intake.

The British Journal of Nutrition conducted a study splitting the participants into two groups. One group limited consuming whole grain bread. The other group lowered their consumption of white bread. It was found that the group that consumes less white bread has lost weight.

7. Dried Fruits

foods to avoid for weight loss
side view of mix of nuts and dried fruits in a bowl on rustic background

Dried fruits are relatively high in sugar and calories. Per ounce of dried fruits contain an average of 16 grams. Eating a handful of dried fruits daily helps you lose weight. What you’re including in dry fruits plays an important role. Almonds, walnuts, and cashew nuts when eating in moderation offer numerous health benefits. However, try to avoid peanuts as their consumption helps you to gain weight instantly.

8. Cereals

foods to avoid for weight loss

A bowl of cereals? Perfect breakfast. Oh, wait! Are you eating fruity puffs? They may not shrink your waist. Actually, many refined cereals are loaded with more sugar than a Boston Kreme Donut. Adding nuts, dried fruits, and milk to a bowl of cereals further increase its calorie count. However, replacing those cereals with oats helps you get rid of excess fat. As per a study of the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism, eating oats keeps you full for a long time and limits your calorie intake to a bowl of corn flakes.

9. Canned Soup

Image: Source

One of the foods to avoid for weight loss is canned soup. You shouldn’t make the canned soup a staple of your diet. The canned soups have blanketed a bad reputation regarding weight loss. These soups are sneaked in sodium. They cause belly bloating. Furthermore, you may feel hungry quite frequently as the soup will dampen your ability to sense when you’re full. However, all canned soups are not created equal. Look for canned soups low in sodium and cream. Taking broth-based or vegetable soups is a healthy choice.

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10. Instant Noodles

Many times, we turn to a cheap-yet-filling bowl of instant ramen to satisfy our hunger pangs. But, this consumption of noodles is actually making us gain extra pounds. These noodles have low nutritional values and high in saturated fats. They are a source of empty calories. Eating instant noodles will only take us to the path of obesity. Finally, our cholesterol level will rise and we’ll start to suffer from heart-related disorders.

11. Processed Meat

Image: Source

Hot dogs, sausages, and bacon may be expanding your waistline. Experts say processed meats are full of fat, added sugar, and refined carbohydrates. They tend to make people overeat. The Harvard researchers have also found a link between consumption of processed meats and weight gain. Apart from increasing your weight, processed meats can also put your life at risk. These meats are known to cause hypertension, cancer, and diabetes.  

12. Bottled Tea

Image: Source

Homemade teas are great as they boost metabolism, minimize the risk of stroke, etc. But, all teas may not be a healthy option. For instance, restaurant teas are injected with sugar. They contain only half a fraction of benefits as the kind you’ll get from a cup of tea made at home. So, you’ll be left with more sugar than a Halloween candy stash.

13. Traditional Yogurt

Unlike Greek yogurt, traditional yogurt is devoid of hunger-suppressing nutrients. Plus, the traditional stuff is packed with sugar. Replacing traditional yogurt with Greek yogurt can go a long way to shed layers of fat. A study published in the journal Appetite demonstrated the fact that Greek yogurt is the best for boasting a feeling of satiety. Avoid adding sugar to the Greek yogurt while consuming. Or, you’ll end up taking more calories.

14. Barbecue Sauce

Image: Source

Barbecue sauce is rich in salt and sugar. Only two tablespoons of barbecue sauce have 100 calories. No doubt, the sauce adds aroma, juiciness, and zesty flavor to the barbecue food. Therefore, avoiding them forever may not be possible. On the other hand, eating them oftentimes can make the fat lurk in. To whatever food you add barbecue sauce, it will turn into a delivery car of empty calories. Hence, we advise you to eat this in moderation.

15. White Rice

foods to avoid for weight loss

One of the most widely consumed grains in the world is rice. White rice is a high-carb and refined food. Most of the fibers are removed from white rice. That’s why they don’t work as a hunger-suppressant. So, you overeat. Brown rice, the healthy alternative to white rice, has less carb content. They’re also low in calories. Thus, they help reduce belly fat.

Whether you’re eating brown or white rice, avoid eating them few times a day. Doing so may increase the risk of cancer and heart diseases.

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