For the fashionable folks, winter is a challenging time of the year. You can either rock the season with awesome layers or can have utter fashion failure. Investing time in choosing layering pieces is important. If chosen correctly, the winter clothes for men will not only protect you from the chilly weather outside but will also reflect your good sense of style.

Knowing how to style in the frigid season will help you tell the world you’re aware of elegance and style, regardless of the season. At the same time, you have to wear dresses, which make you feel comfortable. If you’re confused about what to wear during the winter months, here’s the complete guide for you. Scroll down to read.

Winter Clothes for Men

What to Wear to a Family Get Together?

A family gets together requires you to dress casually. Dress to stay comfortable while looking smart at the same time. Add a few pops of complimenting colors. Throw on a cable knit or a solid crew neck sweater. A shirt wears underneath will be perfect. Finish off the look with jeans. As it’s a family event, avoid distressed jeans.

Choose a fabric that gives you freedom of movement. A pair of cargo trousers, soft and sturdy boots, and an insulating overcoat can be a perfect dress for a winter family event.

winter clothes for men

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What to Wear to a Wedding?

Evening Time Wedding

Though give your effort yet don’t go in all guns blazing. The balance between refined and relaxed with a charcoal or black roll neck jumper. A single-breasted peak lapel suit is perfect for an evening wedding guest. Say No to sneakers and replace them with black or brown Derby or Oxford shoes.

winter clothes for men

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Daytime Wedding

Dress formally but feel free to try different colors. Taupe, grey, or navy are the best winter-ready wedding options. Moreover, you can try check or pinstripe patterns. If confused wear a white shirt underneath. A white or a black classic shirt is a failsafe bet.

What to Wear to a Date?

Dates are romantic yet nerve-wracking.  Especially when it’s your first date. Get the confidence you need with the right date outfit for winter. Pick styles and colors that suit you the best. Ditch your jeans if you don’t want to go too casual. Pull off a wool overcoat, a pair of trousers, and a scarf. Get a timeless appeal with bold colors like navy, grey, and camel.

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For a relaxed look, choose a button-down jumper or blazer. Trousers can be the best option for bottoms as these will keep your legs toasty during the winter months.

winter clothes for men

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What to Wear to Office?

When it concerns office outfits during winter, there are certain must-have items to look incredibly stylish. A leather jacket, black jeans, and a slick pair of boots offer a timeless casual piece for the office. Or, you can pull off a wool overcoat, a well-fitted trouser, and a pair of Chelsea boots. This outfit offers a timeless appeal. Paired with a button-down shirt, a wool blazer and a trouser can get you ready for fancy formal events.

If you have to attend an office meeting, venture on a three-piece suit. Make sure the three pieces of the suit have the same color. A three-piece business suit will not only make you look dapper but also keeps you warmer while in office.

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What to Wear to a Party?

Be the hottest guy at the party to stand out, make friends, and to get more attention among others. If you have no cocktail dress code to attend, feel free to experiment. A leather moto jacket layered on a turtleneck/crew neck tee can do the trick. Also, amp up with your favorite accessories like a watch or a shiny pair of Oxford or Derby shoes. This outfit is elegant and will take your style game to the next level.

winter clothes for men

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If it’s a casual party, dress in a relaxed way. A cable knit sweater with a layer of the brown suede jacket can give you a dapper look. Play with colors. Feel free to wear a trouser that is not of the same color as the two other pieces. Complete the look with sneakers and a pair of sunglasses.

winter clothes for men

3 Winter Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

1. Low-Quality Overcoats

Cheap overcoats drape like cardboard. On the other hand, good quality overcoats are long-lasting and also have a nice texture. Although they can be a bit expensive yet they worth your investment.

2. Untamed Beards

Dry and overgrown beards resemble a line of a rabbit hutch. Trim your facial hair every 2-3weeks. However, make sure you’re not trimming your beard to the point that it is looking glued.

3. Inappropriate Shoes

Wearing any footwear that remotely isn’t waterproof is like committing sins. Avoid espadrilles and plimsolls. As winter is a bulky season, your footwear should also match the heavy layering.

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