Colorful marble nail designs can spruce up your manicure game within minutes. From the office to parties, you can wear them everywhere. This nail art looks artsy and glamorous on long nails. Similarly, marble nails add more spice to classic manis on shorter nails. Plus, you can easily master the art without even seeking help from an expert. Here’s how you can get the basic job done.

  1. How to Do Colorful Marble Nail Designs?
  2. Colorful Marble Nail Designs

How to Do Colorful Marble Nail Designs?

The things you required are:

A) Nail polishes of different colors

B) A toothpick

C) A bowl of water

Apply your desired nail color on nails to create the base and let it dry. Once dried, cover your fingers with masking tape to prevent the spreading of nail polishes on your fingers. Now, drop different nail polish colors one by one into the bowl. Make sure the drops are falling on the previous drops. Swirl the drops with the help of the toothpick. After that, dip your fingers into the swirled polish and lift them carefully. You’ll get the designs of marble right on your nails. Finally, remove the masking tape. Finish it off by giving it a top coat.

When it comes to marble nail design ideas, the color possibilities are endless. If you want to create an out-of-the-box marble manicure, read ahead for a little inspiration.

Colorful Marble Nail Designs

1. Gold Wiring Marble Nails

Light blue marble nails

Image: Source

The golden wiring on the nails is making this simple nail design gorgeous. Just pick two colors of your choice and follow the procedure mentioned above. Compliment the design by pasting a narrow strip of gold-colored metal on the nails. However, you’re free to explore your creativity while pasting the strip.

2. Tye-Dye Marble Nail Design

Tye-dye marble nail design

Image: Source

If you’ve got an adventurous heart, you’ll surely love this marble nail art. The color combination is perfect. But, that shouldn’t stop you from customizing the look by trying other combinations. You just need to pick colors that complement each other. In case, you’re feeling that the look is a bit bland, add some silver touch to give the oomph.

3. Scarlet Sunset

red marble nail designs

Image: Source

Nature-lovers can try this manicure. Looks like a romantic sunset, it can be a good choice for Valentine’s Day nail design. Moreover, this gorgeous and stunning nail art will bring peace to your mind as soon as you look at it.

4. Rainbow Torties

Rainbow marble nail designs

Image: Source

Full of calming colors have made this beautiful nail art. No doubt, it is an excellent summer nail design that has the effect of rainbows. Not only rainbow nails are becoming popular among women these days but are also a way to bring colorful touches in your life. Gorgeous and dreamy, this nail art looks best with pastel colors.

5. Swirling Neon Marble Nail Designs

Neon marble nail designs

Image: Source

Neon colors are vibrant and great for nighttime parties. Create a black base. Pour a few drops of your favorite color into a bowl of water. Swirl the drops with a toothpick. Dip your nail on which you want to see this design. Lift the nail carefully. Use a cotton swab to get rid of the excess nail polish on your finger. Very easy, isn’t it?

6. Floral Marble Nails

floral marble nails

Image: Source

Who doesn’t love flowers? So, portray a poppy flower in this quirky way. You don’t need many colors to get this wonderful floral design on your nails. Though asymmetric yet cool and stylish. It’s not necessary that you should go with these two colors only. Choose whatever color you like.

7. Christmas Candy Cane

Christmas Candy Marble nails

Image: Source

Candy color stripes will remind the seers of Christmas Day. This nail art creates a festive mood. It is a water marble nail art design where the white, red, and green colors have been painted horizontally. Giving a silver or a golden touch to this nail art can take your endeavor to the next level.

8. Translucent Red Almond Nails

red almond marble nails

Image: Source

Show off the almond shape of your nails with these translucent red almond marble nails. Elegant and stylish, you can easily choose this design for parties and even for the office. And, you can never go wrong with cherry-red nails. Plus, this is an easy-to-do manicure.

9. Galactic Marble Manicure

Marble Nail Designs

Image: Source

Wow, look at the rich shades of deep purple. This nail design is based on the theme of the night sky. The twinkling of stars is making this nail design awesome. With just the right amount of shimmer, you can easily recreate this galactic marble art on your nails.

10. Tiramisu Marble Nails

tiramisu marble nails

Image: Source

I’m already having cravings for my favorite sweet, Tiramisu. The beautiful shades of off-white, brown, and beige are reminding of the sweetness. Trying this art on your nails may raise your desire to eat this sweet. So fitness freaks, be careful!

11. Neutral Shades Glitter

Nude Marble Nail Designs

Image: Source

Reflects exactly the marbles of a floor, but definitely in a glittering way. The glitter, glossy finish, and unique marble designs are accentuating the beauty of the nails altogether. Though not super bold yet this marble nail design has something to take you to the limelight.

12. Short Coffin Marble Nail Design

Coffin Marble Nail Designs

Image: Source

A stylish and creative idea of doing manicures at home. The nails are simply painted with white, bold black, and light pink colors. Give the nails an extra-gorgeous look by adding two stripes of gold horizontally on one nail of a hand. If you don’t want to use pink, white, and black combinations, go for gold and grey.

13. Jewel Tone Colorful Marble Nails

Marble Nail Designs

Image: Source

This beautiful nail art hasn’t spared any detail while painting the nails. If you’re looking for some unique colorful marble nail designs, consider this. The array of colors has made the three marble accent nails stand out from other common nail designs.

14. Blue Marble Nail Designs

Blue and White Marble Nail Designs

Image: Source

Classic blue is the shade that is not going to fade anytime sooner. This nail art is totally one of a kind take on the trend of marble nail designs. Moreover, you can easily recreate the look within minutes. Wherever you’re going, wear this art on your nails and flaunt.

15. Mermaid Seashell Marble Gel Nails

Orange Marble Nail Designs

Image: Source

Gorgeous has taken to the next level. We won’t say that you can easily achieve this look. On the contrary, if you want to beautify your nails with this mermaid seashell design, having patience and doing practice are the secrets. However, you can watch the tutorial here.

16. Stiletto Purple Marble Nail Designs

marble nail designs

Image: Source

Dark purple flatters any skin tone. If you’ve short and stiletto-shaped nails, this nail design is exclusively for you. The cool shade of purple glitter is making the marble designs on accent nails unique and stylish.

17. Black and White Stiletto Marble Nails

Black and White Marble Nails

Image: Source

Black and white is a very popular combination. It looks classy. If you want to try these kinds of black and white marble nail designs, watch the tutorial here.

18. Colorful Marble Nails 

Image: Source

Image: Source

These colorful marble nails are perfect for the evening. Such nail colors will jazz up your entire outfit. You can wear them to weddings, parties, and dinner dates.

19. Green Marble Nails with Gold Flakes

Image: Source 

Elegant and stylish nails. The emerald green Marble nails have golden flakes at the edges. This nail art is looking more gorgeous because it is created on a white base.

20. Silver and Orange Marble Nail Designs 

Orange and Silver Marble Nail Designs 

Image: Source

Image: Source

Get that tropical vibe with this orange and silver marble nail art. Its light shade makes it perfect to wear during summer. The glitters used in the second image add extra gorgeousness to the nails.

21. Bright Blue and White Water Marble Nail Design

Blue and White Water Marble Nail Design

Image: Source

If you’re headed on vacation this summer then THIS is the manicure for you. Want to know how to do this blue and white marble nail design? Check out this video here.

22. White Gel Marble Nails

Image: Source

Not sure what nails to wear during Halloween? This white, red, and black marble nail can be a perfect Halloween nail design idea. Read the steps here to recreate.

23. Winter Gel Marble Acrylic Nails

Winter gel marble acrylic nails

Image: Source

Use peach, light blue, and black nail colors to start this acrylic marble nail design. Generally, acrylic nails last for six to eight weeks. However, a filling may be required after every 2-3 weeks depending on the growth of your nails.

24. Gray Marble Nail Design

Image: Source

Amp up your manicure game with the stunning color combination of grey, black, and white. A mixture of ombre, glitter, and marble designs is surely making this nail art glamorous and subtle.

25. Off the Grid Marble Nail Designs

Image: Source

First of all, create the marble design. Once dried, use a nail art tool or toothpick and black nail polish to draw the grids.

26. Beach Marble Nail Design

Beach marble nail design

Image: Source

You need three nail polishes – light blue, greenish-blue, and white and a base coat and quick dry top coat to recreate this nail art. Read the step-by-step tutorial here.

27. Cute Nude Marble Nails

nude marble nails

Image: Source

Nude colors are available in various shades. Choose a brown shade if you have dark skin. However, women having very light skin can opt for a beige shade of the nude color.

28. At The Tip

Image: Source

Easy to achieve and incredibly pretty. In fact, this is one of the modern ways to decorate your nails with marble nail art. The gold foils used here are giving this manicure a chic upgrade.

29. Pastel Water Marble Nail Design

Pastel marble nail design

Image: Source

Pastel colors are all the rage right now. The colors you need for this pastel marble nail design are pink, green, gold, and light green. A makeup sponge is also required.

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30. Water Marble Floral Nail Design

Image: Source

31. Rhinestone at the Center

Image: Source

32. Yellow Drag Marble Nail Design

Image: Source

33. Poptastic Toothpick Marble Nail Art

Check out the infographic below to know how to do this poptastic marble nail art.

Image and Infographic: Source

34. Simple Maroon Heart Marble Nails

Image: Source

Planning to make your Valentine’s Day look perfect? Consider this heart-centered Valentine’s Day nail design.

Go through this nail art tutorial to create art at home.

35. Rainbow Colorful Marble Nail Design

 Image: Source 

36. Rose Gold Marble Nails

Image: Source 

Fall-inspired classic nail art has been done here using the rose gold shade. The warm undertone of rose gold makes it suitable for all skin tones.

37. Baby Blue Marble Nail Art

Image: Source

38. Holographic Marble Nails 

Image: Source 

Holographic marble nails are extremely trendy. These marble nail designs are great for any night party. While recreating, wrap a tape around each nail to prevent excess polish on your fingers.

39. Vibrant Marble Nail Design 

Image: Source

40. Starry Water Black Marble Nail Designs

Image: Source

Whether you love to read about your star sign every night or are an astrology nerd, these unique starry marble nails are bound to make you feel lost in the beauty of the night sky.

41. Peachy Marbled Stone Nail Art

Image: Source

42. Autumn Leaves Marble Nail Designs

Image: Source

43. Winter Snowflake Marble Nails

Image: Source

Welcome the winter with this dark snowflake nail design. Whether you’ve oval, square, or round nail shape, it suits everyone.

44. Spider Web Marble Nail Design

Image: Source

Looking for some spooky and Halloween-inspired nails? Get some webbed effect on your nails against a blue backdrop. Spider web marble nail art looks good on both short and long nails.

45. Rainbow Drops Drag Marble Nail Design

Image: Source

46. Triangle Nude Marble Nails

Image: Source

The geometric patterns used in this marble nail art look excellent on long nails. Combine nude pink, white, and black to create these summer-perfect eye-catching geometric nails. It has one of those combinations that will suit any skin tone.

47. 4th July Marble Nails

Image: Source

Give your nails a patriotic look this 4th of July. Whether you’re headed to a family picnic or hosting your own backyard BBQ, this Fourth of July nail art will let you express your independence from boring nails.

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