how often should you wash your beard

Every groomed beard requires effort. From washing to trimming to apply the beard oil, every step is crucial for a thicker and fuller beard. Washing the beard removes harmful bacteria present on your skin and hair. Therefore, washing is essential to enjoy clean beard on a daily basis. But the question is, “How often should you wash your beard?” That’s what we’ll answer in detail in this blog.

How Often Should You Wash Your Beard?

Generally, the experts recommend washing your beard 2-3 times a week. Use a beard shampoo to get the job done. The idea is to wash your beard often enough to prevent it from smelling. At the same time, avoid washing your beard every day. Doing so will strip natural oils from your stubble leading to potentially damaged and dry beard.

However, this number isn’t fixed for every man. Skin type, texture of beard hair, lifestyle, all matters. Knowing all the beard wash determining factors are essential to decide how often your beard needs to be washed.

Factors to Consider

Skin Type

a) Dry Skin

Dry skin does not secrete much oil. Therefore, you’re likely to have dry beard. Wash your beard twice weekly to prevent it from drying out.

b) Oily Skin

Oily skin produces excess oil. Hence, there’s a high chance to get acne and beardruff. Hence, we’ll advise you to wash the beard daily so as to not to allow the buildup of dirt.

c) Combination Skin

Combination skin has oily T-zone and dryness in other parts. If you’ve combination skin, wash your beard three to four times a week with plain water. You can use a good beard shampoo for washing once a week.

Texture of Beard Hair

a) Thin Hair

Thin hair has the tendency to become oily quickly. Wash your beard after every two days to make it appear fuller and to remove the excess oil.

b) Thick Hair

Thick and curly hair gets dry faster. Go for a thorough beard washing once every three days to prevent dryness.


Do you work in a construction? Or, is your job requires heavy manual labor? If ‘yes’, you may need to wash your beard every day. Otherwise, it will get dirty.

In such cases, wash your face fuzz daily with a gentle shampoo and plain warm water. If you’re feeling that your beard shampoo is making your stubble drier, revert it 1-2 times a week. Use only water to wash your beard the remaining five days.


Environment impacts the moisture level of your beard. The right level of humidity softens and strengthens your beard and skin. In wet climatic regions, the level of humidity is high. This high humidity can make your skin sticky and quicken the building up of dirt. Hence, you may need to wash beard 3 times a week. Apply conditioner and beard oil afterwards to retain moisture.

Dry climatic regions can cause parch skin and beard. Maintain a certain gap between the washes to allow your sebum glands to produce enough oils to keep the beard and skin moisturized. Wash your beard twice daily. Follow up with conditioner and beard oil to replenish lost moisture. Use a beard balm to lock in the moisture.

Should I Wash My Beard Every Day If I Work Out?

Wash your beard daily if your lifestyle involves sweaty activities. This prevents oil and grime from clogging the pores. Avoid using a bar of soap for cleaning beard. The harsh ingredients in your bar soap strip your beard of its natural oils. Apply oil right after washing.

Does Washing Your Beard Help It Grow?

Well-maintained skin is the secret of all groomed beard. You have to focus on skincare when you want to grow your beard. Taking care of your skin is crucial to maintain the health of your beard. Wash your face in the morning and before bedtime daily. Doing so will help your beard grow faster and thicker.

While washing your face daily, make sure you’re not doing so for your beard.

Should You Wash Your Beard Before Trimming?

Cleanliness and softness count for proper trimming. Therefore, you always need to wash your beard before trimming. Washing will help your beard get rid of excess oil and dirt. It will become soft and manageable, which will make trimming easy.

As your facial skin is different from your scalp, apply shampoo and conditioner for beard washing.

Can You Use Hair Shampoo on Your Beard?

Do you splatter hair shampoo while washing beard?

Stop using hair shampoo for your beard. Hair shampoos remove oil from your hair literally. Shampoos have detergents. This detergent takes away oil from beard and the skin beneath it. Even if you apply beard oil afterwards, it cannot safeguard your beard from the damage the hair shampoo is causing.

Maybe you’re using the best hair shampoo in the world. But, it cannot replace the good a beard shampoo can do. A beard shampoo softens the beard and cleanses the skin under it.

How to Wash Beard?

A beard washing can be a smooth sail. But, if done wrong, can make your beard more abrasive.

This video from Beard Brand will help you master the washing procedure.

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