Your hair sets the tone of your look. If you’re dressed nicely but your hairstyle isn’t matching your clothes, you’ll look like a person who has stolen someone else’s good clothes.

To go from oh… to wow, you need to wear your hair the perfect way EVERYDAY.

And, that’s where the best hair styling tools come in.

Today, different brands continue to roll out their own versions of the tool at a variety of price points, it can be tricky to narrow down your options (probably that’s why you’re here today).

I and my team have tested many such hair styling devices. Among them, some of the least damaging hair styling tools are listed below. Whether you need bouncy curls or sleek straight hair, the styling tools mentioned below can make the job easy and quick.

But before we proceed, let’s see how to find the top hair styling tools.

How to Choose the Best Hair Styling Tools?

There are three main factors to consider while choosing your hairstyling tools.

a) Ease of use

b) Effectiveness

c) Heat damage

Prefer to go with a tool enabling you to have air dry. This is especially applicable if you have dry, fine, or natural hair.

Now, scroll down to check the list.

Best Hair Styling Tools for Every Hair Type

1. Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

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Detailed Review

The frizz combating conditioning ions along with the Tourmaline ceramic technology ensures almost 75%% less frizz. On the contrary, it adds shine to your hair while drying 50% faster with its 1875 watts of power. During testing, we felt that this hair styling device is quite sturdy.

It has a concentrator nozzle to smooth your hair with its focused airflow. The diffuser attached to the dryer enables you to get textured styles. Two speeds, three heat settings, and an excellent cool shot function gives you the control of heat level. This custom drier setting also enables it to work effectively on different hair types.

Unlike many other hair dryers, it doesn’t sound loud. That’s another plus, of course. Whether you want to enhance your curls or waves, or just craving for a sleek style, this one hair styling equipment from Conair can do it all. Its cool shot button will lock the style in place.

The device also has no slip grip handle, which ensures comfort and ease of use.

Maintenance: Generally, the driers are low-maintenance device. However, for optimal performance, they should be kept clean. It is one of those best new hair styling tools that comes with a hinged filter. Once used, simply unhinge the filter. Use a small brush to clean lint and dust from the air intake.


a) Less frizza) Not good for thin straight hair.
b) Fast dryingb) You should get a small converter to use it internationally.
c) Easy to handle, store, and clean
d) Custom settings to suit all hair types
e) Low maintenance

2. CHI Original Ceramic Hair Straightening Flat Iron

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Detailed Review

The founder of Courtney Foster Beauty, Foster loves this ceramic flat iron. It is one of those professional hair styling tools, which comes with an advanced ceramic technology. This advanced ceramic technology gives you frizz-free and silky hair instantly.

Whether you want to flip, straighten, or curl your locks, use this straightener to do the job smoothly. It adds shine to your hair and keeps the hair moisturized. Within 30 seconds, it reaches the preset temperature of 392 degree Fahrenheit due to its Flash quick-heat technology. Plus, it allows styling your hair without the damage of the high heat.

The customized styling LED adjustable heat settings enables it to work on different hair types. Its ion technology adds shine to your hair. Plates of this hair styling tool is squeeze-sensitive. As a result, you can apply more or less pressure as per your need.

This flat iron has an 11ft swivel cord, which is long enough. Apart from all these, its dual voltage feature makes it a wonderful travel companion.

Maintenance: Unplug and allow the straightener to cool down after using. Next, dip a few cotton balls in rubbing alcohol and gently wipe down the plates. Clean it once a week to help it work effectively.


a) Gives frizz-free hair instantlya) Pricey
b) Can be used for styling, curling, flippingb) Requires a few passes for straightening
c) Squeeze-sensitive platesc) Sometimes creates a crackling noise straight away.
d) Works on different hair types
e) Does far less damage
f) The unit heats up in just 40 seconds
g) Dual voltage feature

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3. ghd Creative Curl Wand

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Detailed Review

If you’re looking for the best hair styling tools on Amazon, consider this. The ultra-zone TM technology of this curling wand monitors temperature across the barrel. It easily adapts to your hair making the locks appear shiny and smooth. To ensure minimum damage, the tool maintains the maximum of 3650 F styling temperature.

In the words of Adam Reed, ghd global ambassador,

“‘ghd have made the best styler even better!” The thing that I love most about ghd platinum + is that it features the most incredible SMART technology that adapts to every individual’s hair needs and this has made styling so easy for me.”

Source: Amazon.Com

During testing, I have found that the temperature is ideal for creating natural-looking and long-lasting curls and waves.

Get a salon finish hairstyle quickly using this wand. As it takes only 25 seconds to heat up, you can get consistent curls in just 5-8 seconds. It has an oval-shaped barrel of length 26-28mm. As such, it works nicely on different hair length. The device works better on shorter hair, allowing you to style them without further shortening its length.

The protective cool tip provides you with a safe place to hold the hair in place while you curl, and the built-in safety stand allows you to place the tong down securely during styling. 

Maintenance: Unplug and let your curling wand cool down. Next, take face wipes to gently clean the surface of the plates. You can also use a damp cloth in place of face wipes.


a) The tapered barrel creates bouncy long curls.Compared to other curling wand, it’s little overpriced.
b) Heats up fast.
c) Comes with a built-in safety stand
d) Has a protective cool tip

4. DevaCurl Deva Fuser

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Detailed Review

Get air-dried hair in about 10minutes with this Deva Fuser blow dryer.

During testing, I have found that DevaCurl is one of the best hair styling tools for curly hair. It will keep your curls bouncy, defined, and soft without making them crunchy. Its hand-shaped attachment ensures a 360-degree airflow to dry your curls evenly.

The ceramic inner core and its heat-resistant materials minimizes frizz. At the same time, it will give you shiny and smooth curls. However, this hair dryer works best for wavy to coily hair types. The 2 – 21/2 inches barrel’s diameter fits almost all commercially available hair dryers.

It’s extremely easy to use. Insert the barrel of your hair dryer into the end of the DevaFuser. Now, gently push the DevaFuser to attach it firmly to the dryer. Once done, start drying your hair by adjusting the temperature.

You can set the temperature as per your requirement. Begin by setting the temperature to low. Low temperatures work gently on curls giving you more natural texture. Its patented ergonomic design enhances the natural definition of the curls.

Due to its collapsible design, you can easily use it for traveling and storing.


a) VolumizingEffective mainly on 60-80% dried hair.
b) Frizz-reducing
c) Dermatology-tested and does not cause irritation
d) Free from paraben, silicone, sulfate, and gluten

5. Drybar’s Double Shot Oval Blow-Dryer Brush

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Detailed Review

This dryer brush combines round-shaped brush and the hot air of a blow-dryer. As such, you’ll get volumized, shiny, and smooth hair quickly and easily.

The vents are strategically placed to ensure maximum airflow. Therefore, your hair will get dried faster as compared to some of the best professional hair dryers. Using this hair styling tool will help you get more volume at the roots hassle-free.

The ionic technology of the device seals your cuticles to minimize frizz. Its lightweight and ergonomic design make it easy-to-use. For customized styling, three types of temperature settings are available. This customized temperature settings enables it to work on different hair types.

2.44″ oval shape attachment has tufted nylon bristles. These bristles allow for exceptional control and tension. Moreover, the bristles work effectively through the knots. This hair styling equipment dries and styles hair simultaneously, thus saving your effort, time, and money.


a) Dries your hair fastera) Comes only with a US plug. So, you may need to buy an adapter if you live outside the US.
b) Three temperature settingsb) Not recommended to those having very curly hair.
c) Enables customized styling
d) Seals the cuticles to minimize frizz
e) Works on all hair types
f) Gives the amount of volume you want

6. T3 – Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand 

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Detailed Review

Enjoy endless styling possibilities with this tool’s three custom blend ceramic barrel professional wand set. Create full-bodied glamour waves, or defined curls, or beachy waves using this hair styling wand.

Its rapid response technology maintains the heat uniformly across the barrel. This device comes with a smart microchip and ceramic heaters for delivering one-pass results.

Three types of its wands serve three different purposes.

a) 1″ Straight Wand Barrel for mermaid or spiral waves.

b) 1 ½” Straight Wand Barrel for loose soft waves.

c) 1 ¼” – ¾” tapered barrel for relaxed beachy waves.

The first two barrels are perfect for all hair lengths. This interchangeable design technology has made it one of the best hair styling tools online.

Its Digital T3 SinglePass Technology delivers consistent heat and gives smooth shiny results. Each section of my hair needed only one twist to give me the waves I wanted. It’s great.

The 5- heat settings enable it to work on various hair types and textures. Due to its auto world voltage, you can easily use it anywhere in the world.

This curling wand couldn’t be easier to use. Just plug in your wand of choice, then lock it into place with the locking ring which is also a foot for the wand. The wand takes less than 90 seconds to heat up. As a safety feature, the wand will not head up without a barrel installed.


a) Gives smooth and shiny finishA bit pricey.
b) 1hour auto shut off feature
c) The tip of the barrel does not heated up
d) Delivers consistent and even heat

7.  Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold One Step Blowout

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Detailed Review

If you’re looking for the best hair styling tools to make things easier, consider this. Here’s why.

Hot Tools Professional makes hair appliances that are designed and developed by professional hairstylists. This award-winning professional hair styling tool uses game-changing technology. Hence, you’ll get gorgeous hair effortlessly.

Its charcoal-infused bristles and 24K Gold technology make the heat flow evenly to give beautiful blowouts in a fraction of the time. At the same time, it will reduce frizz and boost volume. The ionic technology maintains a neutral charge on the surface of your hair. Therefore, your hair will appear conditioned and smooth.

The curved sides of the versatile oval brush create smooth hair. Plus, its rounded edges add to the volume from the roots to the ends of the curls. It has airflow vents, which accentuate quick styling.

Combination of the 2 heat/ speed settings and the rotating temperature gives optimal control while styling. This 24K Gold Hot Tool works on all hair types.

Equipped with an 8 ft. professional cord giving you free range of movement and all the reach you need. Its soft touch finish and lightweight design provide a relaxed grip.


a) Ensures smooth glidea) May not work that much effectively on fine hair.
b) Reduces heat-related hair damageb) Generates loud noise
c) Meets the US safety requirementsc) Inconvenient placement of the temp. control button.
d) Provides a relaxed grip
e) Fast styling and ideal for all hair types
f) Easy to use
g) Eliminates the need for different tools

8. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Professional Curl Machine

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Detailed Review

The styling tools of BaByliss PRO are engineered to last. This is the world’s first fully automatic professional curling machine. Use this tool to create perfect curls one after another regardless of your hair’s length and texture.

Get shiny and extra-smooth curls, which will last long. Its 3-direction curl control (alternate, left, and right) creates free-flowing or uniform looks.

Thanks to its 3-heat settings (450°F, 400°F, 360°F), this device is suitable for all hair types.

The device gives a proper signal to help curling your hair. You don’t have to time the machine, the machine times itself for you and beeps to let you know. It has a motion sensor feature that instantly heats back up when you pick up the unit.

 Its sleep mode and auto shut off features save energy and prevent overheating of the unit. Just in case you forget or you need to attend to something else for a few minutes, the machine goes into sleep mode after 20 minutes of being idle and auto shuts off after 60 minutes.

Consistent, versatile, effortless, everything happens inside. It is driven by the powerful next generation MaxLife Pro brushless motor. Consequently, you can have precision curling control. Plus, it makes styling faster and easier. Hair is automatically drawn into the Nano titanium curl chamber, gently wrapped and get heat from all directions.


a) Adjustable for different hair typesCan only curl about 1.5-inch section of hair at a time.
b) Enables you to create various types of curls
c) Energy saver
d) Smart tech safeguard
e) Best tool for those having fine hairs

9. INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Triple Barrel Waver

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Detailed Review

Want to get that natural-looking mermaid hair? Try InfinitiPro by Conair’s Triple Barrel Waver. Made of ceramic, the big 1” barrel having 3 barrels can easily style your hair into gorgeous waves.

Its tourmaline ceramic technology gives you frizz-free and shiny looking hair.  This 3 barrel curler features 5 heat settings for every hair type reaching a high heat of 410-degrees F. The heat levels remain even to deliver consistent results.

A fast heat-up time and the triple barrel design provide easy and quick styling. It is one of those hair styling tools, which comes with an auto shut off feature. Hence, you’ll enjoy a safer operation every time you use it.

For gentle, soft waves, use larger pieces of hair when you style. A must for anyone who craves salon results at home, the InfinitiPRO by Conair® Triple Barrel Waver lets you explore a wide variety of styles, from deep beachy waves to gentle, finely defined waves. It doesn’t burn your hair as long as you’re using the right settings.

In addition to all these features, its dual voltage makes the device travel-friendly. This hair styling tool is extremely easy-to-use. I will especially recommend it to those who love crimpy style.


a) Dual voltagea) Creates crimpier hair than wavier.
b) The tourmaline ceramic used here minimizes frizz.b) The temperature dial is on the grip. So, be careful not to accidentally adjust it while holding.
c) Makes your hair appear shiny
d) Automatic safety shutoff
e) Ensures quick styling
f) Hold the waves really well

10. MHU Professional 3 in 1 Smart Dual Voltage Hair Styling Tool

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Detailed Review

No need to invest in separate hair styling tools for straightening or curling. This is one of the best hair styling tools for women who love to wear their hair in different ways. As this device works as a straightener, curler, and unplugged comb, this is a 3 in 1 hair styling tool.

The lock mechanism in the back closes the plates and it functions as a brush style curler. Unlocked, it is a straightener and you use it as you would a regular flat iron. At times I’ve started it out as a straightener, lock it near the bottom of my hair and curl the ends in one pass.

The ceramic tourmaline technology of this device produces a huge mass of negative ions. It means using this tool will help you get frizz-free hair. PTC heater used here enables it to heat up quickly. Plus, the heat remains stable. Hence, you can quickly style your hair.

Its LED digital display makes it easy for you to watch the temperature. The tool has 1inch precision floating plates to hold your hair properly while straightening.

The key lock function is also easy to use. Press the on/ off button twice to lock/unlock all of the buttons quickly. The hang ring and the 360-degree swivel cord are designed for ease of placement and use. It also comes with a smart dual voltage for worldwide use.


Pros Cons
a) Easy to use and storeThe on-off button is right at the point where you grab the handle.
b) Adjust automatically
c) Smart dual voltage for using worldwide
d) 3 in 1 hair styling tool
e) LED digital display

11. Croc Master Infrared Flat Iron

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Detailed Review

The patented infrared technology in this flat iron locks in moisture sealing the cuticles. Its anti-static plates enables you to get pin-straight locks in just a single pass. You will get frizz-free and smooth, salon-like finish, which will be 35% longer lasting.

While minimizing heat damage with each pass, this tool sanitizes and detoxifies your hair. Its PICO titanium plates offers anti-static and anti-stick hair. Moreover, this device works effectively on all hair types.

The released negative ions seal the cuticles while adding shine. Its built-in ceramic heaters offers consistent heat distribution. The ergonomic design and deluxe thumb grip make this hair styling tool user-friendly.

Fully digital temperature settings (280F° – 450F°). The ventilation system releases excess high heat, preventing internal and physical damage.

One of the most awesome things about this infrared flat iron is the clever memory feature. Once you’ve got the perfect temperature for your hair sorted and it’s showing on your LED screen, the flat iron ‘remembers’ your setting and heats up to the same temperature the next time you turn it on. This is a great feature for protecting the health of your hair because it stops you from accidentally cranking the heat up too high.

It has built-in automatic shut-off safety feature. This means the device will shut-off automatically if you’re not using it for 30minutes.

Furthermore, it has dual voltage capabilities. Another plus point is its 9feet swivel cord for easy use and adaptability.


a) Dual voltage capabilitiesOverpriced
b) Built-in automatic shut off
c) Quick salon-like styling
d) Advanced ventilation system to prevent physical and internal damage
e) Works on all hair types
f) Clever memory feature

12. FIORA Naturals’ Detangler Brush

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Detailed Review

Crafted with biodegradable and eco-friendly materials. Unlike other hair brush, it removes the knots gently. Thanks to its soft nylon and flexible bristles. These bristles also distribute the natural oil of your scalp, giving you healthy-looking, shiny hair. Moreover, the bristles are long enough to reach different layers of your hair.

Whether you’ve straight, curly, wavy, or thick hair, this brush is suitable for everyone. Even men and kids can use it.

The double-curved spiral design, flexes with your head giving you a nice massage along the way. This spiral vented design enables the air to pass thoroughly. Consequently, the drying time of your hair will be reduced to half.

Ergonomically designed handle of this tool easily fits in your hand. As a result, you’ll get a non-slip grip.

Using this brush will make your morning routine less complicated. It is designed to be used on dry as well as on wet hair.


a) 100% bio-friendlyNothing as such.
b) Can be used both on dry and wet hair
c) Works on different types of hair
d) Soft nylon bristles
e) Easy-to-use
f) Detangles the knots without pulling them off

The Bottom Line

Reading these best hair styling tools reviews will help you filter options. Always find out what type of hairstyle you want before looking for one.

Which of these hair styling tools you’ve used? Or, which one you’re planning to? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

You can also suggest any tool, which we’ve missed to include in our list.

Have a nice hair day!

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