Masonic tattoos are becoming popular day by day. If you hire a professional, you can easily make your body a beautiful canvas by combining awesome geometric designs of masonic tattoos. Various colorful and shaded floral formats are available.

What are Masonic Tattoos?

Masonic tattoos are derived from the tradition of free masonry. These designs are based mainly on the principles of goodwill. The masonic symbols represent both mystery and high qualification.

Masonic tattoos are of religious significance. It contains many sacred symbols, mostly applied on upper parts of the body like the sun, an All-Seeing Eye, ankh, and more. All-Seeing Eye carries a set of values associated with different cultures. Before you apply it on your skin, it is necessary to consider how important it is to carry it for you. 

What Its Main Characters Symbolize?

The main characters of Masonic tattoos are compasses and image squares. Masons were using these characters in ancient times. These characters symbolize the ability to limit yourself.

A masonic eye inside a triangle is the most common character. This is known as an All-Seeing Eye. The eye symbolizes conscience, knowledge, and wisdom. Plus, the triangle is the symbol of education and fire. The symbol of triangle with the eye is known as Radiant Delta. Radiant Delta symbolizes the Great Architect of the Universe, who is managing all the fraternity and order-related activities.

Similarly, Crosses in these tattoos symbolize all the four major elements (including the sun) that the world has.

Is it Against the Rules to Get a Masonic Tattoo?

No, there’s no such rule. It completely depends on your choice. Whether you’re a Mason or not, having these style tattoos isn’t a crime. If you love to wear and flaunt these tattoos, go ahead. As these tattoos are mysterious and cool, people from alternative subcultures are also getting them.

So, now you know a lot about masonic tattoos. If you’re planning to get one, here’re some of the masonic tattoo ideas.

Masonic Tattoos

1. 3D Masonic Design

A bit artistic, the tattoo has professional shades. It has the artistic effect of the flesh being seen from the torn skin. Indeed, this is a bold design.

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2. Blue G Masonic Tattoo

                                                Image: Source

The tattoo looks like as if it has two open swords. Blue shade is adding to the uniqueness of the tattoo. Drawn on the forearm, this tattoo is simple yet looks nice. The Masonic letter G  reminds us that our every act is done in the sight of the Great Architect of the Universe. The Letter G stands for “Geometry”, which is the mathematical science upon which Architecture and Masonry were founded.

3. Grey Ink Tattoo on Chest

Image: Source

The symbol of an eye is here prominent and at the center of the design. We think it is one of the best masonic tattoo designs for women that you can try. You can see some rays are designed facing outwards. These rays are looking similar to the sunrays.

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4. Fiery Tattoo

Image: Source

5. Traditional Masonry Tools

Image: Source

If you’re a fan of old school DIY, this tattoo is for you.

6. Butterfly Trapped Masonic Tattoo

Image: Source

Nature inspired design. Simple geometric line work.

7. Open Palms Showing Wolf and Bear

Image: Source

8. All Seeing Palms

Image: Source

9. Timepiece Tattoo

A traditional watch with All Seeing Eye at the top.

10. Square and Compass Tattoo

Image: Source

In Freemasonry, the square symbol is used to teach morality lessons. The compass represents a boundary line around our desires to  maintain moderation and avoid overindulgence, the foundation of morality and wisdom. Used together, the square and compass can serve as a reminder that acting truly towards others and balancing one’s own needs will lead to a life of integrity. 

11. Rope and Leaves Masonic Tattoo

Image: Source

12. Geometric Masonic Eye Tattoo on Sleeve

Image: Source

13. Handshake Upper Arm Tattoo

Image: Source

The two hands greeting or shaking here stands for a Freemason’s grip. This is the way members may recognize each other silently. 

14. Cross and Crown Masonic Tattoo

Image: Source

The tattoo unites the Crown and the Cross symbols. When the two symbols are united, they form a unique meaning. But separately, each symbol has a vast history and symbolic interpretation.

The Crown of life and the Cross together represents the rewards that await faithful believers in Heaven after the trials and suffering of this life. The Crown assures, and the Cross secures. Some experts interpret the Crown and the Cross to represent the life, ministry, glory, and message of Jesus Christ.

15. Smiling Skull Masonic Tattoo

Image: Source

16. Over-the-Mountain Eye

17. Optical Illusion Tattoo

Image: Source

18. Scythe Masonic Tattoo

Image: Source

In Freemasonry, a scythe is an emblem of time in the destruction of humankind’s institutions. It symbolizes the end of our time on earth.

Masons are taught that since we don’t know the exact time of death, it is essential to utilize the time God has given to mold ourselves into better people.

The scythe also stands for immortality. Freemasons believe in immortality.

19. Alchemy Hand Masonic Tattoo Idea

Image: Source

Alchemy hand symbolizes the transformation of man into God. The meaning of this abstract piece of art can be interpreted in multiple ways.

20. Pyramid with the Eye 

Image: Source

This tattoo symbolizes power, knowledge, and wisdom.

21. All Seeing Eye in Nature

Image: Source

Here, it seems like the Eye of the Great Creator is watching the beauty of nature in peace. 

22. Faith, Hope, and Charity

Image: Source

 23. G in Between the Pillars

Image: Source

The candidates have to pass betweenthe pillars during their course of Fellow Craft degree to reach the Middle Chamber of Solomon’s Temple. These pillars individually symbolize establishment and strength.

24. Illuminati Eye Tattoo

Image: Source

Some choose this symbol to remind them of the presence of hidden control, while others use it in hopes to manifest similar circumstances of money, power and control. When used in this way, the all-seeing eye tattoo is typically depicted as the floating pyramid capstone, similar to that of the dollar bill and US seal. 

25. Owl Masonic Tattoos

Image: Source

The unblinking big eyes of the owl stands for the All Seeing Eye of the Illuminati, who never shuts His eyes. Many freemasons also think that owl represents metempsychosis, which means the reincarnation of the souls. 

26. Skull and Crossbones

Image: Source

Many controversies are attached with the meaning of skull and crossbones in masonic culture. According to Brother William Steve Burkle’s essay, ‘Memento Mori — The Symbol of Skull with Crossed Bones’, the skull is associated with rebirth, a reminder of the temporal world, which calls for intellectual and spiritual reawakening. 

27. Jacob’s Ladder

Image: Source

The book Genesis describes one incident of Jacob’s dreaming of a ladder extending from Earth to Heaven. Angels come and go through this ladder. This ladder in Freemasonry represents charity, faith, and hope. It also means prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance. 

28. Masonic Hourglass Tattoo

Image: Source

Hourglass in Freemasonry stands for the eternal passage of time. The slipping sand of the hourglass reminds us that life is finite, and therefore, we should make the most of it. Another meaning of hourglass is to turn it to keep the sand slipping. This symbolizes the continuous cycle of life and death. 

29. Anchor and the Ark

Image: Source

Anchor and the ark tattoos are popular because of their versatility. Such a tattoo represents peace and hope against a storm. Literally, an anchor is used to ground a ship. In that sense, its inner meaning is that life should be grounded in peace and hope. 

30. Acacia Tree

Image: Source

For Masons, the acacia represents the immortality of the soul, represented by the evergreen nature of the acacia trees. It also symbolises life rising from the grave, a lesson that everyone can learn from the plant world.

 31. The Blazing Sun

Image: Source

Throughout the history of Freemasonry, The Blazing Star ( Sun is also a star) has been said to represent many things. It has been considered a sign of God’s divine providence, the life-giving Sun, and as a guiding light to direct all Masons in thought and action. 

32. Masonic Coffin Tattoos

Image: Source

Coffins usually represent mortality, but within the world of Freemasonry, the meaning behind them can get a bit murky. Sometimes coffins are represented with a Sprig of Acacia, which would depict immortality. Other times it has a 5 pointed star associated with it. Thus, the meaning of coffin seems to be interchangeable as per the context it is provided in. 

33. Beehive Masonic Tattoo Design

Image: Source

 Thanks to centuries of Freemason history and the dilution of some of their core beliefs, the beehive may be one of the most contested symbols in their society. On the surface, the hive stands for industry and the need for masons to keep the world buzzing along. 

But after some digging, it seems that the hive goes back further than the idea of a global economy (which really only became a thing in the 18th century). One researcher believes that the beehive is a stand-in for “immortality or the return of the soul.” 

34. Moon Masonic Tattoo

Image: Source

According to Bible, Moon is the biblical ruler of the night. Therefore, Freemasons shows high regard to the Moon. There’s also a higher symbolism ascribed to the moon: it represents the Senior Warden in the West, which is an Egyptian tradition that associates the moon with that direction. 

Some Masonic researchers believe that the moon symbolism is meant to be a parallel to the “Worshipful Master” who is associated with the sun and the Ionic pillar of Wisdom. 

35. Eye and Rose

Image: Source

In Freemasonry, the rose is used for various ceremonies and rituals. The rose was sacred to the Sun and Aurora. It signifies dawn, the light, and the renewal of life. 

36. Double-Headed Eagle

Image: Source

The double-headed eagle is one of the ancient emblems of Scottish Rite. As a symbol, it is capable of transcending history, time, race, and language. This symbol creates a presence of transformation and the eternal truth of the real nature of man. 

37. Number 7

Image: Source

As the creation took place in seven days, the number ‘Seven’ stands for completion in Masonic circles. In Freemasonry, seven brethren are required to open or work a lodge: three Master Masons, two Fellowcraft and two Entered apprentice. 

38. Masonic Trowel Tattoo

Image: Source

Freemasons use the trowel as a symbol of Master Workman. Similar to construction, the trowel is symbolically used to spread brotherly love within the craft.

The person spreading love is a figurative trowel, while the affection being spread represents cement.

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