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Jogging Vs Walking: Which is Better for Weight Loss?


Jogging vs walking, which should you choose?

If you’re a fitness freak, having this question in mind is quite obvious. In fact, both jogging and walking are good exercises to lose fat quickly. Scroll it down to make up your mind.

Jogging Vs walking

How to Start Walking?

Start walking slowly. Gradually, increase your intensity and time. Better, to begin walking at a relatively easy pace for 10-15 minutes. Thereafter, go on adding few minutes each week. Also, make the walking more fun by adding short sprints to the routine. This will help you lose calories faster. Finally, reach the goal of 30 minutes brisk walking to lose weight quickly.

How to Start Jogging?

If you’re a beginner, opt for brisk walking for the first 3-4 minutes. Then, switch to jogging for 30 seconds. Go on repeating this for 20 minutes. Actually, you can shed considerable calories by jogging at a consistent pace for 5 times a week.

However, if you’re experiencing any persistent pain while jogging, stop it immediately. Never ignore any kind of chest pain during jogging. Rather. start jogging again only after consulting with your doctor.

Risks of Jogging Vs Walking

Unlike walking, jogging is a high-impact exercise. Over time, running (if not done with proper preparation) can lead to some injuries like:

a) ITB Friction Syndrome

b) Shin Splints

c) Stress Fractures

In case, you’re already having any of these injuries, choose to walk. Walking also offers many health benefits along with shedding calories. Being a low-impact exercise, it has less chances of causing injury. Moreover, it suits people of all health conditions.

Mind the Factors

a) Wear comfortable sneakers or sports shoes while doing brisk walking or jogging.

b) Stay hydrated during your entire jogging or walking routine. Also, drink water after the workout routine to take your fluids level back to normal.

c) Start with brisk walking. Then, proceed to jogging. Finally, make it up to running.

d) Avoid eating directly before running.

Experts’ Take on Jogging Vs Walking

Jogging Vs walking

Jackson Fyfe, Sport Scientist

Only walking may not be sufficient for most people. Undoubtedly, the health benefits of walking is immense, yet doing it only may not help to lose weight as much as you’ve expected within a preset time. That being said, you may need to combine other forms of cardio exercises to reap the benefits of walking to the full.

Julie Netto, Occupational Therapist

Walking is an exercise that you can easily grade up or down to match your personal needs. Doing it on various surfaces or gradients helps you to trim yourself down.

The Bottom Line

Both jogging and walking are popular forms of cardio exercises. Apart from helping you to shed off the extra fat, it improves the condition of your heart and also build muscles.

Unlike jogging, walking may take a little bit more effort and time to give the desired results. At the same time, anyone can switch to walk. Whereas people with muscle injury and pain cannot start jogging.

Whatever you choose to do, adopt the safety measures to avoid injuries. Also, go for a healthy diet to speed up the calorie shedding process. It will be better if you seek doctor’s permission before including any of these in your workout routine.

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