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8 Result-Based Makeup Tips for Grey Hair Directly From The Experts

makeup tips for grey hair

As women embrace the beauty of their grey hair, the world of makeup has also evolved to cater to this distinctive and stunning hair color. Makeup artists and experts from the industry have honed their skills to bring out the best in women with grey hair, enhancing their features and radiating confidence. In this guide, we’ve gathered nine result-based makeup tips for grey hair, straight from the experts. Whether you’re a silver fox or just beginning to sport your natural greys, these tips will help you create a flattering and age-appropriate makeup look that celebrates your unique style.

Makeup Tips for Grey Hair

1. Hydrate Inside And Out

makeup tips for grey hair

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Staying vigilant about skin hydration and maintaining adequate water intake is paramount,” emphasized the renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown. She stressed the heightened significance of this practice as we age. Bobbi Brown strongly recommends initiating each makeup routine by preparing the skin with moisturizer and eye cream. In her expert opinion, this foundational step lays the groundwork for a radiant and well-prepared canvas before applying any makeup.

2. Brow Perfection

makeup tips for grey hair

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Soft Definition: Opt for soft, subtle shades like grey or taupe to define your eyebrows. These colors harmonize beautifully with grey hair, creating a natural and balanced look that complements your hair color without overwhelming it.

Shape and Symmetry: Pay close attention to the shape and symmetry of your brows. Consider consulting with a professional brow stylist who can help you find the ideal shape to accentuate your facial features. Well-groomed brows can have a transformative effect, opening up your eyes and providing a polished, elegant look.

Enhanced Natural Texture: Embrace the natural texture of your brows. As we age, our brows can become sparser, so avoid overly heavy or dramatic fill-ins. Instead, focus on enhancing the existing texture to maintain a softer, more authentic appearance.

Rebecca Casciano, Founder of Sacred Beauty Collective suggests that one of the key elements to enhance your beauty, especially with grey or white hair, is to introduce color to your face. Additionally, well-defined brows can work wonders in framing your features and creating contrast.

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3. Opt for Blush Over Bronzer

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If you need more makeup tips for grey hair, here’s another for you. Ariane Poole, an experienced makeup artist, suggests that as we age and grey hair becomes a part of our journey, it’s wise to choose blush over bronzer. Shades like pink, dusty rose, or coral can add a healthy flush to your complexion, bringing warmth and vitality to your face. Ariane also warns against using beige lip colors, as they might not complement grey hair as effectively.

4. Soft and Subtle Eyeshadows

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When it comes to makeup tips for grey hair, opting for soft and subtle shades is a smart choice. Grey hair can be a striking and elegant feature on its own, and the right eyeshadow can complement this beautifully. Consider earthy tones like soft browns, taupes, and delicate mauves for your eyeshadow palette. These hues not only enhance your eyes but also harmonize effortlessly with grey hair, creating a refined and balanced look. Steer clear of overly bold or vibrant colors, as they can detract from the understated charm of grey hair. Instead, focus on eyeshadow shades that accentuate your natural beauty, allowing your eyes to take center stage while maintaining a timeless and age-appropriate allure.

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5. Play With Liner

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Experimenting with eyeliner can be a game-changer when it comes to makeup for grey hair. Liner can define your eyes, add depth, and create a captivating focal point. Here’s how to make the most of it:

Color Choices: Opt for eyeliner shades like soft brown or grey instead of the traditional black. These colors offer a more subtle and flattering contrast against grey hair, giving your eyes a defined yet gentle look. However, don’t be afraid to occasionally venture into deep purples or greens for a touch of sophistication.

Application Techniques: Apply eyeliner close to the lash line to emphasize your eyes without making them appear smaller. For a more natural look, consider using a soft pencil or gel liner that can be smudged slightly to soften the line. This technique adds depth without the harshness of a sharp line.

6. Lip Love

makeup tips for grey hair

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Rosy Pinks: Rosy pink shades add a youthful and lively touch to your overall look. They bring warmth to your complexion and create a harmonious contrast with grey hair, making your lips pop without being overpowering.

Soft Corals: Soft coral lip colors can add a subtle splash of color that brightens up your face. They infuse a hint of playfulness into your makeup while maintaining an understated and chic appearance.

Mauves: Mauve lip shades exude sophistication and elegance. They have a timeless quality that complements grey hair beautifully. Mauves are versatile and can work well for both daytime and evening looks.

To achieve a polished finish, consider using a lip liner in a shade that matches or closely complements your chosen lip color. Lip liners help define the contours of your lips, prevent feathering, and ensure a clean and finished appearance. Together, these makeup tips for grey hair allow you to express your style and enhance your lips while aging.

7. Highlight Gracefully

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Highlighting is a key step in creating a radiant and youthful makeup look, particularly for women with grey hair. Here’s how to do it gracefully:

Champagne-Colored Highlighter: Opt for a subtle, champagne-colored highlighter. This shade imparts a soft and natural luminosity to your skin without being overly reflective or glittery. Apply it to the high points of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and the inner corners of your eyes.

Cheekbone Enhancement: By highlighting your cheekbones, you create a lifted and sculpted appearance, which can counteract any signs of aging and fatigue. Blend the highlighter gently along the tops of your cheekbones, starting from the outer edge and moving inwards.

Inner Eye Corners: Applying highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes can brighten up your gaze, making your eyes appear more awake and youthful. This is especially effective for diminishing the appearance of tiredness.

8. Set It Right

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To maintain a youthful and natural complexion, heed the advice of celebrity makeup artist Robert Sesnek, who suggests using setting powder sparingly, primarily targeting the T-zone if you’re not particularly oily. Additionally, opt for setting powders that do not contain talc, as talc can absorb moisture and leave your skin looking flat. This strategic approach to setting powder usage allows you to manage shine effectively while preserving a fresh and youthful appearance.

The Bottom Line

These makeup tips for grey hair are designed to celebrate the unique beauty and elegance that silver and grey strands bring to one’s appearance. Grey hair is a canvas for self-expression, and with the right makeup techniques, you can enhance your features and exude confidence. From hydrating your skin to choosing soft, complementary colors for eyeshadows, blush, and lipsticks, these tips emphasize the importance of embracing your natural beauty while gracefully transitioning into grey hair. With these tips, you can create a makeup routine that not only complements your hair color but also celebrates the elegance and timeless allure of grey hair.


Can I still wear colorful makeup with grey hair?

Absolutely! Grey hair can be a fantastic backdrop for experimenting with colorful eyeshadows, lipsticks, or blush. Just choose shades that harmonize with your undertones and personal style to create vibrant and complementary looks.

Should I avoid dark eyeliners and mascaras with grey hair?

Not necessarily. While softer shades like brown or grey can be more forgiving, dark eyeliners and mascaras can add definition to your eyes. Just use them judiciously to avoid a harsh contrast, focusing on subtlety and precision.

Can I wear red lipstick with grey hair?

Yes, red lipstick can look stunning with grey hair. Opt for red shades that complement your skin undertone, such as warm reds for those with warm undertones and cool reds for those with cool undertones. A well-chosen red can be a timeless and bold choice.

How can I prevent makeup from settling into fine lines and wrinkles?

Proper skincare and moisturizing are essential. Additionally, use makeup primers to create a smooth canvas. Avoid heavy, matte foundations, and opt for hydrating formulas. Lightly set makeup with translucent powder, focusing on areas that tend to crease.

Is there a specific order to apply makeup for grey hair?

Start with skincare, including moisturizer and eye cream. Then apply primer, foundation, and concealer. Move on to eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Define your brows, add blush, highlighter, and finish with lips. The key is to create a balanced and cohesive look that enhances your features.

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