If you’ve a plus size body, you’re gifted with full busts and full hips. These parts of your body are actually your assets. Choose prints or patterns that focus on these areas. Chances are there you have a small waist (a perfect hourglass figure, great). If you’ve a smaller midsection, try to draw others’ attention to your positive sides of the body.

Generally, curvy women avoid wearing prints. In case, you’re confused, mix prints and patterns to glam yourself up. Ahead, we have discussed how plus size girls can wear prints and look flawlessly beautiful. Let’s see how you can do the same.

No more fear for prints!

Rules of Wearing Prints for Plus-Size Women

1) Animal Prints? Best will be a Bodycon Dress

Animal prints (whether leopard or zebra) can rav up your sexiness. Plus, wearing such a print will give an immediate boost to your confidence. If the dress is sleeveless, layer it up with a jacket to hide your flabby arms. Top it off with a black or brown heeled bootie.

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2) Choose a Medium-Sized Print

Bold and big prints will make your curves look more generous. On the other hand, small prints look best on slim silhouettes. Long story short, wear medium-sized prints. These types of print size will not add to your volume while making you look gorgeous.

plus size can wear prints

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3) Consider Color of the Prints

Your complexion decides what color will look good on you.

First of all, check your vein’s color. If it’s green, make friendship with warm colors like orange, red, and yellow. For women with blue veins, green and blue are the best.

However, some dresses have both cool and warm color prints. In such a case, how will you pick the right color for prints? Find out which is the dominating color. Wear accessories of that color to compliment your overall appearance.

4) Carefully Choose the Separates

The separates you pick should go well with the print. Suppose, you’re wearing a print dress. Wear a neutral colored shoe. Or, you can choose one color from the print and match your separates accordingly.

5) Perfect-Sized Printed Dress

Many women think loose garments will hide their bulge. Definitely, this is true. But, at the same time, extra printed fabrics can make you look even bigger. Therefore, we suggest you to pull off a well-fitted printed dress (not too tight) to embrace your curves.

plus size can wear prints

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6) Create a Balance in the Prints

Balancing your prints is vital. This is where things get confusing. If your top is in bold print, your bottom shouldn’t be. Rather, choose a bottom in a plain solid color. Many a time, fashionistas have proved that wearing prints on prints is perfectly OK. But, you need to have that much confident to make such a bold fashion statement.

If you’re determined to wear double prints, go for one small and the other big print. It will look better than the two prints of the same size. Make sure your prints are not clashing with each other.

7) Avoid Horizontally Placed Prints

And by that, we don’t mean vertical stripes. That’s a given. Vertical stripes make you look slimmer and add the perfect length to your outfit. But when it comes to other prints, for example Aztecs, Paisleys etc. make sure they don’t have a lot of space between them, or are placed horizontally. This makes the prints even more flattering for plus size girls!


As you’re plus-sized, be cautious while wearing prints. Follow the above said rules to seamlessly pull of prints. Also, believe in yourself. You have to be confident and comfortable to look best in whatever you wear. 

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