Burpee workouts are fun and can take your workout routine to the next level. If you’re someone who want to slim down fast, then burpees are for you. You can find burpees in practically every workout, from high-intensity interval training sessions to boot camps. They’re one of those HIIT workouts that you’ll love to avoid. But, if you start loving them, you’ll enjoy many body-toning benefits.

Benefits Of Burpee Workouts

• Burpees work on your entire body 

• Burpees can make every muscle in your body sweat as they work your upper and lower body muscle.

• Burpees makes you lose more weight while burning calories.

• It can reduce blood pressure.

It is safe, effective and natural way to help reduce your blood pressure, making them very good for the body.

• It can be done anywhere and it requires no equipment or going to the gym.

• Burpees may also aid in fat loss.

• Burpees boost your stamina.

• It improves the strength of your legs, chest, thighs and arms.

• Burpees exercise can make you stronger and also help you perform better during your day to day activities.

Types Of Burpee Exercises 

1. Bench Burpee

The bench press has always been recognized to be the staple of your bodybuilding workout. The reason being is because this exercise targets a lot of the major muscle groups in your upper body. It develops your pectoral muscles, triceps and deltoids which are three of the muscle groups that men desire to improve the most. Furthermore, the bench presses is also a good indicator of how strong you are. In order to be able to bench a lot, your muscles need to be in a well-developed state. 

How to do

° Stand directly in front of a bench or chair.

° Place hands down on the bench or chair.

° Step both feet back at a time in one big motion.

° You’ll be in a push up/plank position.

° Step both foot back leading to starting position. 

Watch out the video here.


• Great exercise for beginners 

Benching for the first time will teach you how to properly lift with a good form and technique and the importance of it. This will result in better upper body strength which will give you a more developed frame. Hitting the bench at least twice a week will improve your push strength significantly. 

• Strengthens shoulder

The exercise strengthens the anterior and medial part of your deltoids, giving you that nice capped shape. To further target deltoid development benching from an inclined position will put tremendous pressure on them, ensuring better results. 

Better bone density 

Bone density is improved by inducing stress onto your bones, which is exactly what working out does to your body when you perform strength training exercises. Good levels of bone density reduce the risk of osteoporosis. This proves that there’s no age limit to lifting weights as it is highly encouraged among senior citizens in order to prevent weak limbs.

2. Step Back Burpee

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How to Do 

° Stand with your feet and shoulder-width apart, and your arms at your sides.

° Push your hips back, bend your knees, and lower your body into a squat. 

° Place your hands on the floor directly in front of, and just inside, your feet. Shift your weights onto your hands.

° Then step your feet forward one at a time, just outside of your hands.

° Reach your arms overhead and rise back up to your feet.

Useful tips 

When in a plank position, be careful not to ache your lower back or stick your butt in the air, as both can prevent you from effectively working your core.

You should feel your entire body working. 

3. Modified Burpees

This is a full body exercise that works all your large muscle groups.

How to Do

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° Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. 

° Put your hands on the ground and kick your feet backward.

° Bring your feet back and jump up.

°  Bend your legs to get your hands on the floor instead of bending your body.

4. Mountain Climber Burpee Workouts

The mountain climber is a classic ab exercise. It will strengthen your core as you simultaneously work on your cardio and muscular endurance. This move is a great addition to any ab workout, especially the basics like crunches and planks.

How to Do

° Start in a traditional plank position with your shoulders directly over your hands and wrists. Be sure to keep your back flat and your butt down, maintaining a neutral spine posture. 

° Engage your core (think about pulling your belly button toward your spine) and lift up your right knee, bringing it toward your elbow. It’s OK if you can’t bring the knee all the way to your elbow. Take the right knee back to the starting position as you simultaneously drive up toward your left elbow. Return to the starting position. 

Reps:-  Continue “running” 4 rounds for 30 seconds. 


• Great for the Legs

When we think of the benefits, we often fail to realize that mountain climbers are actually fantastic when it comes to developing your legs.

• Burn fat

They work so incredibly well for people looking to burn fat. 

• Enhanced mobility 

It not only improve your balance, but they have also been found to be very effective when it comes to improving your mobility as well. 

5. Lunge Burpees

The lunge burpee workouts great functional exercise to use to strengthen your legs, especially your muscles around your knees, for everyday activities. It is important to know how to do lunges correctly though, so you don’t end up putting unwanted strain on your knee joints and do more harm than good. 

How to Do 

° Start with one leg in front of you at a comfortable distance where you can maintain your balance and be able to lower yourself down to perform the lunge.

° When you lower yourself, go as straight down as possible rather than moving forward.

° Keep the knee of your front leg behind the toes of your front foot.

° When you lower yourself down, keep your chest up and keep looking forward.

° Perform the entire movement slowly and with control.

6. Snowboard Hop Burpee 

How to Do

° Start with a short squat.

° Then drop into a pike position keeping your spine neutral and aligned. 

° Move directly into a classic push up.

° Pull your legs for landing them as flat as you can next to or just behind your hands.

° Raise your chest putting you into a half squat position. 

° Squeeze your glutes and explode upward with a big jump clapping above your head.

 Be careful not to drop too fast to your chest that could hurt.

° Use your arms to guide your chest to the floor.

* Don’t get lazy and pull your feet only half way. This can put your knees in a bad position before you jump.

Reps: Few sets of ten 2 or 3 times a week.

7. Plyo Jack Burpee Workouts

Plyo is just short for plyometrics. Plyometrics are exercises that allow a muscle to produce the most force in the shortest period of time. So plyometrics really imply power. And in a plyometric move, you are focusing on getting what’s called a pre-stretch or pre-load so the muscle can fire. Again really forcefully and at a high velocity. So it’s like thinking of your muscles like a rubber band. 


• Great to get that heart rate up.

• Fires up the legs.

Just make sure before you do any plyometric move that you are able to do the base movements, the squat, the jumping jack with good form so that you don’t injure yourself as it is high intensity high impact. 

How to Do

° Stretch the muscle and then pow, release the rubber band and produce a lot of force and a lot of momentum.

° Plyo jack is similar to jumping jack. So make it more powerful. Go into a deeper squat before you take off for the jack.

° Creating that stretch in the muscle and then boom, bring it back in together. So bring it all the way down into the squat.

° Add the upper body to it if you want. 

Another version of a plyo jack would be what’s called an ex-jump or star jump where you start in a squat, and then explode the jack.

8. Single Leg Burpee

This is a great exercise just because burpees in general are hard to do. Single leg burpees kick it up a notch where you have to work harder to keep yourself balanced. 

How to Do 

° Stand on one leg and drop your body down and touch the ground with one foot.

° Hop back, perform a pushup, hop forward.

° Regain your balance, then explode straight up, landing on the same foot.


• Helps in strengthening your shoulders,  chest and core.

• Increasing cardiovascular endurance.

• Gets your heart rate up fast making them a great addition to High-Intensity Interval Training programs.

9. Squat Burpee Workouts

How to Do 

° Stand with your feet about hip-width to shoulder-width apart.

° Sink into a low squat.

° Quickly jump your feet back in and outside your hands. Lift your hands and stay in that low squat.

° Pause a second then quickly jump back into plank and the back into the squat.

10. Bull Dog Burpee Workouts


• It focuses on a full body calisthenics workout that aims to build muscle strength and endurance in both your lower and upper body. 

• It works to strengthen the muscles in your legs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, arms, chest and shoulders.

How to Do

° Start standing your feet together. 

° Then squat down and place your hands down on the ground. 

° With your hands down on the ground just in front of your feet, jump your feet back into the Bull Dog position.

° Jump your feet back so that your knees are an inch off the ground and about under your hips while your hands are about under your shoulders. 

° Do not let your butt go up in the air or your low back arch. 

° Keep your back flat in this position. Then jump your feet back in and slightly outside your hands. 

° Lift your hands up off the ground and jump up as high as you can before squatting back down and placing your hands back on the ground to jump back into the Bull Dog position and repeat the burpee. 

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