There’s no doubt that corrective eye surgery such as LASIK can have a life-changing effect on its patients. Whether they’ve suffered from astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness, being able to see clearly can definitely alter one’s day-to-day life. What’s probably the best thing about this popular surgical procedure is the minimal downtime it comes with, along with the fact that it can be done in as little as 15 minutes.

It’s really no wonder that even our favorite red carpet stars are turning to this popular lunchtime treatment. If you’re considering undergoing the procedure yourself, it might help to know which celebrities have had LASIK eye surgery and loved their results.

Cindy Crawford

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Traveling, posing for photoshoots, and wearing a ton of professional makeup on a daily basis – the life of an international supermodel isn’t as easy as it seems. No one knows this better than Cindy Crawford, a world-famous businesswoman, actress, and TV personality.

To her, wearing eyeglasses was a daily struggle, and things weren’t any less difficult when she wore contact lenses. She worried about falling asleep in her eyewear while the layers of makeup would constantly get in her eyes while she wore contacts. That is until she decided to have laser eye surgery and got clearer vision. With LASIK, everything from reading from a teleprompter to tackling photoshoots was much less challenging for this global star.

Kim Kardashian

Another one of the A-listers who’ve had this elective surgery done is the reality star, Kim Kardashian. Known for her glamorous looks and impeccable style choices, the celebrity and the mother of four opted for a LASIK procedure in Los Angeles.

Dr. Robert Maloney, an experienced LA ophthalmologist, tackled the star’s vision, and it was even featured on the star’s hit television reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. Kim was so satisfied with the results that it prompted another member of the KarJenner clan, Kim’s younger sister Kylie Jenner to seek this doctor’s help a couple of years later.

Brooke Shields

Talented and beautiful, the actress and model Brooke Shields definitely has what it takes to be a Hollywood star. Working in an industry where looks are paramount, swapping glasses for something more convenient and camera-friendly was a no-brainer. Born in Manhattan, this New York City native underwent the popular corrective procedure and never looked back.

According to experts for LASIK eye surgery in New York City, undergoing this popular procedure means that there’s no more dealing with the discomfort or upkeep that often comes with contact lenses and glasses. With Brooke’s dreamy blue eyes that became her signature feature, ditching glasses was certainly a step in the right direction.

Brad Pitt

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When you’ve got the looks and a career like Brad Pitt does, hiding behind a pair of specs makes no sense. But the famous actor didn’t undergo LASIK just for the sake of rocking a specs-free look. The heartthrob’s poor vision made his work challenging, and he also angered some of his friends and fans because he didn’t recognize them.

To propel his career forward, Pitt opted for laser eye surgery, which worked to his advantage. So many roles he took on required him to look tough and rough, and that was a little difficult to do while wearing specs. Luckily, a LASIK surgery in 2010 helped his career and turned him into one of the most attractive men in the world.

Elton John

For someone who’s built their career relying on looks that always sported a pair of specs, Elton John is the last person you’d think had laser eye surgery. Apparently, the glasses that he so frequently wears are there for purely decorative purposes.

After undergoing LASIK, the star had no need to put on his prescription eyeglasses just to get through the day. Still, that didn’t stop him from adorning his many wacky outfits with a pair of equally quirky glasses from his dizzying eyewear collection, often adorned with everything from feathers to various embellishments.

Drew Carrey

Finding it difficult to imagine Drew Carrey without sporting a pair of glasses? You’re not alone. Apparently, the host of the legendary television game shows The Price is Right continues to wear glasses despite undergoing LASIK.

Even though he had the popular eye surgery a few decades back, his fans found it rather challenging to recognize their favorite host and comedian without his signature black frames. He definitely benefited from the surgery as it helped him maintain good eyesight. Nowadays, the glasses are there to simply maintain the nerdy-glass-wearer image that people know him for.

The Bottom Line

Safe and effective, LASIK continues to take the world by storm, and Hollywood is no exception. Still, it is important that you check with your doctor if you’re a good candidate for this procedure. The earlier you schedule a consultation, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy the many benefits of LASIK that so many of your favorite A-listers have experienced first-hand.

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