Whether you’re coloring your hair for the first time or you do it quite often, one question that will obviously pop up in your mind is, “how often can you dye your hair?” However, there’s no direct answer to it. But, no worries. Here, we’ve consulted with some hair colorists to answer some of the most common questions related to it.

If you want to revamp your look, coloring your hair in different hues can be your first step. You can check out our hair color ideas to get some inspo. Dyeing quite often can damage your hair. So, it’s important to know what the gap should be between your dyeing and re-dyeing. And, that’s what you’ll know here.

How Soon Can You Dye Your Hair Again?

Generally, you should maintain a gap of 4-6 weeks between colorings. Again, this time frame depends on two main factors:

a) Type of dye you’re using

b) Condition of your hair

Maintaining the above-said gap is recommended for keeping your hair in good health. This 4 to 6 weeks gap also helps to prevent hair damage caused due to coloring.

How Often Should You Dye Roots?

Ideally, visiting a salon for a root touchup after 4-6 weeks is just fine.

Your scalp releases heat. This heat extends up to 2cms from the root. The released heat speeds up the dye developing process. Wait for your roots to grow. Chances are your roots grow past 2cms. The gap between 2cms (where the heat has reached) and the length of the grown-out root will lack the heat, and hence the color will be uneven.

Your colorist will use two different formulas to balance out the uneven color in the gap.

Can You Dye Your Hair Two Days in a Row?

No. Coloring your hair two days in a row can damage it.

Allow your hair some time to repair your scalp and hair from the last session of coloring. Some people claim that they’ve dyed their hair two days in a row without damaging. However, the type of hair they have may be different from yours.

Your hair stylist is the best person to answer this question. It’s better to avoid coloring too often. Otherwise, your hair will become frizzy, and eventually fall out.

What Will Happen if You Dye Your Hair Twice in One Day?

Never ever dye your hair twice in a day. In most cases, dyeing hair twice in a day dries hair out. Ultimately, this will lead to breakage. Wait for atleast 24hours before the next application. Go for the color the next day only if it is absolutely necessary.

Apply a long lasting and deep conditioner. Moreover, coloring the hair twice in a day can affect the color of your already dyed hair.

What Happens When You Dye Already Dyed Hair?

Dyeing already dyed hair can only darken the shade. If indigo, intense copper, violet, or red is your hair color, use a hair color remover before applying dye again. Using a color remover before coloring hair will give you a lighter shade. For a warmer or cooler tone, pick a 5vol peroxide developer especially, if you have fine hair. Likewise, use a 10vol peroxide for having color resistant or significantly darker hair.

On the other hand, if you want to go darker, apply hair color or bleach on the already dyed hair. At the same time, make sure that your hair is healthy enough to handle the effects of bleach.

Does the Type of Dye Matter?

Your dye’s type plays a crucial role in determining how often you can dye your hair. There are 4 main types of dyes – Temporary, Semi-permanent, Demi-permanent, and Permanent.


From the name itself, it’s clear that this type of dye colors your hair temporarily. As you shampoo after coloring, the dye comes out. However, these dyes don’t have damaging effects.


Semi-permanent dyes last longer than temporary ones. They last up to 6 washes.

As they’re free from all peroxides and can easily penetrate into hair, you can dye your hair with semi-permanent dyes once in every week.

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Demi-permanent dyes last as long as up to 20 washes.

The presence of low quantity of peroxide allows you to dye your hair using it after every 6 to 8 weeks. However, demi-permanent dyes cannot lighten hair color.


Permanent hair dyes last longer as compared to all other types of dyes.

You can re-dye your hair with permanent hair dyes after every 6 to 8 weeks. Unlike demi-permanent dyes, they can lighten hair color. If you want to cover grey hair, use permanent dyes.

Should You Apply Hair Color on Damaged Hair?

If possible, avoid applying coloring on damaged hair. Especially the permanent dyes. It’s because these types of hair dyes can damage your hair even more.

On the contrary, semi-permanent dyes have far less damaging effects. But, your safest bet is a temporary dye. Go for a temporary hair rinse to color your hair without doing a lot of damage.

Don’t forget to moisturize your hair often. As your hair is already damaged, coloring it will worsen the condition further. However, moisturizing can be the only way to restore your hair’s health.

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Is It Important to Consider Hair Porosity?

Yes. Your hair porosity determines how long lasting the applied color will be.

Colors stay a bit longer on low porosity hair. To make the color penetrate better in to the hair cuticle, use a high developer while dyeing.

Colors fade faster on high porosity hair. However, high porosity hair can easily absorb colors. Hence, you don’t have to make the dye last for a long time. Apply the color whenever required.

Damaging Effects of Dyeing Frequently

Coloring your hair frequently can have these damaging effects.

a) Weakens the strength of your hair

b) Makes your hair dry

c) May cause scalp irritations

d) Can lead to skin rashes due to the penetration of chemicals into the skin

e) Affects fertility

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