Pimples can occur on any part of your body. Your breast isn’t an exception. Generally, these pimples are harmless and go away on their own. However, no one likes to get pimples. And, having pimples on breasts is really annoying.

Oftentimes, people have many questions regarding this skin issue. We’ve researched a lot on the topic. In this blog, we’ve answered some FAQs, which will help you know more about boob acne.


Are boils on breasts a sign of cancer?

A red small spot on the breast (filled with pus or not) is not a sign of cancer. Most of the times, lumps leading to breast cancer are formed inside the breast. The pus-filled small red spots you can see on the breast or nipple are mostly pimples. This skin problem is also called chest acne or boob acne.

However, your dermatologist is the best person to decide whether you’re just having a pimple on your breast or it is something serious. Only red small pus cannot signal cancer. If you’re having breast cancer, other symptoms like difficulty breathing, swelling of breast tissue, discharge from nipples, and formation of many other pimples on breasts will also be there. But, you’ve to be careful and check whether the red spot is changing its form.

What causes pimples on breasts?

When bacteria and oil are trapped inside the skin pores, pimples occur. Generally, the factors causing pimples on the face and breasts are the same.

Apart from these, some of the common causes of pimples on breasts are:

1. Stress

2. Use of thick and scented body lotions

3. Changes in hormone levels during puberty

4. Foods including refined carbs, trans fats, and saturated fats also increases the risk of having pimples

5. Genetics

6. Antibiotics, and certain medicines

7. Poor exercise hygiene

8. Wearing tight clothing

What do breast pimples look like?

Breast pimples look like bug bite. Pimples are also one kind of acne. Acne breakouts on breasts can be identified in the following ways:

1. A small and red lump

2. The lump may be filled with pus

3. White-colored liquid substance may ooze out from the lump

4. Swelling up of the surrounding skin

How to Treat Boob Acne at Home?

Little changes in your lifestyle and some at-home treatments can go a long way to heal boob acne.

1. Avoid exposing your chest to the sun

2. Apply oil-free sunscreen

3. Take a shower after sweating heavily.

4. Wash the pimple-prone area twice daily using a mild soap.

5. Zinc containing creams and lotions can also heal pimples.

6. Wear breathable and loose-fitting clothes.

7. Wipe your sweat away with a clean towel during the workout session.

How to prevent breast pimples?

Take the following steps to prevent recurring of pimples on breasts.

1. Shower daily

2. Exfoliate at least once in a week

3. Drink enough water

4. Avoid washing your clothes with allergenic detergents

Are there any medical treatments for pimples on breast?

Sometimes, home remedies don’t work on breast pimples. If this is the case, you may need to see a doctor. The doctor may prescribe the following medications:

a) Chemical Peels

b) Antibiotics

c) Retinoids

d) Birth control pills

e) Laser and phototherapies

f) Isotetrinoin

g) Steroid injections

How Long Do Breast Pimples Take to Heal?

Needless to say, breast boils give an uncomfortable feeling. But, this uncomforting doesn’t last for a long time. With proper care and hygiene practices, these boils can be healed within one to two weeks.

Should I go to doctor if pimples on breasts keep recurring?         

We’d advise visiting the doctor immediately if pimples on your breasts keep recurring. Your doctor may take a medical swab from the pimple. The doctor will use this swab to diagnose any underlying health issue. Accordingly, the doctor will plan the treatment procedure.

When to visit a doctor?

Oftentimes, pimples on breasts are a sign of an infection. But, there’s no good in taking risks when it concerns your health. As per the American Cancer Society, dimpling or skin irritation can also be the warning signs of breast cancer. If you’re observing redness or scaling on your nipple or breast, contact a dermatologist. Apart from it, also see whether you’re having discharge from nipples, retraction of nipples, or swelling of breast tissue. If ‘yes’, don’t delay. However, cancer-causing dimpling are painful and doesn’t go away either with OTC or regular home treatments.

Can I lance the pimple myself?

Never lance, scratch, or squeeze a breast pimple. Doing so can make the condition even worse. Let your doctor lance the pimple. First of all, he or she will numb the area. After that, the doctor will lance carefully with the help of medical equipment.  

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