If you’re considering trying out natural hair dyes there are a number of different products to choose from. The first step is to choose the type of hair dye that’s right for you. If you’re sensitive to harsh chemicals, you might want to consider a dye that’s gentle on your skin. Luckily, there are several products available on the market that can be effective and safe.

Best Natural Hair Dyes Available in the Market

1. Henna

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If you want to dye your hair naturally, henna can provide a perfect solution. It is a natural dye that is widely available and can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use henna to dye your hair from eyebrows to sideburns. It also works well on beards.

You need to mix the henna powder with hot water to make a thick paste. Apply the paste to your hair and massage it thoroughly. After about an hour, the color will peak and deepen. Rinse your hair thoroughly afterward with a mild shampoo and conditioner.

You must remember that henna may stain your hair, especially if you use it on wet hair. Therefore, it is important to choose a glass or ceramic bowl when mixing the henna. You should also use an old pillowcase to protect your hair during the process.

2. Earth Dye

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Earth Dye is one of the best natural hair dyes on the market. It’s made from 100% natural ingredients and is safe for your hair and the environment. Here, you can see before and after images of a woman who had applied Earth Dye to hide her gray hair. It also comes at a much lower price than other natural hair dyes. This is one of the reasons that men and women alike have found Earth Dye to be a great alternative to traditional hair dyes.

Earth Dye is a great choice for people who want a natural hair dye because it does not contain PPD (Phenyl Diamine Dioxide) and is safe to use on all hair types. It works well on gray hair, too, and darker strands become beautiful shades of mahogany. Furthermore, different types of hair colors are available for you to choose from.

Earth Dye’s formula is based on natural plant-based ingredients, which makes it ideal for those with a green or vegan lifestyle. In addition to its dye, it contains conditioners that make the hair healthier and more manageable. EarthDye claims that the dye will restore the condition of the hair as well as color it. The formula is designed to last for 20 to 30 root touch-ups. Therefore, it requires low maintenance.

3. Light Mountain

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Light Mountain Natural Hair Color coats your hair in a thin, translucent layer of color. Made with natural botanicals, it also helps restore your hair’s body and shine. The dye is also easy to apply and rinse, thanks to its fine mesh powder formula. Light Mountain Natural uses this mesh powder, which helps the dye release color evenly coat your hair.

The Dark Brown color of Light Mountain Natural Hair Color & Conditioner is a pure botanical color that nourishes and conditions all hair types. The dye contains only the purest botanical ingredients, including henna, senna, and indigo. It is certified organic by International Certification Services, Inc.


LUSH’s henna hair dye is a fantastic way to add a natural glow to your hair. This dye contains a mix of henna, cocoa butter, and nettle powder that all work together to produce a beautiful shade of red. This dye is safe for all hair types, including dry and damaged hair, and is a safe and effective way to color your hair without damaging it.

Lush’s henna hair dye is completely natural, vegan and free of preservatives. The dye itself is made from organic henna and ground herbs and fruits that leave your hair looking rich and lustrous. This product also comes in recycled paper packaging and is environmentally friendly.

LUSH’s henna hair dye is the darkest shade of henna on the market. Using more of the dye will intensify your current shade. You can use this product every four to six weeks, depending on the shade you want.

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