Short hair with blue highlights

Do you want to give a makeover to your short hair? Are you a crazy follower of the latest hair color trends? If yes, you may have already seen how popular the shades of blue have become. When it comes to blue, there’s a shade for everyone, from dark midnight tones to light pastel blues. If you want to make a subtle change, we’re about to inspire you with a list of short hair with blue highlights that are gorgeous without being overly dramatic.

Blue highlights go perfectly with black, brown, and blonde hair colors. Adding a bluish charm to your hair will immediately jazz up your entire personality. However, make sure, you’re choosing the right shade.

But before you proceed, let’s see how long blue highlights last.

How Long Do Blue Highlights Last?

Short hair with blue hair highlights is a new fun way to make your cropped hair look attractive. How long the blue highlights will last depends on two basic factors:

a) How often do you wash your hair

b) The quality of your hair wash product

c) The type of dye you’re using

If you have your hair highlighted with semi-permanent dye then it will only last for 5 to 7 washes. If your hair is dyed permanently then the color is likely to last for a month and a half. To make your blue hair highlight last longer, avoid washing regularly. Furthermore, use only sulfate-free shampoos. When your blue highlights begin to fade, mix the blue dye into a deep conditioner to refresh the color.

Short Black Hair With Blue Highlights

Blue highlights on black hair can be a great option if you want to spice things up. That’s because these highlights can add a major pop to black hair. If you’re growing bored of plain black hair but don’t want to go bright, here are our favorite black short hair with blue highlights to try. Whether you’re starting with natural or salon-created dark hair, a dark base can always benefit from sparkling blue highlights. 

1. Midnight Blue Highlights on Black Hair

Black Hair Blue Highlights

Image: Source

This is one of the classic examples of short blue and black hairstyles. Here, a short defined bob haircut has side-placed blue highlights. This thicker and chunky variant of highlights will look perfect for everyday wear. Therefore, we have kept it on our list for short black hair with highlights of blue.

Moreover, this midnight shade of blue is a low-maintenance hair color. So, you don’t have to spare a lot of time and effort to invest in your look.

2. Modern Bob With Teal Blue Highlights

Blue highlights on short black hair

Image: Source

If you have dared to apply a bold look to your short hair with blue highlights, opt for this. Combine your natural black root with some teal shades of blue hair dye. Then wrap it with foils to create interesting panels of color on your short hair. Enhance the beauty of this black blue short hair by adding some more dye of the same shade to your bangs too. Doing so will help you get a low-maintenance short haircut.

3. Navy Blue Ends on Black Hair

short hair with blue highlights

Image: Source

Nothing emphasizes the beauty of black hair more than this type of blue short hair. A little touch on the ends moves the basic hair color to a whole new level. Navy blue is a very dark blue hair color that is popular with creative ladies because of its silky and saturated texture. How about making your ends look like pure silk?

4. Turquoise Highlights on Black Hair

Turquoise highlights on short black hair

Image: Source

Are you ready to go edgy with your short black hair? Turquoise highlights can be your failsafe bet.

Go for the turquoise highlights especially if you have light and pale skin tones. Apply highlights to the head full of hair and leave the shaved side as it is. This short pixie with a fade is super hot with its turquoise highlights.

5. Icy Blue Ombre on Black Hair

icy blue ombre on short black hair

Image: Source

Whether it’s an enchanting sea goddess or an ice queen, blue makes one of the best ombre hair color ideas. If you want some trendy ideas for short hair with blue highlights, this is for you. The icy blue shade can create an interesting contrast with your naturally dark locks. This icy, light blue shade ​will make them POP! Pairing with waves helps add even more color dimension to your short hair.

6. Short Black Hair With Cobalt Blue Highlights

short black hair with cobalt blue highlights

Image: Source

This pick is for those who want very short hair with highlights of blue. A combination of a little bit funky and ultra-feminine style. If you love the bright blue color, then this should be your must-try. This color combination will make your facial features pop. The blue color blends with the dark black color so well that it will enhance your beauty without being overly gorgeous.

7. Light Blue Highlights

Short black hair with blue highlights

Image: Source

If you’re looking for short hairstyles with blue highlights, consider this. For short hair with blue highlights, a combination of tones works great. This asymmetrical bob features light blue, black, and gray tones. The combination of different colors has made the hairstyle unique and trendy. You can recreate this or add more blue-black. If you want to go bold, consider this look.

8. Ocean Blue Highlights on Black Hair

Ocean blue highlights on black hair

Image: Source

Ocean blue highlights are making waves on Instagram. So, if you’re looking for short hair with blue highlights, you can consider this. A short bob and an ocean blue can be a perfect pair. If you want to add a bluish charm to your short hair without going too bright, consider this hue. Put a twist with classic blue highlights. Depending on the intensity you wish to convey, ocean blue highlight is the perfect shade for those who prefer subtlety, and synonymously for those who want to add some drama! 

9. Short Hair With Blue Highlights of Purple And Black

Purple highlights on black hair

Image: Source

Purple highlights look cool and trendy. They blend well with black hair. If you want to look professional, go for a subtle and gorgeous addition with purple highlights on short black hair. Whatever your skin tone is, purple highlights are surprisingly flattering.

Short Brown Hair With Blue Highlights

Short brown hair with blue highlights is simply amazing. You can style your highlights any way you want including edgy or more demure looks. Blue highlights can add plenty of dimensions and depth to your facial features. Here are some of the ideas you can try.

10. Purple Balayage On Short Brown Hair

purple highlights on brown hair

Image: Source

Are you up to trying the frostiest hues of the year? Go for a purple balayage. For short hair with blue highlights, consider the pastel shades for a soft effect/ Pastel blue highlights or purple balayage create a subtle contrast on brown hair, especially if you have light brown hair. The highlights appear at the correct places to make an ombre-like look.

11. Midnight Blue Highlights On Short Dark Brown Hair

Image: Source

If you love blue highlights brown hair, consider this. The combination of dark brown and midnight blue can give you a delicate and romantic vibe. This is a great short hairstyle for summer festivals and events. You can even choose this highlight shade to go to the office. When you choose the right shade like midnight blue highlights in brown hair, it will bring more definition to your hairstyle.

12. Dark Blue Highlights On Brown Lob

Dark blue highlights on brown lob

Image: Source

Revitalize your brown lob with a touch of drama and depth by adding dark blue highlights. This subtle yet striking contrast creates a modern and edgy look, enhancing the richness of your brown hair while infusing it with a bold and contemporary vibe.

13. Light Blue Highlights Short in Brown Hair

short hair with blue highlights

Image: Source

This is one of those short hair with blue highlights at the ends that will make you look like you have superpowers that deal with the water. These light blue highlights in brown hair create further dimension, giving your locks instant shine and depth, as well as a youthful glow. Instead of some bright colors, many women now prefer light-colored highlights because they make you look intense and smart.

14. Short Shag Hair With Purple and Blue Highlights

Short Hair With Purple and Blue Highlights

Image: Source

The dark purple and blue highlights on brown hair have taken the highlighting concept to a whole new level. If you do not want to go for full-blown purple-blue ombre hair, opt for this. Its unique look will help you stand out from the crowd. It seems so well-balanced for good reason. These two matching colors go perfectly together, as you can find them on the same side of the color spectrum.

15. Short Bob With Violet Hues

Short brown bob with violet highlights

Image: Source

Violet hues applied at the roots make the brown hair look exceptionally sensational. Dress up your shaggy brown bob with violet highlights and get ready to tickle your fancy and set a trendsetting short hairstyle.  Here, the blue hair highlights add radiance to your appearance but don’t minimize your beautiful base color.

16. Money Piece Hair Highlights

Money Piece Hair Highlights

Image: Source

Money piece highlights are a type of balayage that involves making the front stripes of hair on both sides of your face brighter than the rest of your hair. Whether your mane is chin-length or hip-length, money piece highlights look good on all hair lengths. The hair’s light blue streaks make for a compelling and attractive look.

17. Turquoise Highlights on Light Brown Hair

Image: Source

The highlights created on light brown hair are easily noticeable. This combo of light brown and turquoise is mesmeric and attention-grabbing. One of the upsides of brown hair is its readiness to complement the most vibrant colors. Light brown hair with turquoise highlights is absolutely enthralling. Glossy, with high luminosity and lots of dimensions.

Short Blonde Hair With Blue Highlights

Blonde hair tends to look very monochrome without a lot of texturizing. Therefore, be sure to combine layers and blue highlights for a perfect final look. Moreover, blue highlights against the blonde backdrop will create a wonderful contrast, which will be sure to catch everyone’s eye.

If you have white blonde hair, the blue will fade fantastically going through stages of baby blue and ice. However, if you had a yellow blonde under your blue, it’s likely you’re going to need to top it up a lot.

18. Sky Blue Highlights on Short Blonde Hair

Short blonde hair with sky blue highlights

Image: Source

Don’t want blue all over the head? Go for this sumptuous blue highlighted hair look suitable for blonde women. Instead of adding fine ones, take thick chunks of hair at the back of the ears and dye them in a shiny sky-blue hue. The combination looks extremely gorgeous.

19. Blue Streaks in Blonde Bangs

Blue highlights in short blonde hair

Image: Source

The bright blue streaks on the angled bob look classy and suit almost all face shapes. A blonde angled bob is pretty edgy as it is, and the midnight blue streaks will steal the breath away. However, you can top the blue streaks with juicy pink for a more vibrant effect.

20. Light Blue Highlights on Blonde Hair

short blonde hair with blue highlights

Image: Source

Light blue highlights will give a warm touch to your blonde hairstyle since blue is a cold color. It feels much more vivid and airy with blue tones, and it can bring out your eyes. It can also be a very classy and formal hairstyle that can get very interesting with the smallest amount of work.

21. Midnight Blue and Purple Highlighted Short Hair Bangs

Image: Source

Looking for more short hair with blue highlights? Here’s more for you. Adding highlights to your bangs or at the front part of the hair can enhance your facial features. The midnight blue streaks look subtle with purple highlights. Both colors suit the blonde hair base perfectly. This is surely the most effortless and fun way to spice up dull hair.

22. Electric Blue Highlights on Blonde Hair

If you need more inspiration for blonde hair with blue highlights, consider this one. Her blonde hair has been highlighted with a royal blue hue at the tips to create a striking contrast. This look is perfect for straight hair and looks stunning on shorter hair. 

23. Blue Peekaboo On Blonde Hair

Image: Source

Fans of stunning hair colors will not be able to pass blue and purple peekaboo on blonde hair. To reveal the colors completely, go for peekaboo highlights at the front part of your short chopped layers or bangs. Those blue and purple pieces look even more fantastic in a messy wash-and-go hairstyle.

24. Chunky Blue Streaks

Image: Source

If you’ve ever wanted hardcore rocker hair, this is the look to emulate. The style is its own work of art, but the mix of platinum highlights, chunky blue streaks, and stark roots is sizzling. It will be a beautiful surprise for others when you move your head.

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