Looking for some practical ideas about plus size Valentine’s Day outfits? You’ve come to the right place.

Everyone wants to look best on this very special day. However, choosing the outfit shouldn’t make you sweat. Just like slim girls, plus-sized girls also have endless options to dress themselves up and look amazing. Whether you’re planning to go for a romantic dinner date or want to love yourself a little more, these outfit ideas will definitely help you.

From flirty skirts to wrap midi dresses, get a little festive with our picks. Not only red dresses, but also other colors are there to impress him. The dresses we’ve selected will flaunt your curves.

Best Colors for Valentine’s Day Plus-Sized Girls

Red signifies passion and love. So, red is definitely a safe choice. Plus, it’s bright and bold to match your spirits. Apart from red, go for any dark color. Dark colors like black, chocolate, charcoal, and navy blue help you look slim.

Plus Size Valentine’s Day Outfits

1.  Slit Wrap Dress

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Baring your legs a little can boost your confidence.

Wrap dress is a universally flattering dress, especially for the plus size. Such a dress is comfortable, feminine, and sexy. Perfect for a backyard barbecue or a candlelit dinner with your partner. In fact, the slit wrap dress can do no wrong.

2. Long Coat Over a LBD

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If you don’t want to put much effort into getting dressed, wear a LBD. As it will be for a date night, opt for an LBD with satiny finish and playful flutter sleeves.

However, a bodycon LBD can also do the job, if you’re ready to look sexy. Such a bodycon dress will smooth everything over in the best possible way. You can layer up a long coat to keep yourself warm when the temperature falls.

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3. Structured Blazer

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Get a blazer that’s neither too box nor straight. It’s because you need to taper in. The blazer you choose should be well-structured to give you a little bit of shape. As far as color of your blazer is concerned, feel free to try any fun color. Or, play safe with a black or white. Double-breasted blazers are essentially fool-proof and will highlight your shape. On the other hand boyfriend styles will give a nonchalant vibe.

Wear a dark colored tee underneath. Pick ankle-length well-fitted jeans as the bottom. Match it with a pair of black heels.  

4. Curve- Embracing Gowns

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Gowns draping your hip area is the best. Your gown shouldn’t be too flowy. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking like a slouch bag. Instead, wear a gown embracing your curves and highlighting them. Ditch prints and full-sleeves. Go for a single color scheme. A single-colored gown will add length to your body. Similarly, half-sleeve and sleeveless will bare your hands. This, in turn, will make you look slim.

If you have heavy back, avoid column style. Such a style will draw the attention more towards your back. As it will be your evening gown, chose luxury fabrics like satin, silk, velvet or chiffon.

5. Pencil Skirt with a Fashionable Top

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On curvy girls, pencil skirts look classy and stunning. Shop for a skirt fitting your hip. If you’ve hourglass figure, make sure that the skirt doesn’t taper a lot at the knees. This can affect the balance in your overall look. Also avoid skirts having details at the waist like trim, pockets, and button, especially if you are a midlife mamma.

Any fashionable top contrasting your skirt’s color can be a nice pair. To spice things up, choose a bold color top having lace. Complete the look with chic heeled shoes.

6. A Lace Dress

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An A- line lace dress is perfect and so ladylike. Try to get a dress having laces woven vertically. Such a dress will make your silhouette appear long. If your hip is quite big, shop a lace dress that’s flows gently around that part.

Busty girls can choose a dress having V-necklines. V-necklines minimizes the appearance of busts and are not too-revealing. As a lace dress has soft texture, wear a loose-fitting dress if you’ve a big belly to perfectly hide that part. A tight-fitting lace dress looks good on an hourglass figure boasting of her right proportions.

7. A Slip Midi Dress

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Sexy and sophisticated. A slip midi dress is versatile. You can style it in many ways. Throw on a blazer. Or, go casual with a shacket.  Wearing a slip dress will help you get transferred from a wedding to a dinner date.

Various lengths are available, when it comes to a slip dress. If you’re bit conservative, choose a length that hit you right at mid-calf. Or, you can also wear a turtleneck sweater underneath to look modest.

8. Peplum Tops

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Have a plan for a fun movie date? Peplum can be an ideal choice when it comes to plus size Valentine’s Day outfits. Make sure your selected peplum top has a surplice neckline to flatter your curvy frame. Peplum tops accentuate the waist. So, it looks amazing on curvy especially hourglass girls.

Pair the top with denim jeans. However, you can also wear them with trousers if you want to give a casual vibe. Go for either red or a pink color peplum top for showing off your romanticism and passion. Complete the look with chunky earrings.

What Plus Size Girls Shouldn’t Wear on Valentine’s Day?

Full hips and full bust are your assets. Therefore, you shouldn’t wear clothes, which will hide your assets. Rather. Shop for outfits flattering your generous curves.

Avoid wearing these dresses while going to meet your Valentine.

a) Baggy and shapeless clothing

b) Dresses which add a lot of bulk

c) Clothes lacking waist definition

d) Outfits having small prints

e) Sports bra

However, plus-sized girls can definitely wear prints. We’ve published an exclusive blog on this topic here. (How Plus Size Girls Can Wear Prints). But, we don’t recommend it for Valentine’s Day as you may need time to choose the right sized prints.

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