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How to Wear Makeup in a God Honoring Way


From the applying of white eggs to hide wrinkles during Elizabethan times to the soot-rimmed eyes of the ancient Egyptians, makeup has always remained an important seasoning. Some of the makeup rules from history are still ruling. Whereas most of those rules are no longer in use.

Whenever I put on makeup, I ask myself, ‘Am I wearing it in a God honoring way?’ By God honoring way, I mean here whether my makeup is making me look worldly (because it’s even condemned in Bible). If ‘yes’, I need to make it more classy and feminine.

Makeup is essential to enhance our facial features. They enhance our beauty (if done in the right way). Even Bible does not condemn the wearing of makeup. But, at the same time, it gives more emphasis on internal beauty.

Here, I will focus on how to wear makeup in a God honoring way. Overdoing of makeup may mask your beautiful natural features. Your makeup should be classy and elegant. So, here’re the steps.

Avoid Heavy and Dark Makeup for Eyes

how to wear makeup in a God honoring way

Never go overboard with eyelash extensions. Also, avoid stacking on strips. Both of them can make your eyelids appear heavy, affecting the natural beauty of your eyes. Rather, use either dark brown or soft black colored mascara to define your eyelashes.

Play with neutral colored eye shadows. You can choose the medium brown color and swipe it from your lash line towards the crease. Use a fluffy blending brush to avoid creating a harsh demarcation line.

Take a liquid brown colored eyeliner and apply it near to your upper lash line. And, skip applying on the lower lash line. Leave it bare.

Just Conceal the Flaws

To master the art of how to wear makeup in a God honoring way, you’ve to come out of the notion that following all the makeup rules step by step is essential. No, actually, there’s no makeup rule. When it comes to makeup, less is more. Since we’re the children of God, we should make our faces reflect our purity. So, focus on how to enhance your features and hide your flaws. And that’s where concealer comes in.

Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone. Apply it all over your face evenly like a basic moisturizer. To hide the deep under eye circles and breakouts, go for a pigment-rich concealer.

How to Hide the Dark Circles with Concealer?

Never apply too much concealer as it will accentuate the flaws further.

How to Use Concealer to Hide Pimples?

Watch this short video to get the answer.

1. Amp Up Lips

how to wear makeup in a God honoring way

You cannot wear bold lips everywhere. They are mainly for the nighttime. At the same time, you cannot leave them bare. It’s because your lips may be dry and chapped. And, if it’s so, your look will become trashy. Let’s keep the lips simple too and wear the lipstick in a God honoring way. So, are you ready?

Choose a shade that matches your lip color perfectly. Instead of applying it directly from the tube, use your fingertips to press the color on your lips. First of all, apply it to the centre, and then blend it out towards the sides.

2. Keep it Feminine

God wants women to look feminine. That’s why, men and women look different. Therefore, make sure that your makeup is only enhancing that feminine appearance. Many a time, I’ve seen girls wearing makeup to get a seductive look. That’s is definitely okay for certain occasions. But, if you want to know how to wear makeup in a God honoring way, don’t fake your natural beauty by overdoing the makeup. Rather, keep it simple.

Some girls hate to wear makeup. No issues. But for girls who love to play with makeup can consider what’s written in Bible, if they want to. If you want to reflect a God of order, just stay classy and look natural.

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