Whether you’ve 4c hair or tight 2c waves, you need to know how to sleep with curly hair to maintain theur bouncy and beautiful look. The TLC of curls is a little different from straight or wavy hair. Making any mistake while sleeping with curls can make them flattened the next morning. Sleeping directly on the hair follicles can crush the curls, making them messy. Likewise, sleeping on your back can also creates knot. Therefore, you have to stick to a specific curly hair routine before your bedtime.

Understood why you need to take care of your curls before sleeping? Fine. Now, let’s dive into the tricks to maintain curls so that they won’t look matted the next morning.

How to Sleep with Curly Hair

1. Don’t Squish the Curls under Your Head

Use a clip or a scrunchie to tie your hair into a loose ponytail. Lift the pony up while lying down on the bed. Make sure that your curls are not getting squished under your head or neck. Rather, the back of your neck and head should touch the pillow. This trick guarantees plenty of bounce and lots of volume for the A.M.

2. Use Satin Pillowcases

One of the major factors in how your curls will look depends on what type of pillowcase you’re using. We suggest you choose satin pillowcases. The blending of smooth fibers makes satin. Hence, when your curls will glide over satin, the curls will not snag on. Moreover, satin doesn’t absorb oils from the hair. So, your hair will remain moisturized. Apart from these, satin pillowcases are cost-effective too.

3. Wrap Your Hair with a Silk Scarf

If you ask us, ‘Should curly hair be wrapped at night?’ we will say, ‘Definitely’. Do it without a miss. To protect your natural curls, wrap your hair with a silk scarf. But, not make the wrapping too tight. The wrapping prevents your hair from getting tangled. Relative friction between the hair and the fabric of the pillowcase is reduced. This, in turn, brings down hair fall.

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4. T-shirt Turban

The T-shirt turban method is also an easy way to prevent your curls from flattening. Unlike a silk scarf, the t-shirt will stay in its place. Watch this video to learn how to plop curly hair with a tee.

5. Apply a Hair Serum

Whether it’s day or night, managing frizz is very frustrating. Curls get dried very quickly. Moisturizing the curls daily will help to restore their shine. Therefore, apply a serum before heading to sleep. A couple of pumps will work to give you soft curls.

6. Plop Method with a Towel

Hair plopping works best for girls with medium or long hair. Apply a leave-in conditioner on wet hair. Lay a microfiber towel on a table. Make sure your hair is not stretched out long. Pile your hair and allow it to fall onto the towel. Cover all your curls with it. Now, take the sides of the towel and bring them to the back. Use an elastic band to tie the towel at the nape. Leave it overnight to wake up to gorgeous coils.

7. Flexi Rods

In the early days, women wanted big curls used to sleep in uncomfortable and hard rollers. But, now, Flexi rods are there. These types of curlers are soft and easy to use. Plus, anyone can barely notice the rod while you sleep. Divide your hair into sections. Take each of these rods and wrap the sections of your hair around it. Once done, bend the rods into a U-shape to secure your curls in place. Take the rods out the next morning. Tug the curls’ ends to elongate them.

8. Pin Curls

Pin curls are the solution for girls with soft hair texture. Wrap your curls around your index finger and roll them up. Flatten these rolled curls onto your scalp. Use bobby pins to secure them. Keep it as it is overnight. The next morning, release the pins gently to enjoy bouncy and big ringlets. However, sleeping with bobby pins may be a little discomforting. Therefore, it’s better to choose bobby pins with rounded ends.

9. Massage Your Scalp

Scalp massaging is good for everyone, especially if you’ve curls. Massaging increases sebum production. This sebum keeps your curls moisturized. Use the tips of your finger to massage your scalp gently in a circular motion for 10minutes. You can use Jojoba oil for massaging. Jojoba oil helps curls to bounce back from hydral fatigue.

10. Sleep with Completely Dry Hair

Sleeping with wet curls can lead to breakage. If you’ve washed your hair before heading to bed, wait for some time and let the hair dry completely. Wrapping your head with a microfiber towel can speed up the drying process while retaining moisture at the same time. On the other hand, sleeping with wet hair make your scalp open to bacteria and infections.

11. Pineapple

No, we’re not asking you to use the fruit. Pineappling is a game-changer for those who are serious about their curls. Pull all your hair up and bring them near your forehead. Use an elastic band to make a loose ponytail. Create a pineapple shape with the help of a headband. Let the natural curls out on the ends. Take off the band and untie your hair the next morning. Apply a curl-refreshing serum and start playing with your curls.

12. Multi-Pineapple

A single pineapple may not work for girls with short curls. No worries. The multi-Pineapple method is there for you. Do 2-3 pineapples and secure them in place with a satin bonnet. This is a modified version of the Pineapple technique.

13. French Braid

Braids secure the hair all night. The French Braid stretches the roots of the curls more. So, you can expect to get elongated curls after waking up. This braid prevents your hair from rubbing against the sheets and your clothes.

14. Mini Braids

If you don’t want to go for French Braids, choose regular braids. For more crimp, make the braids tight. To maintain the natural pattern of your curls, tie the hair into several loose braids. If you have loose wavies, you can get tighter curls with this hairdo.

15. Two Strands Twist

Another way to sleep with curly hair is to do a two strands twist. To avoid tighter coils, try it on dry hair. Create different sections of hair so that they don’t get flattened while sleeping. Divide each section of the hair into two. Now, twist the two sections around each other from roots to ends. Do this for every section of hair. The image will give you a better idea of how the twists will look like.

16. Buns

Curlies love to sleep in a loose bun. A loose bun helps to cut down on frizz. Flip all your hair at the crown of your head. Now, secure it into a loose bun. Keeping the bun loose will prevent excessive stretching of the curls. Apply a leave-in conditioner or a scrunch gel into the hair before making the bun. Avoid twisting the bun very loosely as it can leave dents.

17. Medusa Clipping for Short Curls

Medusa clipping is a protective style for girls with short curly hair. It is effortless and you only need some claw hair clips to do that. Take few strands of your stresses. Roll them and secure them with a claw hair clip. Once done, the hairdo will look similar to Bantu knots.

Here’s how you can do it.

How to Sleep with Curly Hair When Wet?

Plopping is the best way to sleep with wet curls. It’s like icing on the cake.

As already said, applying a leave-in conditioner is always beneficial for curls. And, this is not an exception whether you’ve dry or wet hair. It will be better if you use a cotton t-shirt for plopping.

Should You Comb Curly Hair Before Bedtime?

Combing hair before sleeping is good. But, definitely not for curly-haired girls. Combing the hair may flatten the curls. However, you can use a wide-toothed comb to brush gently. Never go overboard with brushing. Brush only to distribute the conditioner evenly on your curls.

How to Detangle Curls Before You Go to Sleep?

While thrashing about at night, your crimps will get fuzzy. If you don’t detangle your hair before sleeping, it will look like a bird’s nest the next morning. Instead of brushing, use your fingers to detangle the curls. Be gentle on your hair. Detangling hair with fingers may be tiresome but it deserves your consideration.

Have a Steamy Shower the Next Morning

The steamy shower will give your curls a shake. Do this every morning. A steamy shower rehydrates the curls. At the same time, it will eliminate the need of wetting your hair too much. Finally, smooth the curls by applying your favorite serum.

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