Chris Hemsworth’s style has stolen the hearts of many females and has become a source of inspiration among guys. You can see a glimpse of international and domestic appeal in his ways of styling. Since his first big gig in Home and Away in 2004 as Kim Hyde, this Australia-borne actor has impressed us with outstanding performances. Some of his blockbuster movies are Thor, A Perfect Gateway, and Star Trek.

As the actor journeyed from a boy to a man, his personal style has also evolved. We’ve seen him shifting from a floppy haired beach bum to an official man about town. In real life, this Aussie actor sported a casual style. While off-screen, he prefers to wear a slim-fit jeans and throw on a tee and a leather jacket. Lately, Hemsworth starts to wear linen shirts and accessories for a cool silhouette. However, this change in his fashion preference is reflecting the LA lifestyle.


Let the God of Thunder Inspire You

1. Chris Hemsworth’s Long Hairstyle

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Use sea-spray salt to enjoy natural wavy locks. Visit your hairstylist regularly to prevent your locks from getting messy. Actually, this type of long hairstyle requires maintenance.

2. Short Hairstyle

chris Hemsworth's style

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The messy short sides and back haircut of Chris is an eternal classic. If you have a round face and slightly thinner hair, this haircut is ideal for you.


Carefully Careless Stubble

3. Hemsworth’s Well-Trimmed Beard

Chris Hemsworth's style

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Generally, this superstar keeps a short full beard to get a rugged look. However, when it comes to beard styles, there’s no one-cut-fits-all option. Click here to learn what face shape suits what beard style the most.


Just Pull Your Shit Together and Work Out

4. Masculine and Athletic

Chris Hemsworth's style

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Your physique decides your clothing pieces. This actor has an athletic figure with huge biceps. He exercises regularly to make sure he is looking like a dapper in whatever he is.


Fashion is an Attitude

5. In Suits

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Chris Hemsworth’s style sense is practical and deserves appreciation. April 23, 2018. Snapped while in Los Angeles premiere for Avengers: Infinity War.

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April 22, 2019. Chris was spotted in a monochrome look wearing a blue suit. The photo was taken while he was at the world premiere of Avengers: Endgame.

6. In Shirts

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April, 2011. In a white shirt and black jeans in Fuse Studios in NYC.

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16th January 2018. Here, Chris is wearing a navy blue party shirt. He was noticed helping his wife Elsa out of a car at the premiere of the movie 12 Strong in New York.

7. In T-Shirts

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Chris Hemsworth in a casual look wearing a graphic V-neck tee and a beanie.

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On 9th June 2019 at the Newark Airport. He is looking damn stylish in a round neck tee, which he has paired with light washed ankle-length jeans. The Emery surfboard trucker cap and the sunglass from Ray-Ban are complementing the look.

What Chris’ s Daily Style Consists Of?

Hemsworth’s daily style includes formulaic clothing pieces. Oftentimes, we see him wearing:

V-neck t-shirts (mainly in black or white)


Grey suede boots

Denim well-tailored jeans

A charcoal blazer

Beady bracelets

Metallic watch


Chris Hemsworth knows well how to master his looks. Whatever he wears from trinkets to a black tee to a pair of jeans, he makes sure to look effortlessly handsome. Choosing any clothing piece he is wearing is like giving a Hollywood touch to your wardrobe.

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