After spending more than 30years in limelight, Brad Pitt has learned how to wear everything like a pro. He knows exactly what suits his personality. And as he ages, his looks are becoming even better. He is like the original 2000 Galliano-era Dior Saddle Bag. Though like the leather of the bag, he is also having wrinkles, yet he is bang-on trend. When we consider making a list of Brad Pitt’s style, the job was tough for us. The list of his style moments is actually endless.

While in his dad mode, this hair god slots on the best off-duty fabrics near him. Similarly, he uses his arsenal of the three-piece suit when he is promoting his latest films. In this blog, we’ve listed some of the wonderful pics of Brad Pitt to give you some styling inspiration.

Fashionable Moments of Brad Pitt

1. At the Emmy Awards 1999, Pitt in black suit with Jennifer Anniston

Image: Source

2. Brad visiting the set of the Angelina Jolie’s movie ‘The Tourist’.

Image: Source

The actor is looking damn stylish in a black tee, blue coat and blue jeans.

3. Brad Pitt leaving an art studio in Los Angeles.

Image: Source

He is caught here in a casual look flaunting the combo of a white tee and blue jeans. However, distressing at the hem of the jeans is giving an interesting twist to an otherwise usual dark blue jeans.

4. Pitt is here all smiling in an olive green tee, light black jacket, and white trouser.

Image: Source

In this snap, you can clearly see his love for earthy tones.

5. Surrounded by a swarm of fans in Manhattan in 2020.

Image: Source

The “New Year, new me” spirit has made this heartthrob take his style a level up in a double-breasted coat, suede brimmed hat, sunnies, shawl, a pair of ripped jeans, and suede shoes.

6. Off-duty look of the star in Italy.

Image: Source

Donning a black rain jacket over a camel colored t-shirt. To finish off the look, he has paired the outfit with a grey tweed flat cap and a pair of trainers. No doubt, perfect dress for sightseeing.

7. Pitt Attending the LA Premiere of Thelma and Louise.

Image: Source

In polarized shades and a brown overcoat, the actor is looking relaxed and became the epitome of cool. You can take this image as an inspiration for how to wear jean jackets.

8. Brad on the Malta set of World War Z

Image: Source

The genuinely attractive vibe of Brad is all the more noticeable here. As his mullet has grown, he is looking dashing in the blue scarf, a black button-up shirt, and khaki cargo pant.

9. At a Venice Film Festival screening of The Assassination of Jesse James.

Image: Source

Brad in this white crisp dinner jacket has gone full-tilt Bond.

10. Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black in 1998

Image: Source

The movie was mainly known for the styles Pitt has shown. Here, you can see him in a boxy tailored office suit, looking relaxed and casual while dressed formally. His attitude is everything here.

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