Situps burn calories and strengthen your abs without burning calories. Doing situps regularly may not give equal results to everyone. Actually, your body weight and intensity level decide how many calories you’ll burn. On average, you can burn three calories in a minute by doing situps at a moderate pace. Likewise, anyone doing situps at a fast pace can burn up to nine calories per minute.

How Many Calories do Ten Situps Burn?

Again, here the pace of doing the situps matter. Suppose, you’re following a moderate pace and not taking any rest in between, you can burn as much as 60 calories.

Doing only ten situps a day may take several months to give you sculpted abs. If you want to bring noticeable change in your abs, try to do at least 4 sets of 25 each. Combining this with other cardio and strength training exercises will help to get results quickly and then, you have to do situps only three times a week.

Beginners can start by doing 10 reps at a time. As the days pass, try to increase the pace and reps gradually.

How Many Situps You Should do to Burn 1000 Calories?

According to Harvard Health Publishing, a man weighing 170pounds will burn approximately 30 calories by doing 100 situps. Following this, you will have to do approx. 3333 situps to burn 1000 calories. In a single day, doing this many situps isn’t possible and healthy.

As already said, 4 sets of 25 are the recommended number of situps you should do daily. Speaking in that sense, it will take more than one month to burn 1000 calories. You need the right determination and mindset to achieve this goal.

However, this is just an estimate. Your body weight, intensity, and time are crucial to decide the calorie burn.

What Factors Affect How Many Calories You Burn?

Several factors together decide how many calories you’ll burn in a single situp. The factors are:

a) Duration

The time you’re spending performing an exercise determines the number of calories you’ll burn. When done at a moderate pace, the more the time, the more the burn.

b) Intensity

Add additional weight or do more repetitions to increase the intensity. More intense situps means more calories you’re burning.

c) Metabolism

Metabolism again depends on three factors, sex, age, and body height and weight. Generally, men burn more calories through workouts than women because they have less body fat and more muscles. The number of calories you can burn decreases with aging. Hence, young people can have more calories burnt than older people. Moreover, a shorter person has slow metabolism than a taller person. Slower metabolism means less calorie burn.

Can I do Situps Twice a Day?

Situps strengthen your abdominal muscles. Working your abs only three times a week is enough.

If you’re doing 3-4 sets of 25 reps each at a stretch, your muscles will reach complete failure. And, that’s the purpose of all abdominal exercises. So, you don’t have to do situps twice a day. Overdoing any exercise can harm your body.

How to Calculate the Calories You’re Burning?

Calculating the amount of calories burned isn’t tough. All you have to do is to follow these steps.

Step 1: Calculate the number of sit-ups you can perform in 1 minute, considering you’re following a moderate pace.
Step 2: Determine the number of calories you burn per minute doing sit-ups. A 100-pound individual burns 6 calories per minute doing sit-ups. For every 10 pounds more you weigh, add 1 calorie per minute.
Step 3:  Finally, divide the number of calories you burn per minute of sit-ups by the number of sit-ups you can perform in 1 minute to get the number of calories you burn per sit-up.

Calories Burn/Minute ÷Number of Situps/minute = Amount of Calories Burnt Per Situp

What Will Happen If You do Too Many Situps?

As per Harvard Health Publications, situps can exert pressure on your spine and can damage the spine. Situps make your body move against the normal spine curvature. This, in turn, can back pain and injury.

Here’s what Brad Heineck and Bob Schrupp, the famous physical therapists have to say regarding the side-effects of situps.

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