Whether it’s Guardian of Galaxy or A Star is Born, Bradley Cooper has many critically acclaimed movies under his belt. Not only has his acting brought him to the limelight but also his taste for fashion has made him the style icon among the young generation.

Initially, Cooper’s styling sense wasn’t cool. In the budding stage of his career, we have seen him falling a little short when it concerns fashion. He used to wear bleached-tipped hair, shiny suits made of polyester fabric, and chunky dress shoes. However, since 2012, his style begins to evolve. Bradley has spruced up his wardrobe to take his fashion game to the next level.

Old wine tastes better. As Cooper ages, he refined his palette professionally and aesthetically. We’ve shared some of his pics that can inspire you too. Are you ready?


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At the U.S. Open Tennis match, wearing a red tee and layered it with a blue shirt.


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Photographed in a three piece petrol blue suit. He has completed the look with a printed tie and a white shirt.


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Cooper is looking classy and elegant in this formal attire. The superstar has picked a slick hairstyle and throw on a black suit. The grey checked shirt and the grey tie are going perfectly with the color and pattern of the suit.


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Isn’t this casual look impressive? Though the color combination is a bit risky. But, when it’s Cooper, colors take an interesting turn. And, even an otherwise not-so-preferred combo becomes the favorite color combination of many fashionistas. Here, he is wearing a scoop neck light blue tee and a khaki trouser while at ME Hotel to attend “The A-Team” photocall.


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In a pop-up of red. Winter has arrived officially. And, this style of Bradley is giving us some serious chills. The red sweater underneath the plaid pea coat is making the dull grey look interesting. Yes, Bradley, you’ve killed it again.


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A leather jacket is extremely versatile. And, that’s why you must have seen this actor wearing a leather jacket several times in different styles. Here, you can see Bradley in a black leather jacket. The white tee underneath the jacket is creating a perfect contrast.


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If you’re confused about what to wear for a running errand, try this outfit of Bradley’s. A zipped hoodie sweatshirt can be an ideal option. For accessories, wear a blue cap.


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A rustic flannel shirt and navy blue trousers can earn you compliments.  Accessorized with a black sunglass, and a steel watch, Bradley is all set to catch the attention.


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Dressed in a three-piece checked brown suit. When it comes to a suit, he prefers top designer brands like Tom Ford’s. The brown suit paired with a white shirt becomes a failsafe option for any guy.


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Bradley Cooper is all smiles when having a perfect family beach day. The way the hero has dressed here is looking like the snap was taken right out of a movie. In a gray tee and in army green shorts, he is looking like a beach bum.


Cooper never shies away from experimenting with his outfits. From tees to suits, he knows how to rock in the clothing pieces. And, his funny-guy personality and baby blue eyes definitely help him to look like a fashion expert. Oh, don’t forget his scruffy face. All in all, we can say that this ‘Hangover’ guy can blow people’s sartorial minds and show us some interesting ways of fashion, which we could never think of.

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