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How to Wear Socks with Shorts: Tips to Make You Look Smart


Wearing socks with shoes is always a good idea. Pairing socks with shoes prevents your feet from becoming sweaty. Plus, it also increases the lifespan of your shoes. But, when it comes to wearing shoes and socks with shorts, majority of the people will show you a thumbs down. You will look like a schoolboy or like a lost tourist if you don’t know how to wear socks with shorts.

Socks, when worn the right way, allow you to explore different styles. After all, it is mostly related to your ankles.

Okay, without further ado, let’s find out how to create the perfect socks and short pants combo. Are you ready to dive in?

1. Pick the Right Shoe

First of all, say NO to fancier shoes. Fancier shoes like loafers and oxfords don’t match with socks and shorts together. If you have to wear such shoes, keep your socks hidden. Choose a pair of socks that can be extended only up to your ankle. By that, we mean invisible socks. Make sure the socks are not sliding down your feet. Avoid crew or quarter socks.

how to wear socks with shorts

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Sneakers are a good option. Not only are they versatile but are also stylish and comfortable.

2. Don’t Fold or Roll Your Socks

Folding or rolling the socks make you look downright sloppy. At the same time, your ankles will appear bulky.

3. Stay Away from Tube Socks

People used to wear tube socks with shorts in the 1970s. This combination looks horrible. Tube socks are created mainly for wearing to the gym. However, if tube socks are your favorite and if you can’t resist to wear them, go for a neutral colored outfit. Or, you can match the stripes on your socks with the shoes’ color.

But, still it’s best to ditch tube socks while wearing shorts.

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How to Wear Taller Socks with Shorts?

Mind the length of the shorts when planning to wear taller socks. In such a case, your main objective should be to expose atleast some part of your legs. Therefore, we recommend choosing a short that stops above your knee. Furthermore, wear those socks with high top sneakers.

How to Wear Statement Socks with Shorts?

Statement socks are the most preferable option for shorts. Whatever design and color you pick, statement socks will look excellent. In fact, they’re your failsafe bet.

Statement socks will draw the attention to themselves. So, the design and color of your shorts won’t matter here.



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