This blog has listed some of the best casual shirts for men.

If you’re not one of the Gallagher brothers, you wouldn’t wear a parka for a cocktail party in the garden. Similarly, you wouldn’t show up in a tracksuit and a cardigan at a family get-together. Styling casually doesn’t mean pulling off whatever comes first in your sight when you open your wardrobe.

The casual style also has some rules. Here’s how you can dress casually. For that, you need casual shirts that look elegant. Here’s our pick of some of the must-have shirts for men. (Count them because each of these shirts deserves your attention). Ready?

Best Casual Shirts for Men

1. Office Shirt

Yes, some office shirts are casual too. Now, office shirts are dressier than ever. During your father’s time, office shirts were mainly available in brown, white, and khaki colors. But, now the designs and color combinations of office shirts are versatile.

Twofold poplin cotton shirts have a smooth and classic appearance. They ensure comfort. That’s why poplin shirts are considered a good option for office wear. At the same time, you’ll be able to maintain a business casual dress code. If you want a no-nonsense and clean business look, wear a tie with your poplin office shirt.

Shop for a cutaway or pointed collar shirt. It’ll be good if you choose an anti-wrinkle pink, white, or light blue shirt. These colors can add to your elegance and help you impress your boss.

2. Cuban Collar Short Sleeve Shirt

From Elvis Presley to all suburban dads, Cuban collar shirts have become a staple in the wardrobe of every gent. Since the popularity of Cuban shirts, they’re no longer serving only working-class men. You can wear them with a pair of jeans, trousers, shorts, etc.

Short sleeve Cuban shirts are outstanding in summer. Cuban shirts have open collars. As such, getting some air on the chest is fully possible while wearing it. During summer, throw it on with light-colored and rolled-up trousers. However, you can also match shorts or jeans.

In winter, you can wear a t-shirt beneath the Cuban collar shirt. Pairing a contrasting suit or jacket with it can also give a relaxing vibe. Just keep the suit or jacket unbuttoned to dress casually.

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3. Flannel Shirt

Up your flannel shirt game during fall and winter. Some of the common flannel colors for shirts are black, red, white, green, and grey. A flannel shirt is a versatile piece that can be worn either as a single or as a layering part. You can top it off with some dark denim jeans. Or, layer it over a tee.

Whether you’re keeping it buttoned or unbuttoned, flannel shirts can help you sport a casual look. One of the benefits of having a flannel shirt is that you can style it in endless ways.

Your flannel shirt should have enough length so as to tuck it in. To make the shirt look more versatile avoid patchwork checks and striped patterns. On the contrary, look for medium to small check patterns.

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4. Chambray

Chambray is the cousin of denim. Unlike denim, chambray has a lighter fabric because of its plain weaving. Almost every guy has at least one chambray shirt hanging in his wardrobe.

The tough denim and hearty boots lovers love chambray too. This heritage-inspired office outfit can be worn under jackets or wooly knits. In summer and spring, you can rock a short-sleeve chambray shirt with slim-fit chinos.

As workwear, it’s more breathable compared to a denim shirt. Plus, a chambray shirt meets with the dress rules of an office meeting. For a summertime barbecue with your girlfriend, this shirt can be a classic option. All in all, we can say that chambray shirts can be your failsafe bet for both casual and formal events.

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5. Polo Shirt

According to Paul Higgins, a menswear stylist, the polo shirts have become shorthand for unthinking and lazy style in the past few years. Though there’s nothing to get excited about this casual shirt type. You can hardly find a man who hasn’t worn any polo shirt in his lifetime. Polo shirts ensure comfort. Therefore, it has become a very common wardrobe staple among guys.

To make your outfit noticed for all the right reasons, choose the design wisely. There are many bold designs available in polo shirts. If you’re picking bold stripes, pair it up with jeans or chinos. Complete the look by wearing a loafer.

Consider your complexion while shopping. As a rule of thumb, the lighter your complexion, the darker should be the color of your dress. Therefore, play safe by going with a black, stone, or a grey polo shirt.

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6. Henley

Henley shirts have round necklines and are collarless pullover shirts. They make an outstanding base for layering in cold weather. In summer, this same shirt can work as a standalone top. Surely, you have seen many uber-famous celebs get snaps in this casual cloth.

Keep your Henley shirt unbuttoned for a masculine and sexy look. These shirts draw eyes to your chest and to your flattering shoulders. So, if you have got a good physique, wear this shirt to flaunt it off.

Whatever your body type is, get a Henley shirt that has a trim fit all over your body. Make sure it’s not loose anywhere. Otherwise, you’ll look sloppy.

Dark wash jeans and sneakers look best with Henley shirts. However, if the weather is cool, layer a jacket over it to keep your body warm.

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7. Denim Shirt

Every man’s wardrobe is incomplete without a denim shirt. Denim shirts can be worn both formally and informally. Plus, they do not create any age bar. As such, people of any age can wear them with confidence.

Investing in denim shirts makes a lot of sense. This is one casual clothing item that will last a lifetime. You don’t have to send them back to the corner of your wardrobe just after one season. From rockstars to railroad engineers, they breathe the personality of all the wearers.

In the words of Michael Kampe, the creative director of Lee jeans, “A denim shirt reflects a history of 100+ years in a subtle way.”

Your denim shirt can be styled in multiple ways. You can pull it off with shorts, jeans, blazers, and what not!

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8. Oxford Button Down Shirt

Made of Oxford cloth, this menswear classic has remained the bedrock of many fashion-conscious guys for more than 100 years. What makes this shirt appear more casual is its thick fabric. However, just like any other shirt, it also has a button-down collar.

Whether you’re heading to the office or going to attend a wedding, Oxford shirts work everywhere. Actually, it can give an interesting twist to traditional styles. Wear an Oxford button-down shirt and style it up whichever way you please. In summer, match it up with sneakers and chino shorts. Or, toss a blazer over it in cooler temps.

While organizing your wardrobe, consider versatility. Shirts like Oxford is a workhorse item. It will not only save your money but will also fulfill different purposes. Therefore, Oxford shirts are called the sartorial safety blankets of guys.

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9. Linen Shirt

When the temperature rises, the light and natural fabric, linen comes into play. Linen shirts give you more breathing room and are extremely fashionable.

Shorts are the classic combo for linen shirts. For a sharper look, wear a short that is well-tailored and is hemmed just above the knee. If you don’t want to look like a grandpa, make sure your linen shirt isn’t too baggy. Its cuffs shouldn’t extend past your wrists.

Unlined linen garments are a little bit transparent. Hence, knowing how to style a linen shirt to look like a dapper is very important. Moreover, you should consider a comparatively close weave to manage the transparency.

For a hangout with friends, wear a linen shirt with chinos or trousers. As an officewear, pair up the shirt with a suit. Keep the color of one of these pieces mute. For instance, match a white linen shirt with a navy suit.

10. Overshirt

Overshirts bridge the gap between a shirt and a jacket. When the weather is soothing, throw it on and step out. Oftentimes, this is worn untucked and works as a practical lightweight jacket. Due to this reason, many people prefer to call it a “shacked” (shirt + jacket).

Pints taste better when you feel confident about your look. Take out your dark wash jeans and a white tee. Make them a combo for your overshirt. Complete the look with your lace trainers.

On weekends, smarten up your rugby shirt, trainers, and joggers with an overshirt. You can surely draw the attention for positive reasons with this casual outfit.

Needless to say, overshirts give an oversized look. That’s what makes them unique. So, there’s no point in choosing a size down. At the same time, it’s recommended to avoid a boxy tailored overshirt.

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